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How to embed blockchain in manufacturing industry

Time : 06/03/2022 Author : 7ys0r4 Click : + -
        As a digital technology, the blockchain, which took the lead in the financial field, has been extended to many industrial fields such as the Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing and supply chain management. In the view of Chen Chun, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, the most important application space of blockchain technology in China in the future should be industrial manufacturing and other fields. So, what can blockchain technology bring to the manufacturing industry? How can it be combined with the technological transformation of the manufacturing industry? Recently, this reporter went to Guangdong for investigation and interview. Walking into the production workshop of Guangzhou Huangpu Xinou Machinery Co., Ltd., several large-scale hydraulic motor testing equipment are "physical examination" for Automobiles & mdash& mdash; Through the connected pipeline, more than 20 sensors are densely distributed around the detection equipment to collect the pressure value, flow, temperature and other data of the hydraulic motor in real time and link them to the network, which are firmly recorded in the cloud for customers to check.
        Quality inspection is an indispensable link in the industrial production chain. As a third-party testing service provider, whether the testing results are fair and reliable is crucial to facilitate the transaction. "In the past, when doing equipment testing, customers did not trust the testing center, and often sent people to the site for supervision. Some buyers even flew all the way to Guangzhou from other places. It took a long time, cost was high, and efficiency was low." After receiving testing orders from hundreds of manufacturers and listening to many customers' opinions, Wang Qixin, chairman of Xinou Machinery Co., Ltd., talked about blockchain, some of whom "regret meeting late". After equipment networking, new Europe machinery launched blockchain technology this year. "Now, not only can the detection data be collected in real time, but more importantly, the original data can be traced and the report can be verified.
        ”Wang Qixin pointed to the running testing equipment and said that now purchasers can get reliable reports from the terminal while sitting at home, and truly establish a cross time, low-cost and high-efficiency mutual trust mechanism between the device supplier, the equipment tester and the end user. Yang Xuecheng, vice president of the school of economics and management of Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, gave the answer. "The core of blockchain technology is distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm. These technical characteristics can promote supply chain coordination and thus enable the development of manufacturing industry.". "On the whole, the manufacturing industry is driven by the information flow, but it is difficult to share the information between various links in the industrial chain. The information asymmetry of suppliers and sellers is serious, which makes the real logistics very difficult.
        ”In his opinion, the blockchain is based on distributed network accounting, which enables point-to-point transactions without the need of a third party, greatly reducing the transaction costs between various links of the industrial chain and improving the efficiency of collaboration. Not only new Europe machinery, in the interview with blockchain enterprises, "credit" has become a high-frequency word often spoken by entrepreneurs. In fact, the application of blockchain technology on the industrial Internet platform is building a huge "industrial credit network" for the transformation and development of traditional manufacturing industry. "Credit is the premise of a transaction, and the lack or lack of credit is one of the main reasons for the transaction friction." Yang Xuecheng pointed out that to realize intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet solved the problem of "Internet access" of equipment, while blockchain technology solved the problem of "credit" of data by cracking information asymmetry and realizing data reliability.
        In the view of Du Shusheng, deputy general manager of Guangdong Zhongshe Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd., industrial Internet is essentially an industrial credit carrier, and blockchain is a technical support means. The establishment of "industrial credit" can be said to be the life of manufacturing enterprises. "By building & lsquo; industrial credit & rsquo;, the information asymmetry between the supplier and the demander will be greatly reduced. When the purchaser selects products, the process level and use and maintenance reflected by the data are true and reliable, while the supplier obtains the brand value without brand promotion, thus shifting more energy from advertising to manufacturing and R & D, focusing on improving the overall industrial level.
        ”。 With the digital transformation of manufacturing industry, a large number of intelligent devices will form a massive information flow. How to ensure the safety of online data is concerned by more and more manufacturing enterprises. In October last year, CSCEC intelligent control carried out the intelligent control transformation of the Internet of things for the Beijiang embankment project in Qingyuan City. In the past, monitoring the operation of sluice equipment relied on manual inspection and manual records, which was inefficient and had a high error rate. After the equipment is networked, automatic data collection and real-time transmission are realized. The completion rate of patrol inspection is increased from 70% to 98%, and the failure rate of sluice gate is reduced by about 80%. "After Lianyun goes online, enterprises begin to worry about the security of data. If key data is tampered with in the cloud, it is likely to cause misjudgment in decision-making.
        ”Du Shusheng said that the blockchain technology has the advantages of high transparency and non tampering, which just realizes the effective control of intelligent devices. With the "blessing" of the blockchain, the security of the project system has been improved by more than 70%. In Du Shusheng's view, in the intelligent era, the safety of equipment is reflected in the operation data. Through the application of blockchain technology, the "honesty" and "transparency" of data are ensured, and a "lock" is set for the reliability of equipment to a certain extent. The Beijiang embankment is just a microcosm of the blockchain to meet the data security demands of enterprises. Nowadays, more and more manufacturing enterprises show strong demand. "At present, mingluo equipment is promoting the construction of intelligent system to find the opportunity to connect with the corresponding mature blockchain technology and effectively control every link such as equipment operation, maintenance and supply chain transaction.
        ”Yao Weibing, chairman of mingluo Automobile Equipment Co., Ltd., pointed to the display screen beside an intelligent production line and said that in the future, all the operation data monitored by the equipment in real time will be linked up and the whole process traceability and management system will be established. "Building an efficient and low-cost industrial Internet is a key link for enterprises to build an intelligent manufacturing network." He an, director of the economic and Trade Office of the industrial economic research center of the China Federation of industrial economics, said that under the traditional networking mode, the communication between all equipment must be realized through the centralized data center, which not only increases the networking cost, but also has poor scalability and stability. The blockchain technology can disperse the computing and storage requirements in various devices, which not only significantly reduces the maintenance cost of the data center, but also effectively prevents the risk of any single node being maliciously manipulated, and realizes the transparency and traceability of the whole process.
        According to Yang Xuecheng's analysis, the raw materials of many products are extremely important, and changes in production, processing and logistics transportation will greatly affect the final value. The traceability and non tamperability of the blockchain ledger records are convenient for enterprises to find and solve problems, which makes such enterprises have strong demands for the chain. In terms of integration with the manufacturing industry, many enterprises have tried first. The application scenario of blockchain technology has begun to appear, which has become a new driving force for enterprises to improve their digital operation ability and accelerate transformation and upgrading. A number of industrial parks dedicated to the R & D and application exploration of blockchain technology have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. According to the Research Report of the development map of China's blockchain industrial parks, there are more than 20 blockchain industrial parks in China, of which the Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing and other fields have become the main development directions. These parks, combined with local policies and industrial funds, have enabled enterprises to grow.
        "We should see that & lsquo; manufacturing + blockchain & rsquo; has full potential." Yang Xuecheng explained that at present, the integration of industrialization and industrialization in China is accelerating, and the industrial Internet is leading the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. In the future, the manufacturing industry should be "data driven and intelligent control". At the same time, the data of the manufacturing industry is not only large, but also accurate and controllable. Such data characteristics are more conducive to direct conversion into productivity. In addition, the manufacturing industry has many links and complex participants, which requires multi-agent linkage, Therefore, we must rely on the collaborative mechanism, which makes it possible for the manufacturing industry to join hands with the blockchain. "The premise of applying blockchain is to complete intelligent transformation. Under the background of increasing downward pressure on the economy, it is a short board for many small and medium-sized enterprises.
        ”Gan Bo, general manager of Radio & TV Yuntong Lianda Financial Services Technology Co., Ltd., frankly said that some manufacturing enterprises are willing to try blockchain transformation, but it is difficult to bear the continuous investment in the early intelligent transformation. "Digital transformation is a long-term and systematic project. It is suggested to increase policy support for technological transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises to lay a foundation for enterprises to explore mode innovation by using blockchain technology.". At present, the digital transformation of Chinese manufacturing enterprises is accelerating, but the space is still huge. It is estimated that the overall development level of the integration of industrialization and industrialization in China is 53.9%, and the penetration rate of digital R & D and design tools and the numerical control rate of key processes in industrial enterprises are 68.9% and 49.2% respectively.
        "In the next step, we will rely on the special fund for industrial Internet development to support enterprises to carry out blockchain technology exploration in the platform construction projects in 2018 and 2019 and accelerate the breakthrough of key core technologies." The relevant responsible person of the information technology and software service department of the Ministry of industry and information technology said. In addition, as a new technology, blockchain still faces the problem of insufficient cognition in the promotion and application process. Yan Xing, general manager of Anxin Digital Technology Co., Ltd., told the reporter that there are some misunderstandings about blockchain technology in the immature market. Some enterprises have the ability to apply blockchain technology, but they give up using it because of doubts about its value. "It is suggested that relevant departments should actively encourage the development of compliant blockchain business while strengthening the supervision and guidance of the industry, and gradually establish a correct public understanding of blockchain.
        ”。 "The digital economy requires multi-party participation. To transform industrial ecological partners into blockchain nodes and realize mutual empowerment between nodes, it is necessary to open digital assets to all partners." Huang Jin, the person in charge of Yingsheng Zhichuang Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., pointed out that from the perspective of the industrial chain, only when members in different links are on the chain can greater benefits be released, which requires the gradual realization of cross industry digital sharing and integration. Compared with developed countries, China still has a gap in the underlying core technology of the blockchain, and the integration of technology and scenario is not enough. He an suggested that at the policy level, blockchain developers should be encouraged to develop independently controllable platforms and applications, and domestic key enterprises, scientific research institutions and universities should be encouraged to strengthen cooperation, accelerate the research of key core technologies such as consensus mechanism, programmable contract, distributed storage and digital signature, and gradually promote the localization and replacement of encryption algorithms in the blockchain. In order to create an independently controllable blockchain platform that more meets the national security requirements, Promote the landing of many applications.
        (reporter Han Xin).
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