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Blockchain Morning Post: the national standard of blockchain technology is being formulated. Bloomberg and Galaxy jointly launched the BGCI index micro

Time : 06/06/2022 Author : yoz52u Click : + -
        According to the economic reference daily, China has started to establish the national standard of blockchain to promote the construction of the blockchain standard system from the top-level design. It is expected to be completed as soon as the end of 2019. Li Ming, director of the blockchain Research Office of the Electronic Industry Standardization Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that at present, the relevant national standard plan for blockchain has been announced, and relevant departments will also establish a National Standardization Committee for blockchain and distributed accounting technology. The national standards of blockchain include basic standards, business and application standards, process and method standards, trusted and interoperable standards, information security standards, etc., and will further expand the applicability of the standards. The national Internet information office today released the report on the construction and development of Digital China (2017). In view of the situation and direction of efforts facing the construction of Digital China, the report stated that we should strengthen the advanced layout of strategic cutting-edge technologies, strengthen quantum communication, future network, brain computing, artificial intelligence, holographic display, virtual reality, big data cognitive analysis, unmanned driving, blockchain Basic R & D and cutting-edge layout of new technologies such as gene editing will promote the deep integration of network information technology and vertical industry technology.
        According to coindesk, when it comes to regulating blockchain technology, the larger the scale is not always the better. At least this is the driving force of Bermuda's emerging regulatory work. David Burt Burt, Bermuda's prime minister, said in an interview with coindesk that the boat can turn around faster, which is the charm of Bermuda. Bermuda is the location of some blockchain and encryption companies. Bermuda's strategy has proved to be effective. According to cointegraph, a source close to the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (nbrb) recently disclosed that the bank is considering strict requirements for ICO investment.
        In addition, according to the local IT media dev By reported that a similar regulatory framework for cryptocurrency exchanges is also planned. Investors with relevant education and work experience may become qualified investors. If these are missing, one of the financial criteria must be met. According to dev By, the financial threshold for becoming a qualified investor is "very high". Potential investors must have a minimum annual income of $20000 or a minimum savings of $50000, which can include crypto assets, securities and fiat currency. According to CEIC data, the per capita annual household income in Belarus in 2017 was US $3478.27.
        Edwin Bautista, President of the Union Bank of the Philippines, is a strong believer in cryptocurrency and blockchain. He said his bank was considering accepting bitcoin and other virtual currencies as payment options. When asked why, chief executive officer and President Edwin & middot; Bautista told cryptovest: "this is the future.". According to Bloomberg news, Bloomberg and Galaxy digital jointly launched the Bloomberg Galaxy cryptoindex (BGCI) on September 9.
        The index aims to track the performance of the largest and most liquid cryptocurrency market. The index components of different types of digital assets are diversified, including value storage, exchange media, smart contract agreements and privacy assets. In January, Galaxy digital said that it would be the first cryptocurrency commercial bank in the world. The Merkle, a foreign media, published an article comparing the earnings of buying Apple shares and investing in BTC 10 years ago. The results show that although the purchase of apple stock 10 years ago did bring benefits, its return rate is far lower than that of investing in BTC at that time. According to the data, in 2008, the company invested $1000 in Apple stock, with a return of $7111; However, investors who also purchased BTC with us $1000 in 2008 obtained at least 10000 BTCs or the current real-time BTC exchange price of US $93 million.
        The South China Morning Post quoted informed sources as saying that Jianan Yunzhi, China's second largest miner, plans to conduct an IPO in Hong Kong (not the United States) and plans to raise US $1 billion. If successfully listed, it will become the first blockchain company listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. According to Bloomberg, Pantera, a cryptocurrency hedge fund, said in a letter to investors on Wednesday that it was launched in November. The cryptoasset fund containing multiple cryptocurrencies surged 46% last month, while bitcoin rose 31% last month. Recently, the financial executive research foundation and Deloitte jointly released a report entitled "blockchain of financial leaders: opportunities and reality".
        This report studies how blockchain affects financial reporting, staffing and other importance to executives. The survey found that 30% of the respondents plan to invest resources in the blockchain in the next year and a half, although they do not know the potential of this technology. When asked whether the significant changes in the value of bitcoin or any negative news related to cryptocurrency would prevent them from exploring blockchain or open ledger technology in financial functions, 64% said they would not be deterred. When asked whether their organization has the ability to train or hire employees with the right skills to implement blockchain technology, 67% said they did not have the ability, and only 33% said they were ready.
        Professor Zhang Shousheng said in his speech at the X-lab open class of Tsinghua University that Buffett believes that bitcoin has no practical application value, just as the concept of "field" introduced in physics has been considered to have no practical value for a long time, but the concept of "field" finally proved to have practical effects. Consensus is the premise for the generation of money. In nature, electrons will show the same characteristics under certain circumstances, which can be seen as a natural consensus. The relationship between centralization and decentralization is that the division of time must be combined and the integration of time must be separated. The revolution of blockchain will enlarge the role of the Internet ten times and 100 times. The core concept of the blockchain era should be "inmathwetrust".
        In the blockchain economic system, bitcoin is equivalent to M0, lightning network is equivalent to M1, and forecast market and futures are equivalent to m2. NASDAQ CEO adena Friedman is optimistic about cryptocurrencies, although she believes that it is still uncertain which cryptocurrency will eventually be accepted by the public. In the latest issue of CNN podcast bossfiles, Friedman said that cryptocurrency feels like "the next step in the currency field", because "global payment mechanism" is very suitable for cross-border digital economy. John McAfee, founder of McAfee, a world-famous anti-virus software company, and cryptocurrency supporter, said in a recent interview that cryptocurrency and the blockchain behind it will completely subvert our current life.
        In five years, nothing will not be on the blockchain. In the blockchain world, there will be no boss and no one to make rules. Previously, McAfee had predicted that the price of bitcoin would reach $50000 by the end of this year. According to CNBC news, Leon Panetta, former US Secretary of defense, said in an interview with CNBC TV channel fastmoney that the United States has no ability to use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in handling trade affairs, because it has never faced such a situation. According to the report of the Korea Times quoted by coindesk, Yoon Suk Heun, President of the Financial Supervision Institute of Korea (FSS), believed that the institution "should be independent of external influences or forces" during the investigation. He specifically mentioned the regulation of cryptocurrency.
        He also said that "it is difficult to agree that cryptocurrency is not a financial asset". Therefore, he hopes to see the FSS relax some regulations on cryptocurrency transactions. According to CCN news, bitcoin Jesus recently participated in the digital currency conference vibitconf held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He claimed that BCH is more in line with Nakamoto's original idea than BTC, and even a means of value storage. In addition, he also criticized the digital currency PTR supported by Venezuela. He said that this kind of digital currency was set up to circumvent the sanctions of the United States. Some people, including the Venezuelan national assembly, strongly criticized PTR. The Brookings Institution even claimed that it destroyed legal digital currencies such as bitcoin.
        According to Sina News, today, it is reported that wechat's first blockchain small program "small Protocol" was launched. The small program can write the contract text confirmed by Party A and Party B into Ethereum, and use wechat ID and other information to generate digital signatures to ensure the authenticity and non tamperability of the contract. However, shortly after, the applet announced that it was suspended because it involved the service scope of the platform that was not open. According to bitcoin, the first blockchain smartphone is expected to be launched later this year. Foxconn led the original design and manufacturing of the mobile phone, and sirinlab was responsible for the development of its built-in cold wallet hardware and professional operating system. It is reported that the cold wallet embedded in the mobile phone supports major digital currencies and is based on tamper proof security hardware.
        The wallet is disconnected from the mobile phone in terms of network, power and everything. When you want to trade, the wallet will "heat up" to enough power, and after the transaction is completed, it will "cool down". All security elements are completely separated from the main chipset. Sirinlab raised US $157.8 million in last year's ICO, assisted by soccer superstar Lionel Messi. According to the data released by the China Intellectual Property Office on Tuesday, the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of public security submitted a blockchain based system patent application in November 2017. The system will timestamp and store the data submitted to the cloud space to provide a more transparent and tamper resistant data storage process.
        Recently, Shandong quality chain was officially launched. In the future, the product quality data of upstream enterprises will be permanently retained, non tamperable and traceable. Through product quality traceability, consumers will be helped to buy genuine goods.
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