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Ipfsfilecoin real data storage enables real economy

Time : 04/01/2022 Author : h6ksnl Click : + -
        In the initial stage of ecosystem formation, storage operators are encouraged to participate, establish more storage nodes, increase storage space, and lay a foundation for commercial operation. Garbage data is stored in this stage. The main purpose is to find and remedy loopholes, improve supervision, and establish a rule system. Second, public data storage stage. A variety of data are widely stored, and a variety of storage applications are continuously developed to provide sufficient storage space for IPFs, aiming at improving network security, processing various garbage file data, and optimizing network ecology. Third, the real data storage stage. Store real and effective data, transform filecoin into a multi-functional commodity and service network, and build a truly distributed data storage network! At this time, the network rules pay more attention to the storage of real data, which is also the final work direction of the operators. They participate in the warehousing order market and obtain warehousing income.
        The strength comparison of operators in the filecoin market has also shifted from the earliest capacity level and the growth rate of computing capacity to the ability PK of inputting real and effective data storage. The datacap identification enables the filecoin network to automatically and standardize the identification of real data orders, and the storage provider can obtain 10 times the effective computing power of the corresponding share. Fil + project (i.e. filecoinplus project) encourages the demander to store through 10 times of effective computing power. The filecoin notary system, as the trust trustee of the main network, is open and transparent to the community. After applying for evaluation, it is responsible for allocating the 10 times effective computing power identifier datacap to the real data storage party.
        In short, with the continuous development of IPFs storage technology, the real data storage volume in filecoin network will continue to increase until they dominate. And when filecoin really carries the storage of real data, filecoin will be truly commercialized, and then the value of filecoin will be truly reflected!. Summary of the editor: the perfect combination of IPFs and filecoin makes filecoin a highly regarded project in the blockchain. Filecoin network obtains storage income by providing storage space. With the increase of the proportion of real data storage, the value of fil will be constantly reflected, and there is unlimited room for growth in the future.
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