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He bought 100000 bitcoins and cashed out 13.5 billion. He said: This is a scam

Time : 01/07/2021 Author : jg4vku Click : + -
        When it comes to finance, many people think that financial practitioners are either rich or expensive. This is actually a relatively one-sided view. On the one hand, once the lever is used correctly, it is not a problem to increase one's wealth ten times. However, once a thunderstorm occurs, countless people will end up with their wives and children separated. In the financial sector, many tycoons are ups and downs, but it is difficult to "end well". A few years ago, bitcoin, which has great storage value, also attracted a lot of attention. In China, a man even bought 100000 bitcoins at one go, and after successfully cashing out 13.5 billion, he unexpectedly walked away, but claimed that "this is a fraud!" Is he trying to break the bridge by crossing the river? Many laymen are not familiar with the concept of bitcoin.
        In fact, it is not a kind of money that can be seen and touched, nor is it the gold before. Strictly speaking, it is a virtual product derived from blockchain technology. As an electronic currency, the value of bitcoin has also fluctuated greatly. Here, I have to tell the story of Li Xiaolai, a man. In the bitcoin Jianghu, he is a very famous legend. Some people directly call it "China's richest bitcoin". Relying on bitcoin, this once unknown man also went to the peak and glory. However, it is surprising that he was just an ordinary English teacher of New Oriental before he came into contact with bitcoin.
        When he didn't teach students, he directly purchased 100000 bitcoins at an appropriate time through the fixed algorithm mode. Three years later, the value of bitcoins in his hands has already jumped to $20300. Perhaps he did not expect that he would become the richest man in the domestic bitcoin industry, who once took bitcoin as a sideline. After reaching the peak of his life, Li Xiaolai simply opened a company called "love has no choice". In order to revitalize the capital chain, he directly sold his bitcoin and cashed in 13.5 billion yuan. This wave of operations directly made many people dumbfounded: is it true that the big guys no longer trust the myth of bitcoin? Unexpectedly, after tasting the sweetness, Li Xiaolai claimed that "bitcoin is a naked fraud".
        In addition, Li Xiaolai calls Pi "fart". On many public social platforms, he said that bitcoin is a scam, and those who lose money are suffering from illiteracy. As soon as this remark was uttered, it directly splashed three layers of waves. His statement also made many economists nod their heads. In the view of some economists, bitcoin, as one of the products of the modern monetary system of separated countries, has no legal effect at all. Therefore, it is worthless and has the risk of being abolished at any time. Although the country has not explicitly stipulated that bitcoin is an illegal product, it does not mean that making money with it will become the mainstream trend of people.
        In addition, on the Internet, a gray industrial chain based on bitcoin has been gradually extended through the dark box operation of illegal elements. Some lawless elements directly use fake data to attract the attention of users and directly bind them. When they did not know that they bought mining machines to dig coins, many people also became "leeks" by being cut. From this point of view, Li Xiaolai is undoubtedly the biggest winner. After making a lot of money, he can not only walk away completely, but also maintain a natural attitude. This kind of openness and indifference in the face of money is also difficult for most ordinary people to do. In recent years, how many people have fallen into the world of bitcoin, and even spent a lot of effort to cultivate this field.
        Some people do not hesitate to spend all their money to invest in bitcoin, but eventually forget their original intention and become "slaves" captured by desire. To a certain extent, bitcoin is both a creator and a destroyer. It has created one tycoon and myth after another, and destroyed countless families and hopes. In fact, the story of Li Xiaolai has also inspired many young people, that is, if you want to invest, you must be clear eyed and never be confused by the current gains and losses. Generally speaking, in the complex capital world, the unprepared civilians are the victims who need sympathy and stability. If they can not control their own desires, they will eventually become the runners on the road to success.
        Therefore, we must remember the old saying, that is, benefits and risks coexist. Behind high returns, there must be high risks that ordinary people cannot imagine. As the saying goes, "there is no pie falling from the sky", it is imperative to deal with any investment rationally. If there are still some daydreamers who want to realize their dream of becoming rich overnight with bitcoin, it is undoubtedly self inflicted.
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