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Has the "new retail + new e-commerce + blockchain" as the selling point of the all back to youth youth youth pyramid scheme become a lesson?

Time : 16/04/2022 Author : b7c0nd Click : + -
        In recent years, thanks to the rapid development of Internet commerce, more and more "cold compress gel" products have appeared in the wechat camp, and the "full youth cold compress gel" that Saina company has been vigorously promoting recently is one example. What kind of brand is full youth, and what kind of background does it have? What is the relationship between Lou Xiuyu of Shanghai Shuze Biotechnology Research Institute and this company? Is there any false publicity on the hGH polypeptide capsule of young music? What about the "Youth Music pyramid scheme" exposed many years ago?. It is reported that Saina (Guangzhou) Health Technology Co., Ltd. was established on January 31, 2012. The legal representative, executive director and general manager of the company are Zhang Jinghong, the natural person shareholder is Zhang Jingbo, and the supervisor is Xie Yongxu. The registered capital is 3 million yuan. According to the 2018 annual report, the paid in capital is 500000 yuan and the Insured Employee is 1.
        It is worth noting that before December 21, 2017, the company was not called Saina (Guangzhou) Health Technology Co., Ltd., but Guangzhou maisijia Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. In other words, before that day, the company was still engaged in material science research and technology development; Enterprises in the design of building materials and consulting services have increased the research and development of biomass energy technology; The business scope of non licensed medical devices can be described as "becoming a monk halfway through life". When it comes to full rejuvenation products, I have to mention another research institute registered in Shanghai. According to the information, Saina company has reached a strategic cooperation with Shanghai Shuze Research Institute, which is responsible for market sales and comprehensive promotion of hGH series products. Lou Xiuyu and Guo Lihe of Shanghai Shuze Research Institute are responsible for research and development of hGH products.
        According to investigation, Shanghai Shuze Research Institute was established in 2007. The legal representative and the investor's name are Lou Xiuyu. According to the 2018 annual report, the company has 0 insured employees. In 2018, the Institute was listed in the list of abnormal operations by Shanghai Fengxian District market supervision and Administration Bureau for failing to publish the annual report within the time limit specified in Article 8 of the Interim Regulations on enterprise information publicity, and has not been removed so far. In January and June of this year, the Institute was fined twice by the sixth Taxation Office of Shanghai Fengxian District Taxation Bureau for violating tax regulations; In the same period, Shanghai Yujun Biotechnology Co., Ltd., whose legal representative is Lou Xiuyu, was also fined by the sixth Taxation Office of Shanghai Fengxian District Taxation Bureau for violating tax management.
        According to investigation, Lou Xiuyu once served as the legal representative of Hangzhou Hongze Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and the company's business license has been revoked; Coincidentally, Yiwu Yongrui Crafts Co., Ltd., where he is the company's senior executive, is now in the state of revocation. In addition, the relevant ppt also introduced that Hulun Buir global outlook Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Changchun Jinhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. are the production bases of full rejuvenation products. According to qixinbao, there are two pieces of movable property mortgage information surrounding the former, and Shouguang branch of Hulunbuir global outlook Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has now been listed in the list of abnormal operations by Shouguang municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau.
        As for the latter, from March 22 to 23, 2017, the law enforcement personnel of Jilin food and Drug Administration found that the raw materials of Panax notoginseng, Gastrodia elata and gynostemma pentaphyllum purchased by the enterprise were not inspected and were repacked (refined bottled) in the food production workshop. Finally, the food and Drug Administration of Jilin Province imposed a fine on the company according to item (3) of Article 124 of the food safety law. In 1966, Lou Xiuyu was born in a rural family in Yiwu county. In 1987, Lou Xiuyu was admitted to the Department of chemistry of Zhejiang University, and then dropped out of school for some reason. He started his business in 1989. He has successively established a printing factory, an ink factory, a paint factory and other enterprises.
        In 2003, he cooperated with the Institute of cell biology of the Shanghai Academy of life sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and invested by himself to establish the Shanghai Shuze Institute of biotechnology and developed the "young le" hGH polypeptide capsule. Lou Xiuyu then established a company in Hangzhou and set up a marketing team to sell the genetically engineered human auxin "young le" polypeptide capsule and put relevant products on the market. "Young music hGH, making you 20 years younger is no longer a dream!" In a word, it attracted wide social attention at that time, and this enterprise integrating R & D and sales of Youth Music Series products was the Hangzhou Hongze Biotechnology Co., Ltd. which was already in the revocation status mentioned above.
        A netizen once inquired on the Internet about "the young Le hGH polypeptide capsule (polypeptide bovine colostrum compound capsule) produced by Yujun company, also known as oral human auxin. It is said that after taking it for half a year according to the instructions, people will be 10 to 20 years younger. Is it true? I just want to know whether our country really has the technology to produce this kind of oral medicine that can make people young?" According to investigation, the production license number of this product is qs7, and gwsz [2008] No. 9. (the production license number of another "hGH capsule" produced by the relevant company is sc013, which is also a common food.). In response to this, drug price said: after inspection, the State Food and drug administration has not approved any drug or health food with the name of "qinganle hGH polypeptide capsule" or "polypeptide bovine colostrum compound capsule" (the results returned from the website of the State Food and Drug Administration). Please choose carefully.
        "Qingnianle hGH polypeptide capsule" or "polypeptide bovine colostrum compound capsule" are ordinary food, not drugs. If the product claims any specific function or efficacy, it is suspected of cheating consumers through illegal advertising and false publicity. Consumers can report to the local food and drug administration. The editor of Toutiao information platform also found that there are many "cases" of users in the current network to prove the efficacy of their products. Cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease, endocrine disorder and sparse hair can be conditioned or cured by taking "Youth Music hGH polypeptide Capsules". It can be seen that the promotion personnel of youth music are likely to use other people's names to guarantee or use hints to make people misunderstand their effectiveness during the promotion process.
        As we all know, food advertisements should be true and legal, and it is not allowed to use other people's names to guarantee or imply the efficacy of products to mislead consumers. Where there are explicit or implied medical functions, exaggerated functions, false publicity or other contents that are easy to cause misunderstanding to consumers, violate relevant laws and regulations, or are suspected of false publicity. In fact, there is a precedent for using related products for false propaganda. In June 2012, the Economic Investigation Brigade of Bao'an branch of Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau reported that there was a huge pyramid marketing organization in Shenzhen. After investigation, the brigade filed a case against Shenzhen Yujun Culture Communication Co., Ltd. on June 30 for organizing and leading pyramid marketing activities.
        Through investigation, the company relied on the online platform of Jiangxi Yujun company to falsely publicize on the Internet, claiming to be a new direct selling system, developing members in the name of promoting "Youth Music" series products, and engaged in pyramid selling illegal and criminal activities, involving more than 10 provinces and cities. 20000 members have been developed, with a total amount of more than 120 million yuan. On August 13, under the unified deployment of the Ministry of public security, multiple police forces in Shenzhen City conducted a joint operation, capturing 25 suspect including the legal representative of the company, detaining 20 people and destroying 7 dens. Anhui, Liaoning and other places are also named according to the Shenzhen police. According to the disclosure of relevant judgment documents, it was found through trial that in January 2012, the criminal Li Xinxin and Nie youyou registered and established Shenzhen Yujun Culture Communication Co., Ltd., with Li Xinxin as the legal representative, accounting for 51% of the shares, and Nie youyou accounting for 49% of the shares. The company mainly operates hGH Youth Music and SOD capsules produced by Jiangxi Yujun Bioengineering Co., Ltd. and is the Shenzhen dealer of Jiangxi Yujun.
        After the establishment of Shenzhen Yujun company, Li was responsible for member recruitment and business promotion in Guangdong. Subsequently, Li signed a contract with Shenzhen Bao'an Enterprise Network Information Co., Ltd., and the enterprise network company designed the website for him. As of the time of the case, Li, Qian, Jian and others have vigorously developed members through online publicity, offline investment promotion, training and sales promotion. The mode is: if you want to become a member of the organization, you must pay 3300 yuan or buy equivalent products. Relevant personnel of Shenzhen Yujun company will teach new participants to be familiar with the characteristics of products, specific projects, and how to develop offline, And urge members to develop offline as soon as possible.
        After becoming a member, Shenzhen Yujun company will provide a user name and password to enter the website for new members to log in to the website. If members develop offline or sell products, they will receive the following awards according to their performance:. 1. Direct sales award: after becoming a member, you can get the reward of purchasing products at 149 yuan per bottle; 2. Matchmaking Award (also known as business commission): after a member's development goes offline, its lower level will be divided into left and right areas. The direct lower level of each member can only be two members in the pedigree. When the member develops two members and places them in the left and right areas respectively, the 1:1 matchmaking will be realized, and you can get 500 yuan. When the number of people in the left and right areas is increased by one person, you can get 500 yuan. By analogy, the number of people in the matchmaking will be X500 yuan, and the matchmaking award will be settled once a day, The maximum daily cap is 5000 yuan; 3. Leadership Award (also known as management commission): 40% of the income of the subordinates will be paid to the two-tier subordinates without capping.
        However, if the member directly develops a third or more people, the developed personnel can be placed at any position of its lower network, no matter what level of network the personnel are in, they will be regarded as their direct first generation; 4. Repeated consumption Award (also known as lazy man Award): it is divided into passive consumption award and active consumption award. The passive consumption award is one month, and 10% of each income is deducted. The accumulated amount of deduction in the month is 894 yuan, which will not be deducted. 894 yuan will be exchanged for 3 bottles of products, and then enjoy the 12 layers (there are 8092 people in the 12 layers, and no one below the 12 layers). As long as someone at any level has deducted 894 yuan, he can get 30 yuan / person. The active consumption award is: half price. As long as someone buys a bottle of product again at any level within the 12th floor, he can get a commission of 15 yuan / bottle.
        Next, let's learn about the bonus system of the full youth series products. According to the introduction, the full youth implements the so-called "new retail + new e-commerce + blockchain" business model. We will mainly talk about the new retail part: the unified retail price of its products is 949 yuan, a bottle of 100g, and the half price of re purchase by members is 475 yuan. A bottle can be used for more than 40 days. Team performance award: Silver / gold / diamond directly push 10 orders, and the team has accumulated 30 orders for promotion. At this time, any new performance can receive 5% of the single award, and 1% of the same level. Team performance award: cultivate 5 municipal representatives + team cultivate 5 municipal representatives. At this time, any new performance can receive 16% of the single award and 2% of the same level.
        (Note: the district / city / Province will assist the company in handling the business license). Reward principle: performance is superimposed and rewards are not superimposed. For example: a cultivates B, a's sales performance in the month is 1.5 million, B's sales performance in the month is 2 million, the total reward a150 + B200 = 350 * 0.05 = 175000, B's dividend in the month is 200 * 0.03 = 60000, and a's dividend in the month is 175000-6 = 115000. No matter whether it is silver card / gold card / diamond card member re purchase area, you can enjoy half price purchase. In order to prevent disorderly prices in the market, you can buy only one bottle of silver card at half price every month; 3 gold cards at half price per month; Drill cards are sold at half price of 6 bottles per month. Bonus: 5% platform management fee, 90% withdrawal, and 5% service fee for withdrawal; 10% kangbaotong.
        Users can enter the blockchain Mall (the mall is not yet online, that is, the so-called blockchain and new e-commerce in this mode have not officially entered the market) to add value (consumable and realizable). Finally, the promoter Xiaohua (not his real name) summed up the model as follows: no PV was actually issued, front end (sun line%, ten copies, fast width; low promotion threshold in the middle, which is conducive to the establishment of a team and stable income; no department assessment in the later stage, with wide income and long-term career. In addition, it is worth mentioning that at present, the full return to youth series products have not officially entered the market, so the production license number of relevant products can not be found. It is understood that in addition to the transdermal application of gel, the full return to youth also includes oral polypeptide solid drinks Products.
        It is reported that human growth hormone (hGH) is a substance secreted by the pituitary gland and promotes growth in childhood and development. According to data, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists has warned that growth hormone is not recommended for anti-aging treatment of ordinary obese patients. The article also claims that although growth hormone levels decrease with age, there is still no evidence that maintaining hormone levels at a young age is beneficial. We all want to know that age-related changes in hormone levels can be used as indicators of aging. However, it has not been experimentally confirmed in humans or animals. Although the hormone replacement test has obtained some positive results (only in the short term), its negative effects are also obvious, including increasing the incidence of cancer, increasing the incidence of cardiovascular diseases, and behavioral changes.
        It is even possible that lower growth hormone levels are a sign of health. The research results show that mice with excessive growth hormone secretion have a shorter life span, suggesting that the lack of growth hormone itself does not lead to accelerated aging. Therefore, some people in the industry said that those doctors who claim to be able to measure and influence "biological indicators of aging" have no scientific basis. On the quick ask doctor website, in the face of the consultation on the efficacy of hGH, Dr. Xu, the attending physician of Fuzhou first people's Hospital, made it clear that "hGH has the function of anti-aging, but it belongs to hormone drugs and is generally not recommended. If it is really necessary to use it, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital to consult relevant experts, and then use it. If necessary, see the relevant instructions in detail.
        ”。 Dr. Wei, the deputy director of Tengnan Hospital of Zaozhuang Mining Group, also said that "reasonable supplementation of human auxin can enhance the function of the immune system, but it is not allowed to use drugs indiscriminately. It is recommended to go to the hospital for a systematic examination to clarify your health status, follow the doctor's instructions, and at the same time, pay attention to maintaining emotional stability. The key to changing the status quo is to reasonably adjust diet and rest.". In addition to the full rejuvenation series products, Weiyi soybean small molecular peptide is also within the sales scope of Saina international, the official official account certified by Saina company. Under the publicity of Saina, small molecular peptides and peptides can play a certain role in the treatment of various diseases (alopecia, cardiovascular diseases, joint diseases, hemorrhoids, chronic gastritis, cerebral infarction, etc.).
        In fact, a peptide is nothing more than an amino acid chain with a molecular weight less than that of a protein. The digested product after eating is not different from that of a protein. You should know that a peptide is a unit that constitutes a protein. Two amino acid molecules are combined to form a dipeptide, three constitute a tripeptide, and multiple constitute a polypeptide. In the process of digesting food, the human body decomposes proteins into polypeptides and finally into amino acid molecules. What the human body needs is amino acid molecules. Therefore, the effect of eating small molecule peptides and directly eating proteins is not very different. According to the drug price 315 website, the small molecule peptide products sold in the market are basically ordinary food of solid drinks, not health food (we do not see "blue hat" on the outer package of Weiyi small molecule peptide products. According to the promotion personnel, this product is also ordinary food of solid drinks produced by Changchun Jinhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and the food production license number of the company is sc195), Therefore, these propaganda words on Saina's official account are suspected of publishing false advertisements. Article 8 of the Anti Unfair Competition Law of China clearly stipulates that "operators shall not use advertisements or other parties
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