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Blockchain empowers the king of digital economy to help enterprises with digital transformation

Time : 10/07/2021 Author : r9sv32 Click : + -
        In March 2021, in the resolution on the fourteenth five year plan for national economic and social development and the outline of long-term goals for 2035 adopted by the fourth session of the 13th National People's Congress,. Then, in June 2021, the Ministry of industry and information technology, in conjunction with the central network information office, issued the guiding opinions on accelerating the application of blockchain technology and industrial development, which clearly pointed out that the important role of blockchain in industrial transformation should be brought into play, the deep integration of blockchain and economic society should be promoted, and the application of blockchain technology and industrial development should be accelerated. In January this year, the State Council issued the "14th five year plan" for the development of digital economy, pointing out that it is necessary to accelerate the promotion of digital industrialization, formally include big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other strategic forward-looking fields, strengthen the integrated application of blockchain in financial services, social governance, international trade and other fields, accelerate the digital transformation of the service industry and improve the government's digital governance capacity.
        With the deep release of the policy superposition effect, the application of blockchain technology and industrial development have entered the "fast lane" and become an important engine to drive the high-quality development of the digital economy. Nowadays, many provinces, cities and regions across the country have included blockchain technology in the development plan of digital economy, and helped the high-quality development of digital economy by creating a development highland of blockchain industry. On July 5, the notice of the Department of industry and information technology of Guangdong Province on printing and distributing the digital economy development guide 1.0 of Guangdong Province will deepen the digital technology empowerment, accelerate the development of the blockchain industry, support Guangzhou to build a national blockchain development demonstration zone, and support Shenzhen to build a blockchain characteristic digital economy demonstration window, providing favorable support and guarantee for the construction of digital government and the high-quality development of the digital economy.
        On July 12, the general office of the Shanghai Municipal People's government issued the notice on printing and distributing the "14th five year plan" for the development of Shanghai's digital economy, stating that in terms of expanding new digital industries and improving new digital infrastructure, it will reasonably promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain and other new technologies, further promote the R & D and application of "blockchain +" technology, and enhance the core competitiveness of the digital economy. It can be said that blockchain technology has become an important underlying digital technology for the development of the current digital economy. It plays an important role in promoting industrial digitization and digital industrialization, improving the digital economic governance system and strengthening the digital economic security system. It is also an important driving force to support the digital economy to become bigger, better and stronger.
        It not only has broad application prospects in key fields such as the real economy, social governance, people's livelihood services, financial science and technology, but also has representative application scenarios in anti-counterfeiting traceability, judicial certificate, enterprise management, government services and so on. Through the underlying logic of "blockchain technology + physical and electrical homology + justice + electronic signature", the online signature platform provides enterprises and individuals with online signature and seal services, electronic contract template services, document authenticity query services, and certificate generation services with the electronic seal of blockchain physical and electrical homology as the core. Let every document, every page of contract and every signature transcend the limitation of time and space, improve collaboration efficiency, optimize business processes, reduce trust costs, improve competitiveness, and help enterprises quickly realize digital transformation and upgrading and high-quality development.
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