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Li Ming, director of the blockchain Research Office of the Ministry of industry and information technology: it takes time to verify that blockchain will become the infrastructure of the value Internet

Time : 28/09/2021 Author : jmnylh Click : + -
        On February 3, Li Ming, director of the blockchain Research Office of the Ministry of industry and information technology, received an exclusive interview with 36 krypton when attending an industry forum in Shanghai. He analyzed the blockchain that is popular with entrepreneurs and the capital market from the perspective of technology and business. Li Ming believes that blockchain needs technology promotion and time verification to become the infrastructure of value Internet. The current blockchain technology is still in its infancy, and its development needs the verification and iteration of standards, technologies and business models. "The work of blockchain standardization mainly aims to tell you what blockchain is and how to use it from a technical perspective. It promotes the healthy development of the whole industry through blockchain standardization. Standardization is not prediction, but summary and guidance.
        ”Li Ming also said that the development of blockchain has many limitations, such as efficiency and concentration of computing power. The rise of quantum computing in the future will pose a great threat to the security of blockchain. As a long-standing technology, why did blockchain suddenly break out in 2017? What is the underlying logic? Here we will talk about the other side of the blockchain: business form. Li Ming explained that there has never been a technology whose business form and technology form appear at the same time as the blockchain. Unlike big data cloud computing, blockchain focuses on the research of key technologies before finding application scenarios, and then iterates to do solid applications to establish a complete industrial system and promote social development by using new technologies.
        In the field of blockchain, technologies such as distributed network, Byzantine consensus and encryption algorithm have been mature before. The unique point is that after the combination of blockchain and incentive mechanism, a new business form is established, which forms an innovative technology with its own business model. Because too many people pay attention to its business form, multi-directional development naturally occurs. "It is also because the business form and technology form of blockchain are intertwined, it is not easy to see what it is. Now all industries in the industry participate in it from their own understanding, which puts forward more urgent requirements for standardization. Blockchain technology itself is worth in-depth research and utilization, and as an innovative technology form, it will certainly lead the development of a new generation of information technology in the future.
        ”Li Ming said. In his opinion, it is precisely because blockchain is a very good technology that the industry needs to develop under the guidance of norms, otherwise it may encounter many problems in the future. "The policy of the central bank on September 4, 2017 is actually to strike accurately, cut off the biased mode, and preserve the technology of the blockchain. This actually protects and promotes the benign development of the blockchain industry." Return to Sohu to see more.
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