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Abbreviation of blockchain,The blockchain national team and the central bank's trade and financial platform were launched more than 10000 times

Time : 08/08/2021 Author : seg96q Click : + -
        On September 4, 2018, the first phase of the central bank's trade and financial platform project was released for the first time and officially put into trial operation in Shenzhen. Since its operation for more than one year, the central bank's trade finance platform has successfully realized the chain operation of multi-level financing of supply chain accounts receivable, cross-border financing, supervision of international trade accounts, foreign payment tax filing form and other businesses. In addition, the central bank's rediscount fast track project will also be launched in the middle of November. The business scenarios are constantly enriched, and the number of banks and enterprises on the chain is constantly increasing. By the end of October 2019, there were 29 banks participating in the promotion and application in Shenzhen, 485 outlets, 1898 enterprises with business, more than 30000 business transactions, more than 5000 business transactions, and a business volume of about 75 billion yuan.
        In addition, more than 10 banks have gone through the procedures for accessing the platform. Xing Yujing, Secretary of the Party committee and President of Shenzhen central sub branch of the people's Bank of China, said that the central bank's trade and financial platform is a financial infrastructure with open trade and financial ecology, penetrating supervision and credibility built by the mode of co construction, co management and co governance, taking the blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies. Focusing on the three goals of "information penetration", "trust transmission" and "credit sharing", the central bank's trade and financial platform has realized the three capabilities of "inclusive docking", "controllable sharing" and "peer-to-peer interconnection". It has the characteristics of cross verification of trade data, data tamperability and business life-cycle management.
        The application of blockchain technology in trade finance can effectively promote the formation of market trust mechanism, help solve the problem of difficult and expensive financing for small and medium-sized enterprises, and better serve the real economy. Relying on this feature of the blockchain technology, the central bank's trade finance platform records the core documents and key processes of the trade financing business, and "reliably" links all links of the trade, so that both parties to the trade and any intermediate participant can quickly obtain real information, and promote the rapid execution of transactions with the help of smart contracts, thus reducing the total cost of enterprise financing. At the same time, as the practical application of regulatory technology, the regulatory authorities can conduct penetrating supervision on the whole process and life cycle of trade finance through the central bank's trade finance platform.
        As the underlying assets are highly transparent, the regulatory focus has gradually risen from the compliance level of financial institutions to the identification level of systemic risks, so as to prevent the accumulation and outbreak of Internet like financial risks, maintain financial stability and regulate the healthy development of the market while promoting financial innovation. Di Gang, deputy director of the digital currency Research Institute of the people's Bank of China, said that the central bank's trade finance platform is positioned as a financial infrastructure that provides public services for trade finance. It is neutral, professional and authoritative, and can provide financial institutions with the authenticity of trade background and reduce the threshold of data acquisition. As an official platform in the application field of blockchain technology, it has been widely recognized by financial institutions and enterprises.
        It is reported that at present, the central bank's trade fund is accelerating the ecological construction and national promotion. It has been settled in Gansu and has negotiated technical solutions with Beijing and Inner Mongolia; At the same time, it has also actively discussed docking matters with similar overseas platforms such as China Hong Kong trade linkage platform and Singapore national trade platform. In the future, the platform will also connect similar platforms of more countries and international organizations to form a global trade financing Expressway and an open and shared trade finance ecology. (the original title was "blockchain" national team "central bank's trade and financial platform was launched in Shenzhen for 100 million yuan).
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