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The names and numbers of domestic filed blockchain information services have exceeded 500 experts: it is urgent to unify supervision

Time : 07/09/2021 Author : zw1608 Click : + -
        On October 18, the state Internet Information Office (hereinafter referred to as "the office") released the names and filing numbers of 309 domestic blockchain information services in the second batch. This is the second time since the implementation of the regulations on the management of blockchain information services on February 15, the office of cyberspace affairs has issued the filing number. Currently, there are 506 names and filing numbers of blockchain information services filed in China. An insider told the Securities Daily that in fact, since the application of bitcoin in blockchain in 2009, blockchain has not been applied on a large scale in the past 10 years, except for the issuance and trading of cryptocurrency. In August 2018, PricewaterhouseCoopers surveyed 600 company executives in 15 countries and found that 84% of the companies were interested in blockchain, but 52% of the companies' blockchain projects were in the research and development stage, 10% of the companies had blockchain pilot projects, and only 15% of the companies had blockchain projects in operation.
        Deng Xu, managing director of Yunxiang blockchain, told the reporter of Securities Daily that, first of all, from the perspective of technology, the current blockchain lacks a unified industry standard; Secondly, from the perspective of hardware conditions, the performance, node size and fault tolerance of the blockchain cannot be well considered; Finally, how to ensure the authenticity of the uplink data is also a problem. Deng Xu believes that to solve the above problems, on the one hand, the government should guide and establish a unified standard for the industry; On the other hand, to ensure the authenticity of the data uploaded by each node, we need to strengthen the network operation and clarify the responsibilities, rights and obligations of the participants. For example, Zhang Nan, a senior researcher of the Financial Research Institute, told the Securities Daily that at present, domestic blockchain applications still show a centralized trend and face many problems.
        First, the efficiency of the blockchain. For example, the processing speed of bitcoin is far lower than that of Alipay; Secondly, there is no common protocol in the blockchain, forming many "information islands"; Finally, the question of authenticity. The blockchain is only true to the information on the chain, but if the input itself is wrong information, the blockchain will also truthfully record it. In Zhang Nan's view, in order to solve the efficiency problem, we need to fundamentally improve the hardware speed; For the "information island" problem, it is necessary to establish a general protocol. Currently, some blockchain enterprises use the Internet to solve the domain name problem, but the effect remains to be observed; To solve the problem of authenticity, we need a supporting system.
        "In addition, we need to be vigilant against some scams under the slogan of blockchain." Deng Xu believes that in order to prevent financial risks, the application of blockchain needs supervision and must be guided by regulatory means. In the past two years, the government's regulation of blockchain is mainly focused on ICO. In September 2017, the central bank and other seven departments jointly issued the announcement on preventing the financing risk of token issuance, which characterized the ICO as "suspected of engaging in illegal financial activities" and seriously disrupted the economic and financial order. The announcement requires that all kinds of token issuance financing activities should be stopped immediately. The organizations and individuals that have completed the token issuance financing should make arrangements such as clearing, reasonably protect the rights and interests of investors and properly handle risks.
        Since then, China Internet Finance Association and China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission have issued a series of normative documents and industry self-discipline regulations. "The Chinese government's supervision has always been to strictly control wild digital currencies and crack down on illegal financing and pyramid schemes under the cloak of blockchain, but we welcome the development of blockchain." Zhang Nan said so.
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