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Blockchain DAPP program development

Time : 03/12/2021 Author : s43d6b Click : + -
        Ethereum is a blockchain platform with its own cryptocurrency, called ether (ETH) or Ethereum, and its own programming language, called solidity. As a blockchain network, Ethereum is a decentralized public ledger for verifying and recording transactions. Network users can create, publish, monetize and use applications on the platform, and pay with their ether cryptocurrency. People in the industry call decentralized applications on the network "dapps". Ethereum was launched by a small group of blockchain enthusiasts in July.
        They include Joe Lubin, founder of consonsys, a blockchain application developer using the Ethereum network. Vitalik buterin, another co-founder, is considered to be the originator of the Ethereum concept and now serves as the CEO and public image of the company. Buterin is sometimes described as the world's youngest cryptocurrency billionaire. He was born in Ethereum cryptocurrency is intended for use in Ethereum networks. However, like bitcoin, Ethereum is now a payment method accepted by some merchants and service providers. Overstock, Shopify and cheapair are online that accept Ethereum payment. What is DAPP?.
        DAPP is an Internet application. The biggest difference from traditional apps is that DAPP operates on a decentralized network, that is, a blockchain network. There is no centralized node in the network that can fully control DAPP. And app, as we all know, is centralized. It is necessary to request the server to acquire data, process data. Compared with DAPP, blockchain is the underlying environment for application running. It can be easily compared with various applications running on mobile operating systems such as IOS and andorid. Learning the blockchain is not the bottom part of the blockchain. Maybe more people need to learn the development of dapps.
        Build and run applications in the blockchain environment. A complete DAPP is an application that needs to be fully open source and autonomous. DAPP cannot be changed after deployment. The upgrade of the application can only be carried out after the consensus of the users. All data must be encrypted and stored on the decentralized blockchain application platform. Second, DAPP must have a token mechanism. DAPP is fault tolerant and has no single point of failure. They have no central authority to intervene. Some data will not be deleted or modified. I can't turn it off. Since the data is encrypted, there will be no user data leakage events such as Facebook and Google.
        Wechat blockchain quiz DAPP. Of course, most DAPP products are still in the experimental stage. Although blockchain technology has brought us a lot of imagination, the specific implementation of DAPP products still needs to consider many relevant factors.
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