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Once sold, it will rise! Mu Mu's share price doubled as soon as she cut the meat

Time : 19/07/2021 Author : 4a7y5r Click : + -
        Many fund managers were caught off guard by the rebound of technology stocks in the U.S. wave. Sister Mu has always held the first share of the blockchain, coinbase, and accompanied it to decline slowly. Finally, she was sad to "cut the flesh". Unexpectedly, it was cut on the floor. In the following few days, coinbase doubled. The listing of coinbase is the peak under the halo of the first share of the blockchain. On April 14, 2021, the highest price on the day of listing reached US $429, and then opened the road of slow decline. On July 26, an insider disclosed that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was investigating coinbase because the platform was suspected of providing us users with token transactions that should have been registered as securities.
        On the same day, coinbase closed down 21% to $52.93 per share, a record low. On the same day, sister Mu also cut 1.41 million shares of meat, which was worth about US $75 million according to the closing price. Since the listing of coinbase, sister Mu has been continuously buying, which is the first time to sell the stock this year. However, after the record low price was set on that day, coinbase began to rebound. In just seven trading days, the highest price rose to US $116.3, which has doubled from the lowest price of US $52.93 on July 26. Coinbase has been closely linked with the trend of cryptocurrencies since its birth. Since May this year, cryptocurrencies have collapsed. The thunderstorm events of stable currency "Luna" and other projects have directly triggered the settlement of derivatives in the market, and the market value of the whole cryptocurrency has fallen below $1 trillion.
        Musk, who has been touting virtual currency, also settled the settlement. Tesla reduced its holdings of bitcoin by US $936 million in the second quarter, and the institution is also withdrawing from the cryptocurrency market. Under various blows, coinbase announced the suspension of global recruitment and planned to lay off about 20% of the staff. Meanwhile, all the offers just sent out this year were also withdrawn. Compared with the end of last year, Ark's total asset value has shrunk by nearly half, and its flagship product arkinnovation ETF has plummeted by more than 50% in 2022. However, sister Mu still believes that the bear market in the US stock market has ended. Next, we will start to cut interest rates and start a bull market in growth stocks.
        The rebound of US stocks was particularly unexpected. When the market predicted that the US economic recession would continue to affect the performance of the financial market, the NASDAQ index surged by 12.35% in July, setting the best monthly performance since the outbreak of the epidemic in April 20 years. Sister Mu is not the first person to cut before dawn. Tiger Global Fund has been heavily invested in technology stocks for a long time, resulting in half of the fund's performance in the first five months of this year. However, the profit in July was also 0.4%. It is obvious that the position has been adjusted.
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