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Wechat hits hard! A large number of blockchain wechat official accounts have been sealed, and the purge is a precursor

Time : 26/11/2021 Author : v2wut1 Click : + -
        Although there are still two days left for the 24 solar terms, the blockchain industry suddenly feels that the cold winter has arrived. On the evening of August 21, a large number of blockchain wechat accounts including gold finance, Huobi information, coin world, Shenzhen chain finance, WuJie blockchain, etc. were suddenly closed. "I'm completely confused. I don't know why. Without any sign, the official account was closed. Our fans have just reached more than 50000, and we can do fairly well among the blockchain public." Wu Jie, the person in charge of the blockchain, told Shibao Jun. When Shibao Jun further asked how to deal with the closure, the above-mentioned person in charge said that he would create a new number and appeal to the old number. However, it is unlikely that the appeal will be successful. Fortunately, half of his energy was spent on Weibo and not all the troops were destroyed.
        The above blocked blockchain wechat official account pages all show that due to the user's complaint and the platform's review, the user has been ordered to block all contents in violation of the Interim Provisions on the development and management of instant messaging tools and public information services, and the account has been stopped. According to the new ranking data of the new media big data detection platform, "WuJie blockchain", "Golden Finance Network" and "daily coin reading" all ranked among the top 50 of the blockchain wechat influence ranking. According to the monitoring data of the new list from August 13 to August 19, "golden financial network" ranked 40th and "daily currency reading" ranked 46th. However, it is worth noting that many official account that do blockchain information actually have wechat small programs, such as deep chain finance. Although the official account is closed, the small programs of deep chain finance can still be used normally.
        Previously, there was a rumor in the market that the wechat office would clean up and rectify the blockchain we media official account in the near future. In March of this year, people's Daily published an article commenting that in the current blockchain industry, the "media" represented by the Golden Finance and currency world have been criticized by industry insiders for recommending coins to induce investors and promoting ICO in the name of "private placement". The "media" in the circle have made huge fortunes by the wave of currency speculation, which is also questionable under the savage growth. According to the times, at present, many of the big names that have been sealed have said that the biggest impact of the seal is still the business cooperation and the advertising revenue it brings. In March of this year, a reporter of the Securities Times published an article titled "the attractive blockchain media business, is it real financing or gimmick propagation?" the article pointed out that after the blockchain concept fire, another area with serious foam may be blockchain media. For example, at the beginning of the month when Mars finance was launched, nearly 200 official account with the word "blockchain" were searched on wechat official account, There are 300 with the words "coin circle" or "chain circle".
        Specifically, in the coin issuance phase, various major content platforms will release a large number of soft texts, while when the token price falls, the project party will release bullish soft texts on the media platform to lure investors to follow the trend. It is called "market value management". It is said that the monthly income of some blockchain head "media" can reach up to 10 million-20 million yuan, and the headline price can reach 200000 yuan. Of course, the project party directly gives tokens to the blockchain "media" in return, and both parties will work together to raise the price of tokens. Although many vertical media and official account have emerged in a short time, few platforms can stably output high-quality content. According to the statistics of Qingbo big data, it is the limit for most official account to maintain an original tweet every day.
        More often, it is filled with blockchain media groups. It's the noise of news that can't tell the true from the false. "There may be only one reason why such a large-scale industry official account has been closed, that is, the regulatory authorities should start to rectify the chaos of the blockchain industry. At present, many companies are doing fund-raising fraud in the form of ICO business under the guise of blockchain. In addition, due to the impact of the P2P platform explosion and the rights protection incident of investors, it has become urgent to clean up and rectify the blockchain industry on a large scale." A blockchain practitioner who did not want to be named told Shibao Jun. According to Tencent's official disclosure, this suspension is permanent because "some official account are suspected of publishing information about ICO and virtual currency transactions, violating the Interim Provisions on the development and management of instant messaging tools and public information services, and are ordered to block all contents. The accounts are permanently suspended".
        At the end of 2017, a bitcoin was wildly speculated up to about US $19000. Both the blockchain media market and the primary and secondary markets of the coin circle were hot. However, after the madness, only chicken feathers remained. Bitfinex's official website shows that the price of bitcoin has been falling all the way this year. On August 14, it fell below $6000, and the lowest fell to around $5800. As of the early morning of August 22, the price of bitcoin was $6413.5, down 66% from the peak. Behind the myth of creating wealth in the coin circle is an unprecedented wealth transfer. After the success of bitcoin, a number of people carrying the banner of blockchain technology have issued other virtual currencies. However, as Xue Manzi said, 99% of the virtual currencies are air coins.
        These so-called virtual currencies are nothing more than a scam that is like a fake and can never be returned. The core of the blockchain is decentralization, but the issuance of tokens just returns to a centralized issuing entity. Different from the legal currency, the legal currency is the currency issued by the central bank endorsed by the government and can be used in real life. The project party has the the final say on the rules of the game and the circulation of the token. There is no asset support behind it. These tokens do not create wealth, but only plunder and transfer wealth. For example, in April this year, hackers took advantage of the loopholes in the Ethereum smart contract to attack the company Meilian BCE, which cooperated with Meitu, and successfully transferred the huge BEC to two addresses, causing the value of the digital currency in the market to nearly zero, and the speculators suffered heavy losses.
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