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Shanxi local finance adds another sharp weapon: service enters the "blockchain" era

Time : 01/01/2022 Author : xse76w Click : + -
        China news network, Taiyuan, August 8 (reporter Li Xinsuo) with the help of blockchain, big data and other technologies, it provides multi-dimensional portraits and credit scores for real enterprises and provides a basis for financial enterprises to lend. On August 8, the launch of the "Shanxi provincial financing comprehensive credit service platform" and the "regional equity financial comprehensive service platform" added another sharp weapon to the local financial development of Shanxi. For a long time, small, medium and micro enterprises have made a lot of contributions in attracting employment and improving people's livelihood, but they also face difficulties such as difficult and expensive financing. In the digital economy era, how can the financial industry accurately and efficiently serve small, medium and micro enterprises?. Ma Aifeng, member of the Party group and deputy director of Shanxi local financial supervision and Administration Bureau, introduced that in October 2021, the bureau took the lead in promoting the application of Shanxi equity trading center for "blockchain construction pilot".
        In December 2021 and January 2022, Shanxi equity trading center was successively approved as "China Securities Regulatory Commission blockchain construction pilot" and "national blockchain innovation application pilot". In the meantime, Shanxi equity trading center accelerated the pilot implementation by using the new generation of information technology such as blockchain and the two application scenarios of "blockchain + basic business" and "blockchain + Xinyi loan". Ma Aifeng said that after the online application of the above two platforms, Shanxi will take this opportunity to alleviate the problems such as asymmetric information between banks and enterprises, blocked financing channels, poor financing platform performance, and effectively promote the construction of local credit system. As the only regional equity market in Shanxi Province, Shanxi equity trading center is the private equity market for small, medium and micro enterprises in Shanxi, and a comprehensive application platform for local governments to support small, medium and micro enterprises.
        Guo Biao, chairman of Shanxi equity trading center, introduced that relying on the "regional equity financial comprehensive service platform", the company will make full efforts to solve the problems of public trust and information asymmetry in the registration and Trusteeship of regional equity markets by means of artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing and other financial technology, so as to achieve disintermediation listing, unnecessary non disclosure and enterprise evaluation, Further improve the information acquisition efficiency of market participants and the success rate of financing docking. In the field of indirect financing, the "comprehensive credit service platform for financing in Shanxi Province" relies on the government affairs data of Shanxi Province, and builds a "multi-dimensional portrait" and credit scoring big data model of enterprises with financial institutions on the basis of nearly 100 index data items such as enterprise operation, tax payment and credit, so as to provide comprehensive financial services for financial institutions and enterprises.
        Guo Biao said that the launching of the "comprehensive credit service platform for financing in Shanxi Province" will effectively reduce the financing cost of enterprises, increase the proportion of enterprise credit loans, and truly enable small, medium and micro enterprises to enjoy "credit dividends". From the previous few mortgages, high comprehensive costs and low financing efficiency, to digital services with the help of blockchain, big data and other technologies. Shanxi is working hard to make digital "endorsement" for enterprise credit, unblock financing channels, reduce financing costs and improve financing efficiency. In this regard, Ma Shuangxi, member of the Party group and deputy director of the development and Reform Commission of Shanxi Province, said that the above-mentioned platform can further shorten the financing chain, provide professional financing comprehensive credit services for the whole life cycle of small and medium-sized enterprises, and truly create an intelligent and reliable credit financing service ecosystem for small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanxi Province where "government, bank, enterprise and credit" credit information is shared.
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