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Blockchain games are too retarded? It may be the bread and butter of many people

Time : 18/10/2021 Author : r6ewgq Click : + -
        The "paralytic ring" that frequently appears in the advertisements of various page Games "Legends" once sold for hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars at the beginning of this century, which is equivalent to the full n suite in Beijing. A string of codes can be exchanged for real gold and silver, which is popular with game companies. However, for hard core game players, RMT has almost become an important driver of plug-ins and rampant robots. If it is said that in the past, online games were "turning a blind eye" to real money transactions, then the current popular blockchain games have already pierced this layer of window paper. Chain games are closely related to NFT. Perhaps in the eyes of many people, NFT is just a digital collection, but when it comes to the game industry, it brings a set of "playto earn" mode, which is abbreviated as p2e games.
        Unlike our common business models such as point cards, monthly cards, props charging or drawing krypton gold, p2e games are mainly aimed at players using their own games to earn equipment, props or cryptocurrency in the game in exchange for cash. Traditional game makers worry that NFT, p2e and blockchain in electronic games will introduce utilitarian reality into the game, and this "ninth art" will eventually lose its cultural and social value and become a huge casino. P2e games are still a regulatory blind spot. Its game mechanism makes the game process a "zero sum game". If you can make money, someone will have to pay. Similarly, we can infer that, based on the Matthew effect, "if you have something, you have to add it to make it superfluous; if you don't have it, you have to take what you have." in the end, most of the profits will be concentrated on the "bookmakers.".
        Although the chain game is based on smart contracts and gives players the vision of "upgrading and improving the game through voting", as a key node, the operators of the chain game still have too high a weight. In the view of an independent gamer from Brazil, the "decentralized" accounting system is full of a sense of post-modern absurdity. Every transaction and activity in the game should be recorded on all nodes, just like:. As the energy consumed by the encryption and decryption of the blockchain is far greater than that of the centralized economic institutions that rely on the endorsement of the national violence machine, the blockchain technology has indeed caused a large amount of power waste. However, in fact, banks can serve 90 million users with only 532.9 megawatt hours of electricity consumed in a year; Only when the power reaches 84.7 million megawatt hours can it support the consumption of 160 million bitcoin holders worldwide.
        These electricity are not generated out of thin air. They come from coal, oil, or "boiled water" of hydraulic power. A large part of them are non renewable resources, and it takes hundreds of millions of years to generate them. In a narrow sense, RMT is only a "training industry", but RMT has long appeared as a studio or an interest group, which will attack casual players in the game through various means. Just as game developers use special mechanisms to "force krypton", RMT gangs will also use such forms as vanity, moral kidnapping, and personality insult to stimulate ordinary players' consumption. Members of various "gold striking studios" rely on instant noodles almost 24 hours a day to survive, and the RMT in blockchain games is even more regrettable.
        In the Philippines, where the unemployment rate is as high as 25.8%, axie infinity, which is known as the "king of chain travel", even allows people aged 75 to participate in the whole town and use it to earn income and support their families. Behind this seemingly absurd phenomenon, it has actually touched the essence of blockchain & mdash& mdash; If we are not careful, it will bring us a "bright future" of "high technology and low life". Axieinfinity is a "sewing monster" game. It integrates the elements of the popular game for decades, adopts the Pokemon like playing method and the characteristics of "cloud cats", and also introduces NTF elements, which makes it more playable than those blockchain games that are more like a transaction.
        Axieinfinity initially brought a ray of spring to p2e games. Its birth indicates that the trading crowd in p2e games is no longer the speculators and leeks who want to change hands for profit, but also some real players who want to collect axie to fight. It is the existence of this group of people that makes the asset preservation in the game no longer a "rootless tree". They also further enhance the vitality of the trading market. The "good ideas" we see in blockchain games are common to anyone with more than 200 Steam games. In other words, the nutrients that blockchain game developers and operators have learned from traditional games have not been returned to the game industry. Instead of innovating the game design as Nintendo did, they have made it a new capital operation mode.
        In Brazil and the Philippines mentioned above, such less developed countries with lack of regulation, p2e game developers even began to recognize the RMT industry, and a new model was born, which is called "student loan". The mechanism of axieinfinity is very simple. It has the same threshold as most p2e games. You need to purchase a unique NFT as your axes (Pokemon like). The price of each axis is around several hundred dollars, which is a huge investment for people who want to earn change by using it & mdash& mdash; Professional organizations have accounts that have paid a "threshold fee", and they will be allocated to players with financial difficulties.
        Next, the player needs to "work" in the p2e game. Every week, the organization will withdraw 60% of the actual income (excluding the withdrawal fee), and the rest will be used as the player's commission. In Latin America, more and more young people begin to join this industry. They are between 25 and 35 years old and cannot find a suitable job. They can earn their living expenses by playing games for more than 12 hours a day. Especially in the epidemic ravaged Brazil, when a large number of shops closed down, many people lost their main source of income, and axiinfinity became their lifeline. However, for this group of "special players" of axiinfinity in Brazil, they can make money in this way and can share it with their friends, partners and family. In fact, many people start their "working career" in the chain game on the sofa in this way.
        The organization is open all year round. Players must log in to the game every day and complete the specified share. If they do not log in for more than 48 hours, they will be "expelled" (that is, their accounts will be withdrawn). In axiinfinity, the economy is not so stable, and the value of the cryptocurrency dropped from 2.3 yuan to only a fraction within one year. What is more annoying is that the weight of the operators has weakened the content of the "economic system" and axes, which makes the upper limit of cryptocurrency available in the single player game mode lower and lower. Due to the existence of an indefinite content weakening mechanism, the axies in the arena in the previous season were turned into vegetable chickens in two weeks, which also added more uncertainty to the results.
        The game mechanism of axieinfinity is quite special. It can only consume 20 points of energy per day. For every 20 points of energy increased, you need to buy 10 axies, which is equivalent to thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, and the maximum energy can reach 60 points. At the same time, the developer of this game does not seem to have much experience in game development. There are a large number of dense and repetitive click actions in the game. Mashal said that he had suffered from tendinitis and was extremely painful. As a strategy game, axieinfinity also needs to be fully invested, which consumes a lot of brain power & mdash& mdash; But they can't change anything.
        Fortunately, the weekly income of about 499 yuan is enough to enable these young people to support themselves without having to work in the hot sun for ten hours. As the author Eduardo & middot; Galeano said, "our failure always means the victory of others; our wealth feeds the prosperity of the Empire and local leaders, but it always brings us poverty.". Track the latest progress of metauniverse and Web3, and see what these people are doing in this new field where they all say they are allin and no one knows how to do it?.
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