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"Buy back" has become the execution strategy of the three mainstream blockchain platforms

Time : 12/02/2022 Author : 4zq2uo Click : + -
        So far, "buy back" has become the strategy implemented by the three mainstream platforms. Previously, both Binan BNB and Huobi HT adopted a repurchase mechanism to increase market buying. On March 22, okex also said that from March 29, the platform will adjust the rules for the distribution (dividend) of "super incentive fund". The BTC that should be distributed every week will be used to buy back okb, and then the bought back okb will be distributed to users who hold okb according to the rules. In addition, the 700 million OKBS locked in the hands of the okblockchain foundation and the operation team were originally planned to be unlocked in 2020. While the repurchase plan was released, the unlocking period of these 700 million OKBS was also postponed to 2022.
        After the continuous release of new moves by Bi'An and Huobi led to the rise of BNB and HT; Okex released five ecological plans, including public chain and decentralized exchange, in a high-profile manner to "open source" for okb without any advance notice. Whether it is the IEO of old bottles of new wine, or the establishment of DEX on the public chain of the exchange, the new actions of various mainstream platforms have made the rise of platform currency a unique branch of the currency market. The exchanges also emphasized their role in the industry again with their own routines. Starting from March 29, the "super incentive money" obtained every Friday in the wallet of users holding okb on the okex platform will be changed from BTC to okb.
        The change of dividend currency began with the plan of the digital asset trading platform okex to repurchase okb for the first time. On March 22, the platform announced that from March 29, 2019, okex will use the BTC that should be issued every week to buy back okb, and then distribute the bought back okb to okb holders according to the existing snapshot and position rules. On March 19 last year, okex officially launched okb. This token, called "global general points", was issued by the okblockchain foundation, with a total amount of 1 billion. One month later, okex began to implement the "super incentive fund" plan. Every Friday, 50% of the platform's handling fee in the current week was distributed to okb's holding users, and BTC was distributed.
        According to okex statistics, since the first issuance of the "incentive fund" on April 20, 2018, the platform has issued more than 32954.12 BTCs to more than 1 million users. According to okex's buyback plan, these BTCs that once distributed dividends to users will become the purchase amount, which will be distributed to the holders after the platform acquires okb. Some insiders estimate that according to the amount of BTCs distributed by okex, if the service fee income of the platform does not change too much, this exchange will take out 30000 to 40000 BTCs to buy back okb in the next year. With the current price of okb of about 9 yuan, its market value ranges from 817 million yuan to 1 billion yuan. "Theoretically, repurchase will have a great supporting effect on the currency price.".
        ”。 The digital asset market data platform aicoin shows that as of 18:00 on March 27, the circulation market value of okb was 3.072 billion yuan, and the 24-hour turnover was 628 million yuan. In May last year, okb, with an issue price of about US $1, once hit US $6.6, an increase of 660%. As the market bears in the future, the trend of okb failed to overturn the market law, and the tokens of platform currency content such as ht of Huobi and BNB of Bian fell together. At the beginning of this year, okb fell to a historical low of $0.57. In recent January, with the recovery of the market and the surging of IEO mode, various trading platforms continued to promote their own ecology, and the platform currency soared.
        Okb's price also showed signs of recovery, with an increase of 115% in the past 30 days. As of 18:00 on March 27, okb quoted us $1.5277, up 52% from the issuance price and 168% from the lowest point (US $0.57). Public information shows that the total amount of 1 billion OKBS is currently 300 million in the secondary market, and the remaining 700 million OKBS are locked in the hands of the okblockchain foundation and the operation team. It was originally planned to unlock in 2020. The new regulation will postpone the unlocking time of 700 million OKBS to 2022. At that time, the new extended locking or batch unlocking scheme will be announced half a year in advance.
        In 2018, driven by Bi'An, the "platform currency" model became the standard configuration of the subsequent exchanges. Okex and Huobi Pro followed closely, and the two took their "general points" instead of "coins". In the Jianghu war of the exchange, in addition to fighting for strategy and operation, the circulation market value of each platform currency is also a battlefield for them to compete. Before the announcement of the repurchase plan, okex was the only exchange among the three that did not repurchase platform currencies. At the beginning of its issuance, Bian and Huobi have clearly defined the idea of regularly buying back tokens on the platform. Binan's plan is "buy back and destroy", while Huobi is "buy back and dividend". Up to now, Bi'An has conducted a total of 6 repurchase of BNB, with a total repurchase amount of about 10.8 million, accounting for about 5% of the total issuance.
        From the historical price, the currency price will rise every time BNB is repurchased and destroyed. At the beginning of this year, Huobi announced that from the first quarter, HT after repurchase would be adjusted from airdrop to destruction. Following the example of Bi'An, insiders believe that this measure is expected to continue to reduce HT's market circulation, and the deflation strategy will drive up the currency price. Now okex has also joined the ranks of "buy back". Some investors are optimistic that buy back will help drive up the price of okb; However, some people said that if the repurchase is not destroyed, it will not have a direct impact on the currency price. "Okex repurchases okb with the money from the original weekly dividend, which is nothing more than left and right, and has little impact on the currency price.
        ”Investor Wang Chao's financial analysis of honeycomb. The netizen "Xiao Ming" believes that repurchase is conducive to the price rise of okb. "The repurchase mechanism has two advantages: one is that it increases the stable purchase price for okb every week; the other is that dividends are distributed by okb, and users may not sell. Each platform has its own development direction, and it is not good to imitate blindly.". As for extending the lock up time, most investors believe that the platform has eliminated the potential negative, which will drive the increase of okb. "Unlocking will bring selling risk and then affect the decline of the currency price. The originally decided unlocking period in 2020 is a big sword hanging over okb." Wang Chao felt that the sword had been removed temporarily, stabilizing the panic of investors.
        According to aicoin data, as of March 27, the market value of okb in circulation was about 3.072 billion yuan, the HT of Huobi was 4.809 billion yuan, and the BNB was 15.891 billion yuan. The comparison of the three companies found that the relatively young okb performed poorly. However, for okb, which is ranked lower in market value, some analysts judged from the price earnings ratio that okb has more room to rise. If delayed unlocking is regarded as a "throttling" way for okb to stabilize its market value, okex needs to "open source" to increase the value of okb from the circulation level. The repurchase mechanism is one of the "open source" methods, and okex has released a series of actions such as okjumpstart, okchain, and okdex, which are the practical token sales platforms, to increase the demand for okb.
        The launch of launchpad, Bi'An's blockchain asset sales platform, has confirmed the logic of BNB's rising demand. If you want to snap up the tokens on the platform, you need to hold a specified amount of BNB. The hunger marketing method of "limited snapping" has created a rare atmosphere for the market. On February 20 this year, binancedex officially released the beta version of binancedex. It is a point-to-point trading market. User assets will circulate on the chain and will no longer be hosted by the platform. Exclusive BNB trading pairs will also be online, which is undoubtedly conducive to BNB's market circulation. When okex announced the okb repurchase plan, it also made a high-profile announcement of the "five ecological construction" plan, which shows that in June this year, okchain test network will be launched, and the decentralized exchange okdex will be built on okchain; According to the original plan, okex's token sales platform okjumpstart will also be revealed soon.
        This wave of platform currency price competition has injected a passion for investment into the currency market in 2019, and the exchanges have again emphasized their role in the industry with their own routines.
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