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NFT invades my world, Microsoft and blockchain game platform tear apart

Time : 23/06/2021 Author : kcmn53 Click : + -
        What is the favorite game for primary school students in summer? "My world" can definitely top the top three. As a game with hundreds of millions of players in the world and known as the embryonic form of the meta universe, it is not surprising that "my world" is targeted by NFT and blockchain players. It is just unexpected that Microsoft should choose "hard" & hellip& hellip;。 Agnes Larsson, game director of minecraft, explained the concept of metauniverse in my world in a speech. After all, minecraft has been considered as one of the cradles of metauniverse for a long time. Agnes Larsson said: "in the early years, many people online could be seen as a meta universe; now, the real meta universe is the one that can give back to the reality.
        "My world" is such a meta universe that allows you to seamlessly switch between reality and games. For example, people use it for space design, the game world is restored to reality, and reality is reproduced in minecraft. ". In my world, anyone can create his own world. For example, you can create a multi role world on your laptop and invite anyone on your local WiFi to join. Of course, you can also spend some money to rent a server and play with friends from afar. This server can be dedicated or open, depending on you. Or you can also access large open servers where thousands of players are playing mini games, such as hypixel.
        Players constantly give vitality to my world and create new things to play. Some people have also developed new tools such as skin editor to lower the threshold of innovation for other players. With the support of the concept of metauniverse and the excellent open nature of the game itself, it is natural that the blockchain platform represented by NFT will focus on it. The blockchain NFT project platform nftworlds has launched an NFT project called "freeto MINT" to my world. This NFT project, which combines minecraft with decentralized assets, is a large-scale multiplayer meta universe game composed of 10000 unique NFT worlds. Players have and can create unlimited experiences and possibilities in each world.
        Nftworlds takes advantage of the open source of minecraft to seamlessly import the pre generated NFT virtual lands into minecraft, so that players can browse, build and change these NFT virtual lands in minecraft. Freemint is not a new invention of nftworks. Most mainstream NFT projects will have a white list and public sale stage. The white list will often have lower prices and earlier time than the public sale to participate in the NFT of the project. These NFTs are often in the price range, with a few requiring 0.0xe and some as high as several e. the casting cost is not low. These inputs may ultimately be owned by the project party to continue to develop and improve the road map, Or for community governance and incentives.
        Unlike freemint, you only need to pay the gas fee of the chain transaction. At present, freemint can be divided into two modes. The first mode is that freemint can be carried out only when the white list is up, or even when the white list is up, so as to give some deeply involved players benefits; The second is the goblin mode. Anyone can enter the website for mint without a white list, but the total amount is limited, so they have to compete for speed and luck. But this time, with the openness of my world, nftworlds moved freemint to this platform with hundreds of millions of players worldwide.
        However, freemint is not without risks or the official development and operation mode of Microsoft. It is difficult for nftworks to get Microsoft's approval for its operation of "borrowing chicken to lay eggs". Moreover, once there is a problem, my world and even Microsoft will certainly "take the pot". Therefore, when nftworks celebrates that the transaction volume of nftworks, a derivative NFT project of "my world", exceeds US $100 million, Microsoft naturally takes the initiative. On July 21, mojang, a game developer under Microsoft, updated the minecraft (my world) user guide. In order to ensure that players can obtain a safe and inclusive experience, it is prohibited to integrate the blockchain technology into minecraft client and server applications, nor is it allowed to use the blockchain technology to create related NFTs using the content in minecraft games (such as the world, skin, character items or other modules).
        The company said that these uses of NFT and other blockchain technologies are based on scarcity and exclusivity to create digital ownership, which is inconsistent with minecraft's values of creative inclusion and common games. In fact, in addition to my world, NFT technology has also been applied to the production of games in recent years, giving birth to a number of NFT games such as axiinfinity and cryptokitties. The two NFT games mentioned above all have the playing elements of nurturing digital creatures, and each digital creature is unique and irreplaceable. It is worth mentioning that the ownership of these digital creatures is registered in the name of the player rather than the game manufacturer. In other words, the digital creatures are indeed the private property that players can trade.
        That is to say, NFTs have obvious scarcity and exclusiveness, which is what minecraft is worried about: the chain entry of NFTs will inevitably lead to different playing experiences among players. Obviously, this situation is contrary to the "safe, open and inclusive game experience" that the government hopes to give players. Coincidentally, minecraft is not the first to refuse to link NFTs and blockchain technology into the game. In February this year, the game platform itch IO called NFTs a "scam". In April, Blizzard Entertainment also insisted that it had no NFT related plans after VGC released a player experience research report.
        Obviously, most game manufacturers are opposed to NFT and even blockchain projects, but in the face of interests, the NFT platform is obviously not willing to be driven away. According to foreign media gametrader, nftworlds, which is engaged in NFT business on my world, is extremely dissatisfied with this. It not only condemns mojangstudios on twitter, but also says that it will make a brand-new game to replace my world. NFT world said that mojangstudios disappointed him. The ban of mojangstudios was false. NFT did not hurt anyone in my world.
        Mojangstudios did not cite evidence, they did not even correctly point out what NFT is, nor did they talk to NFT world. His behavior hurt the whole community of my world and killed its development. Nftworlds reiterates that NFT technology or crypto assets will not promote inclusion or exclusion in nature, which depends entirely on how the technology is deployed to promote community value. Under appropriate circumstances, NFT in the game or metauniverse can provide platform users with the reconfiguration of economic power, which is impossible in traditional web2. Nftworlds denounced mojangstudios for not considering players, platforms and creators, so it decided to abandon my world and join several independent production teams that have launched product projects on nftworlds to create a new game to replace my world.
        "The pleasant experience of playing and building in the ecosystem of my world over the past ten years seems to be an infringement on the real creative spirit of my world. For us or the creators on the platform, my world is no longer a place to welcome us... We have begun to gather the most visionary developers in my world and join the nftwolds development ecosystem... It is time to make a change.". "We are creating a new game and platform based on the core mechanism of my world... This is not a copy and rewriting of some open source my world, which may violate the EULA or face the risk of legal proceedings.
        This is entirely from the beginning. This change will also be accompanied by a more friendly brand image for players. Most importantly, we will not be bound by the policies of Microsoft and mojang on my world. We will create our own open games and platforms. ". Nftworlds' words are tough, but in fact, the success or failure of the freemint project often depends on the popularity of the platform and the number of participants. There are many sandbox games such as my world, but I'm afraid that few can enable nftworlds to build a trading volume of $100 million in a short time. Therefore, in recent months, it is no surprise that many large companies in the game industry have announced plans to incorporate NFTs into their ecosystem. For example, players can become the sole owner of a unique device or virtual land.
        The first major developer was Ubisoft, which launched the NFT project for the military shooting game operation Ghost: breakpoint. In a recent statement, the president of squareenix affirmed the blockchain game, as did EA, Konami and Zynga. Two legendary game designers, will Wright and Peter Molyneux, have put their efforts behind the NFT game project. Molyneux sold millions of dollars worth of products before NFT was launched. Supporters believe that NFT can create the scarcity of digital goods and increase their real-world value.
        Another idea is that NFT will play a role in games, unlike NFT of digital art, which can only be displayed in virtual galleries. They also suggest that players can make money by trading NFT items, which is common in the ambiguous new world of playing money games such as axiinfinity. Of course, the large amount of investment in game NFT shows that developers can take a percentage from every transaction of digital goods as a way to obtain a large amount of new revenue. Opponents believe that the environmental cost of using Eth and BTC and other blockchains, although there are more environmentally friendly alternatives, they have not been adopted by major players.
        There are already many markets in the game. Why do you want to add it to NFTs? What is the real value of digital scarcity, apart from style? Isn't the infinite replicability of digital goods one of its main selling points, which means that everyone can take a share? Developers boast of the temptation of interoperability, which means that NFT items obtained in one game can be used in another game, but there are numerous aesthetic, technical and legal obstacles to implementation. For players and the public, before the industry has reached an agreement on the integration of games and NFT, it is not recommended to enter or invest rashly. After all, the security of funds is the most important thing for individuals.
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