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1、 Basic concepts of metauniverse

Time : 10/08/2021 Author : xlb0kq Click : + -
        The word "meta universe" originated from Neil middot, a science fiction writer published in 1992; The two concepts of "metaverse" and "Avatar" mentioned in Stephenson's avalanche. It was not until the last two years that the metauniverse began to receive attention. According to the report, the meta universe is a virtual space parallel to and independent of the real world, an online virtual world that maps the real world, and an increasingly real digital virtual world. Metauniverse is a conceptual materialization under new technologies such as extended reality (XR), blockchain, cloud computing and digital twin. In terms of technical means, metauniverse is a virtual world supported by AI, VR, AR, blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies, which can realize seamless connection and interaction with the real world. It can be seen as the entity and embodiment of the Internet, in which human beings can live, work, conduct business activities and economic construction.
        In terms of core features, metauniverse can provide users with immersive experience, open interface, virtual identity, creator economy, decentralized governance, and various types of infrastructure. In terms of product experience, the realization of the meta universe requires eight elements: identity, friends, immersion, low delay, landing anywhere, economic system and civilization. Metauniverse mainly has five core elements: 5g, cloud computing, VR / AR, artificial intelligence, digital twin, and blockchain. Among them, 5g provides the communication foundation for the meta universe, cloud computing provides the computing power foundation for the meta universe, brain computer interface and VR / AR provide the real immersive feeling for the meta universe, artificial intelligence provides the content generation logic for the meta universe, digital twin provides the world blue map for the meta universe, and blockchain provides the authentication and trust mechanism for the meta universe.
        The goal of metauniverse is to create a more real and huge virtual world, which can accommodate hundreds of millions of people to interact online. Whether it is the current VR / AR or the future meta universe, they must run on a broad road. The ordinary sheep intestine path or the eighteen turns of the mountain road are definitely not worthy of the future high-tech. From the perspective of network or communication, it is nothing more than bandwidth, delay and reliability. In other words, the metauniverse needs the network or our communication platform to have ultra-high bandwidth, ultra-low delay and ultra-high reliability. At present, our 5g can only achieve basic support, and only in the case of 6G can we have immersive experience.
        For 5g, the most basic scenarios of the metauniverse such as VR / AR, wireless entertainment, social networks and personal AI assistance can all be supported, but for high-level application scenarios such as immersive XR, holographic images and sensory interconnection, 6G is the only one. 1.2 the immersive feeling, low delay and local characteristics of cloud computing meta universe not only put forward high requirements for VR / AR hardware technology and network transmission system, but also depend on high-performance cloud computing capability and streaming media technology. Without strong cloud computing and big data capabilities, it is difficult for many enterprises to take the lead in this meta universe battle. The role of cloud computing in the metauniverse is mainly reflected in three aspects: first, it allows people to easily access the metauniverse.
        As long as there is a network and available hardware equipment, you can link into the meta universe and experience the meta universe. Enterprises can build products and services on the cloud to increase public access to them. Metauniverse is the integration and aggregation of many technologies. It also benefits from the infinite and fast throughput of the cloud. It can combine a single technology into a set of integrated technologies. Second, reduce downtime. Today we use computers mainly according to their performance. Considering the complexity of the metauniverse, we can only connect the metauniverse through cloud computing, and cannot rely on the quality of hardware. Metauniverse generally requires 24-hour uninterrupted operation and zero downtime of servers.
        Cloud manufacturers can provide reliable wireless connection and signal transmission services, as well as VR and AR integration of metauniverse. Third, it can provide better experience for users. Enterprises can ensure a good user experience of the metauniverse. The user experience includes consistent high-performance data computing, low server latency, security, ease of use and efficient collaboration. As for the game experience, the most important thing is definitely the smoothness of the game. After all, no one likes to experience a game that is not smooth to play, and cloud computing can reduce the delay of metauniverse games. In the first quarter of 2022, the global volume of VR head displays was 3.563 million, of which oculus accounted for 90% of the global VR market; The volume of VR head display in China was 257000, with a year-on-year increase of 14.8%.
        The sales volume of VR head display equipment at home and abroad is growing rapidly. If the downstream application scenarios are broadened, the breaking speed of VR head display will be further accelerated. In addition, the governments of various provinces and cities in China pay more attention to the industries such as meta universe, virtual reality, augmented reality and immersive experience, and have successively issued various development planning documents and corresponding support policies. VR / AR is expected to enter the fast lane of development. It can be predicted that VR / AR technology will still be the main field of users' attention in the next five years. In particular, the downstream application scenarios in VR / AR field are broad, and there are more opportunities for "virtual reality / augmented reality +" which is deeply integrated with traditional industries, and there is sufficient creative space to be tapped.
        With the gradual improvement of the virtual reality industry chain, the enabling effect of VR on all walks of life will show a huge effect, and gradually expand to public services, education, entertainment, news communication, engineering manufacturing and many other fields. Artificial intelligence research includes robot, speech recognition, image recognition, natural speech processing, expert system and other aspects of artificial intelligence. It is to simulate the information process of human consciousness and thinking, and develop various robots and audio equipment, which can interact with people, think like people and surpass human intelligence. In the future, with the growing maturity of artificial intelligence theory and technology, the application field is also expanding. Metauniverse will be the opening ceremony of the world artificial intelligence conference of artificial intelligence line year. Four virtual people, including Baidu's Xiaodu, Xiaomi's Xiaoai classmate, Microsoft's Xiaobing, and station B's Ling Yuan, will appear on the stage together with the real person. Alibaba's tmall elves and Xiaomi's Xiaoai classmate all have voice wake-up, song ordering, joke telling and other functions, Baidu's navigation software can call Xiaodu for navigation. What's more, the alpha dog go robot fought against the world's No. 1 go champion Ke Jie in May 2017 and won with a total score of 3:0.
        Metauniverse represents not only a platform that connects consumer groups, carries entertainment content, and presents shopping or business collaboration scenarios. It is also a copy of the physical world created in the full virtual environment. Users can use it to optimize the physical reality with the help of VR or AR technology. As one of the basic technologies of the meta universe, digital twin emphasizes the ability to access physical reality based on the digital environment. As a virtual representation of existing objects or systems that spans their entire life cycle, digital twin is updated through real-time data, and uses simulation, machine learning, reasoning and other technologies to assist decision-making. Digital twins help us reconstruct the physical world in the digital environment and map out every microscopic detail.
        With the support of advanced sensors, AI and communication technologies, these replicas in digital space can accurately simulate various physical objects including human body, equipment, things, systems and even places. The cryptocurrency based on the blockchain technology can provide a transaction medium and scarcity for the meta universe, so that things in it can obtain value anchors. With value anchors, there will be transactions, and with transactions, there will be business forms and economic models. As a component of the meta universe, the technical value of the blockchain will continuously promote the deep integration of the real economy and the digital economy in the meta universe, and provide an open and transparent cooperation mechanism for the meta universe.
        In particular, the decentralized "trust" brought by the blockchain is the foundation for the creation of trusted assets and identity authentication in the meta universe, making the value creation and free flow of value in the meta universe more efficient and convenient. Limited by the current infrastructure of the blockchain, it is indeed difficult for the metauniverse to have a large space for development. However, when a series of infrastructures are mature, and AR and VR equipment, big data, cloud computing and other technologies are further mature and landed. From the breaking of the circle in 2021 to the present capital market, it has only taken more than a year for yuancosmos to grow from US $5 million in 2020 to US $17 million in 2021.
        In the first half of 2022, the investment and financing related to yuancosmos still maintained a strong growth momentum. There were more than 205 investment and financing events related to yuancosmos in the world, with a total investment and financing scale exceeding 32.2 billion US dollars (the unknown amount of ten million yuan level financing is calculated as 10 million yuan). It is expected that the market scale will reach 150 billion US dollars by 2030. At the same time, the enterprises participating in investment and financing began to integrate the concept of meta universe with the domestic environment and their own business, and transition to the direction of personalization and commercialization. From the overall trend, under the current global economic downturn, the emergence of the meta universe undoubtedly provides new ideas for the future economic form. If it can be promoted healthily and continuously, it will become a new growth point of the global economy and a competitive field of great strategic significance. The defense of traditional Internet giants and the new upstarts of the meta universe will stage an offensive and defensive war. A new round of revolution in the global science and technology industry is coming.
        As for the development of the industry, practitioners need to be aware that at present, metauniverse is still in the initial stage of development, many issues are pending, and the prospects of individual tracks are not clear. First, although the underlying technology support such as AR, VR, blockchain and other technologies are developing rapidly, they are still far from mature stage, and currently they are relatively lacking in application scenarios; Its dimensional universe is a huge system project. In addition to the technical aspects, the compliance risks, security risks, social ethics and other aspects need to be developed in a coordinated manner. Only when the services and infrastructure in various fields and circles are continuously improved can the concept of meta universe be finally realized. Since 2020, digital transformation has been one of the key policies in China, and the concept of meta universe coincides with digital transformation. Therefore, from 2021, both the national level and the local governments have started to promote the policy design for the related industries of meta universe in an orderly manner.
        At the national level, in December 2021, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission stated in the article "how the meta universe rewrites human life" that we should rationally look at the new round of technological revolution brought by the meta universe and its impact on society. We should not underestimate the opportunities in 5-10 years, nor overestimate the evolution and changes in 1-2 years. In January of this year, the Ministry of industry and information technology stated at the press conference on the development of small and medium-sized enterprises that special attention should be paid to cultivating a number of "small giants" enterprises deeply engaged in professional fields such as industrial Internet, industrial software, network and data security, and intelligent sensors, and cultivating a number of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises that enter the emerging fields such as metauniverse, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.
        In addition to the positive statements made by the national ministries and commissions, the local governments are also constantly expanding the layout, and the layout of the relevant industries of the meta universe is relatively loose and specific. For example, in December 2021, Shanghai Municipality issued the "14th five year plan" for the development of electronic information industry in Shanghai, which for the first time included the "meta universe" in the work report of local government, and proposed to explore the integration and application of new generation of information technology, focusing on artificial intelligence + big data, cloud computing + edge computing, 5g + extended reality, blockchain + quantum technology, cloud edge collaboration, digital twin + data center, and other aspects to promote technological collaborative research Standard Specification formulation, platform construction, application innovation, etc.
        In addition, documents such as Shanghai's action to build a new high in the network security industry (2021-2023) and financial technology development plan (2022-2025) issued by Shanghai all involve the construction of the meta universe. As of June 2022, the local governments of 7 provinces and 17 cities have successively released the construction plans of the meta universe, including 7 provinces of Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangxi, Henan, Guizhou, Anhui and Heilongjiang, and 17 cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Chengdu, Shenyang, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Xiamen, Hefei, Nanchang, Wuxi, Haikou, Sanya and Baoding. Zhejiang: on January 5, the guiding opinions on the construction of future industrial pilot zones in Zhejiang Province issued by the office of the leading group for digital economy development of Zhejiang Province pointed out that the meta universe, together with artificial intelligence, blockchain and the third generation semiconductor, will be one of the key areas for the layout of future industrial pilot zones in Zhejiang by 2023; Zhejiang will accelerate the establishment of open innovation platforms in brain computer collaboration, virtual reality, blockchain and other fields to promote industrial technology empowerment and integrated innovation.
        Henan: on January 6, it was pointed out in the government work report that we should vigorously develop the new type of "blockchain +" business, cultivate industrial clusters such as carbon based new materials and third-generation semiconductors, and form a chain type promotion pattern of "R & D + industry + application". Formulate a special plan for blockchain construction and actively promote it. Implement major projects such as the national new Internet Exchange Center, Artificial Intelligence Computing Center, China mobile network cloud Zhengzhou Regional Center, and promote the intelligent upgrading of traditional infrastructure. Jiangxi: on February 14, Jiangxi science and Technology Department positioned 2022 as a breakthrough year for the development quality of VR industry, explored the establishment of a meta universe alliance, created a domestic first-class meta universe R & D platform, and focused on the development of standards and development tools in the four directions of meta universe hardware entrance, infrastructure, artificial intelligence, content and scene; Reorganize and improve the key core technologies of virtual reality and the "neck" technology catalog, and carry out exploration of the development focus and development path of the meta universe; We will support Nanchang in planning and building a yuancosmos pilot zone, build a digital economy industrial cluster, and focus on the development of VR / AR, artificial intelligence and 5g, digital cultural and creative industries and other key industries of the digital economy.
        On May 25, the people's Government of Jiangxi Province issued the "14th five year plan" for the development of digital economy in Jiangxi Province, pointing out that it is necessary to closely follow the pace of the development of the new generation of information technology, actively lay out emerging fields such as VR, "meta universe" and digital twins, information security and data services, Internet of things, intelligent Internet connected vehicles and UAVs, and prospectively lay out frontier fields such as quantum information, Satellite Internet, blockchain and artificial intelligence, Strive to achieve "overtaking at a curve" and "overtaking at a change" to inject new impetus into the development of digital economy in the province. Guizhou: on March 4, Guizhou Province will expand and strengthen the computing industry, promote the development of VR / AR industry, and lay a solid foundation for the development of meta universe.
        At the same time, Guizhou pays attention to the introduction and training of talents, and provides intellectual support for the meta universe industry. We will establish a meta universe expert base and increase the introduction of industry leaders and high-end talents. Shandong: on March 21, seven departments including the Department of industry and information technology of Shandong Province jointly released the three-year action plan for promoting the high-quality development of the virtual reality industry in Shandong Province (2022-2024) (hereinafter referred to as the plan), which will cultivate and promote 100 application scenarios and solutions in the province in three years to create a domestic first-class and internationally competitive virtual reality industry highland of 100 billion. By 2024, the province will strive to apply for more than 3000 new international and domestic patents in the field of virtual reality, the R & D investment intensity of leading enterprises will reach more than 6%, and more than 10000 professionals related to the virtual reality industry will be cultivated.
        Heilongjiang: on March 28, the people's Government of Heilongjiang issued the digital economy development plan of Heilongjiang Province during the 14th Five Year Plan period, putting forward the deployment plan for the development of the meta universe. The details are as follows: promote the R & D and application of the core technologies and key technologies in the main application fields of the meta universe, support the R & D and innovation around near eye display, real-time interaction, mass communication, edge computing, 3D modeling and rendering, image engine, etc., and build a meta universe technology system
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