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The development of digital collection system and the building of mutual cloud blockchain technology help enterprises to open the meta universe Market

Time : 09/07/2021 Author : tn3qwk Click : + -
        Since last year, the topics related to the meta universe have been highly popular, and digital collections have also become popular. Starting from the middle of 2021, major Internet manufacturers and content companies have arranged digital collections one after another, and jointly issued millions of digital collections with collection value with cultural and tourism industry related institutions, brand owners and artists, with a total issuance value of about 150 million yuan. (reference from: Jiazi light year). On the whole, the market's attitude and value towards digital collections are positive and recognized. The emergence of digital collections has great significance for the economic development of art inheritance, intangible cultural heritage inheritance, cultural tourism related industries, music, animation and other industries. Beijing Huirong times Software Co., Ltd. has more than 10 years of industry experience in the field of Internet software system development. Since its establishment, it has continuously provided enterprises with system software that conforms to the development of the times. Under the current market demand, Huirong cloud has launched its own intellectual property rights [digital collection system], and is committed to providing an operation platform for one-stop services for cultural and cultural tourism, animation, enterprise brand owners and individual artists, Through the development of diversified functions such as the casting and winding of collections, the sale and collection of collections, and the blind box marketing of collections, the platform enables the brand to realize the value promotion, the digital marketing of the brand to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and helps the enterprise to successfully open the meta universe market.
        [mutual cloud digital collection system] is developed and built based on the blockchain technology, which can confirm the rights of digital goods such as digital artwork and digital tickets. The system has a huge security guarantee, and it can effectively solve some problems existing in the transaction when it is applied in the field of digital art. Blockchain technology advantages:. Blockchain is a distributed database technology, which cannot be changed. All data modules in the system have corresponding data information, and each data block will be connected to become a data chain. Blockchain has many advantages. The most significant one is that it should be verified when extracting or storing information, and every transaction should be verified by multiple parties.
        Copyright certificate is a function developed based on the characteristics of blockchain technology, which is tamper proof, traceable and decentralized. It records transaction information, distributes digital identities to creators, generates datakeys, and distributes Digital IDs to each work. Authorized users have the right to use the work. The emergence of digital collections has updated the way people view and collect works of art, and made works of art closer to the public through science and technology. Affected by the epidemic, traditional offline industries are subject to various restrictions, while digital art can break the boundaries of time and space, and quickly establish a connection between the audience, art and artists.
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