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Hainan: build a safe and open intelligent financial comprehensive service system and promote the application of digital RMB

Time : 11/09/2021 Author : 6almq9 Click : + -
        On July 25, Hainan Province issued the overall plan for digital transformation of Hainan Provincial Government (2022 & mdash; 2025), which proposed to build a safe and open intelligent financial comprehensive service system. We will deepen the application of the unified domestic and foreign currency bank settlement account system of pilot banks in the opening, changing and selling systems. We will promote the pilot application of digital Renminbi. The plan points out that the standardization of government service platform should be promoted. We will significantly improve the level of digitalization and intelligence, unify the application framework, unify the standards and specifications for construction, access and collaboration, provide standardized components for departmental application access, and support various cities, counties and departments to independently develop characteristic services based on the "Haiyi office" platform, so as to better meet the diversified service needs of enterprises and groups at various levels.
        Upgrade and improve the "Haizheng Tong" platform, provide a unified entrance for government personnel at all levels in the province, integrate and access the provincial office and business systems, and promote cross departmental and cross level information exchange, business process optimization and "one network collaboration". Strengthen the flexibility of external interfaces of approval, supervision and other systems, build a tracking and supervision mechanism for internal affairs, realize real-time online supervision, and support the province's "one network supervision". Establish a provincial "one network supervision" comprehensive system. Optimize the "Internet + supervision" system, explore the establishment of an all-round, multi-level and three-dimensional comprehensive supervision system in the whole province, provide monitoring and early warning, comprehensive research and judgment, visual auxiliary decision-making, situation analysis and display, supervision coordination center and other functions that support hierarchical and hierarchical applications, and realize the whole chain and all fields of supervision before, during and after the event.
        Improve the ability of data quality management. We will strengthen data governance and quality management throughout the life cycle, establish and improve data quality management mechanisms, improve data governance standards and specifications, and formulate data classification and classification standards to ensure the authenticity, accuracy and integrity of government data. Build a data governance service system, establish a problem data resolution and supervision mechanism, comprehensively improve data quality, and form an integrated data resource system in the province. Improve the support capacity of the government blockchain infrastructure platform. Build a provincial unified government blockchain technology support platform, provide core components such as network communication, storage, privacy protection, consensus mechanism and smart contract at the bottom of the blockchain, and provide convenient and high-performance blockchain ecological environment and ecological supporting services for government applications of all levels and departments in the province.
        The whole province uniformly formulated policies related to the government's digital transformation, and comprehensively promoted the government's digital transformation. Each department is responsible for leading the construction work in relevant fields, refining the objectives and tasks, defining the responsibility subjects, and ensuring the implementation of key tasks. All cities and counties shall, according to their own conditions, establish corresponding working mechanisms to promote the digital transformation of local governments. Promote the construction of smart cities. We will promote the integration of digital technology and traditional public services, strive to popularize digital facilities, optimize the supply of digital resources, promote the digital transformation, intelligent upgrading, integration and innovation of urban public infrastructure, build an urban data resource system, explore the application of new technologies such as urban information model and digital twin, and improve the scientific, refined and intelligent level of urban governance.
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