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Anexminer encryption chip conference was held in Hangzhou, and LTC flagship computing equipment was launched

Time : 12/11/2021 Author : fum6oa Click : + -
        On August 28, the "star world chip future scrypt encryption chip conference" hosted by Hangzhou Dark Star Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (anexminer) was opened in Hangzhou intercontinental hotel. The conference discussed the innovative development of blockchain technology in landing applications. At the same time, the organizer Hangzhou Dark Star Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. released two flagship ASIC chips at the conference, and the chip manufacturing process reached advanced 5nm and 7Nm. Therefore, Hangzhou Dark Star Electronics also launched flagship computing equipment equipped with the above two chips, which can exploit the mainstream encryption assets LTC and Doge. From the perspective of computing capacity, the computing equipment has reached the leading position in the industry.
        This is one of the few hardware conferences in the blockchain industry since the beginning of 2021, making another high-tech enterprise with hardware R & D and production capacity appear in Hangzhou, the city of blockchain, after Jianan technology and Yibang international. At the same time of chip release, the sponsor also launched the 2021 digital economy enabling high-quality development forum. The forum invited representatives of leading enterprises, technical experts and industry leaders of the well-known blockchain industry to participate and deliver speeches, and hundreds of industry guests attended. The conference conducted in-depth discussions around the latest hot spots, application landing and technology frontier of the blockchain, with a view to leading the trend of the blockchain industry and enabling the development of the blockchain industry.
        Yang Ye, co-founder of Dark Star Electronics, unveiled two encryption chips based on the scrypt algorithm led by Dark Star Electronics for the first time. The fabrication process of these two chips reaches 5nm and 7Nm respectively. The former has reached the most advanced chip manufacturing process in the field of blockchain supercomputing. From the data, the computing power of each 5nm chip reaches 0.0145gh, while that of a 7Nm chip reaches 0.0098gh. Yang Ye said that dark new electronics will launch two flagship computing devices based on the above chips, which can exploit the mainstream encryption assets LTC and Doge. It is reported that the computing device is composed of a single main control board and four hash computing boards. Among them, the single computing board of the computing device equipped with 7Nm chips has a total of 108 chips. Through the chipset, the computing device can finally achieve a super computing power of 4.25gh.
        For the computing device equipped with 5nm chips, there are 128 chips in a single computing board. The super computing power of the computing device can reach 7.52gh through the chip set. Even so, the power consumption of the former is about 2350W, and the power consumption of the latter is reduced to 3000W. In addition, in the theme sharing, Yang Ye also focused on other parameters of supercomputing equipment. For example, the front and rear double cylinder fans are used for heat dissipation. The outer surface of the fan is provided with a mesh cover to protect the safety of users. The rear side of the fan is provided with a grille to effectively prevent particles from entering the high-speed rotating fan and causing damage to the inside of the chassis. In addition, each chip module is equipped with a single spade tooth heat sink, and the whole heat sink is designed to be flow linear, which is conducive to fan heat dissipation.
        In terms of power supply, it adopts an independent power supply design. The power supply is separately equipped with a fan for heat dissipation. The 2350W and 3000W independent power supplies are set up in one machine. The heat energy of the two plates will not be connected, so as to achieve better heat dissipation effect. From the outside, because the high-end aluminum alloy material is used as the fuselage material, it has higher strength, lighter weight, extremely strong oxidation resistance, and is not easy to rust. It can still maintain the integrity to a greater extent during the year-round work, and has extremely high thermal conductivity. Hangzhou has always been regarded as the capital of blockchain. In the field of supercomputing equipment, Hangzhou has produced two US listed companies, namely, Jianan technology, the first share of the blockchain, and Yibang international, a cross-border blockchain from the communications industry.
        In fact, Hangzhou also has a number of high-tech enterprises focusing on blockchain technology, laying out supercomputing devices and distributed storage devices. Hangzhou Dark Star Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is one of them. It is reported that Hangzhou Dark Star Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., English name anexminer, is a technology company with many years of IDC machine room solutions. It can also provide blockchain technology related software and services, distributed storage applications, Internet data services, etc. In addition, the company is also involved in software and integrated circuit chip development and product sales. From the introduction, the team of Hangzhou Dark Star Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is relatively young, but they have a lot of experience in the blockchain field. The release of supercomputing equipment is the first step of the company's efforts in the field of Semiconductor R & D Based on encryption algorithms.
        At the "star world chip future scrypt encryption chip conference", in addition to the release of new equipment, a 2021 digital economy enabling high-quality development forum was also held. Many heavyweight guests were invited to attend and deliver speeches. They are Wu Zhongze, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of science, member of the science, education, culture and Public Health Committee of the Eleventh National People's Congress, and head of the discipline inspection group of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission in the Ministry of science and technology. Shen Changxiang, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and consultant of the office of the state password management committee. Zhao Zhongkang, former inspector of the main office of the Ministry of industry and information technology and consultant of the world digital economy organization. Wang Yongchang, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress and President of Zhejiang Business Development Research Institute. Zheng Mingzhi, chief inspector, vice chairman of Zhejiang Federation of industry and Commerce and vice president of Zhejiang Business Development Research Institute.
        Gao Chengshi, communication member of blockchain Professional Committee of Chinese computer society and doctor of cryptography, etc. Zhao Zhongkang said: "Blockchain technology will become the infrastructure in the digital economy era and play an important role in China's future economic and social development. The core of blockchain hardware manufacturing is the computing capacity of chips. The explosion of the blockchain computing market has brought new development opportunities to the global chip industry chain. In order to accelerate the application of new technologies and promote scientific and technological innovation, Hangzhou Dark Star Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has worked hard in the development and application of blockchain technology Hard work, silent dedication, especially in the research of scrypt encryption chip. This conference is the best proof.
        ”。 Wang Yongchang said in his speech at the meeting that "chips are the key to the new round of scientific and technological and industrial development and the" brake mace "of national competition. The industrialization of blockchain technology and the embracing of blockchain technology by the real economy are an inevitable trend to achieve breakthroughs in today's core technologies, occupy the commanding heights of innovation and gain new advantages in industrial development. Hangzhou Dark Star Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., such a technology company, is undoubtedly walking in the & lsquo; Tuyere & rsquo; At the meeting, although the competition is fierce, the prospects are also very broad. ". Wu Zhongze believes that "the blockchain field is attracting more and more entrepreneurs and capital to enter and become a new hot spot for innovation and entrepreneurship.
        The application of blockchain is accelerating and the industrial scale is increasing. The industry is changing from small-scale application exploration to large-scale application practice. It is expected to become a new economic growth point in the future. Taking blockchain hardware manufacturing as an important starting point, Hangzhou Dark Star Electronics has successfully developed scrypt encryption chip, which will surely accelerate the marketization of data elements and bring new business models. ". In 2021, in the field of blockchain, the concept of meta universe broke out and became one of the hottest sub circuits in the industry. At the meeting, Lou Qi, CIO of Dark Star Electronics and chief executive officer of metauniverse ecology, came out. He shared his latest thoughts on metauniverse.
        This also showed the participants the attention and exploration of this young entrepreneurial team on the latest track in the industry. He said: "the metauniverse is to hope to break all kinds of limitations in real life. In the metauniverse, there is only something unexpected and nothing impossible." In his view, the industrial chain of metauniverse includes experience, discovery platform, creator economy, spatial computing, decentralization, human-computer interaction and infrastructure. "The meta universe is not far from our life. We should enjoy the process of creation." He said. In fact, whether it is the blockchain or the metauniverse built on the blockchain, computing is the infrastructure of the industry. A number of blockchain infrastructure service institutions have been born in Hangzhou. Dark new electronics is the latest emerging star.
        All the stars are in the sky, which may be the charm of Hangzhou, the city of blockchain.
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