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Alipay applied blockchain technology to "time bank" for the first time

Time : 29/11/2021 Author : gpwo0r Click : + -
        [techweb] according to the news on November 20, according to Alipay, from today, volunteers in Taoyuanju community of Jianye can store public welfare time in Alipay to exchange for pension services for themselves. It is reported that the whole process introduces blockchain technology to prevent loss or tampering. At the same time, Jianye District is also the first region in China to put "time bank" into the blockchain. It is understood that "time bank" is a new mode of mutual assistance for the elderly. Volunteers can deposit "public welfare" when they do good deeds into "bank" to exchange for the same length of old-age services for themselves or others in the future. However, due to the long period of time storage and exchange, and the number of mobile phone mechanisms, it is easy to make errors or even lose them in the recording process; After the volunteers move out of the local area, it is also a problem how to transfer and exchange data in many places.
        After the application of Alipay blockchain technology, it can ensure that the storage and exchange of "time" are open and transparent, permanently on the chain, prevent loss or tampering, and can also be exchanged across institutions and regions. Disclaimer: it is a public welfare and sharing network platform, with the purpose of providing the public with rich information and serving the public. It does not declare or guarantee the validity, correctness and reliability of its contents, nor does it constitute a proposal for your investment; Digital currency investment has great risks and unpredictability. We do not encourage any form of investment. The shared information published by the website comes from the Internet. The investment behavior of users due to sharing information has nothing to do with techweb.
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