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Wonderful review, "Spotlight action" new technology and new thinking public welfare special training

Time : 18/07/2021 Author : 295cw3 Click : + -
        In order to cultivate the innovative thinking and ability of the talent team of Haikou social organizations, the practice and application of digital public welfare are constantly popularized. On the morning of August 4, the "Spotlight action" new technology and new thinking public welfare special training activity was successfully held in Haikou social organization incubation base under the guidance of Haikou Civil Affairs Bureau, sponsored by Haikou social organization incubation base, organized by Hainan enpai social organization service development center, and co organized by Hainan yifengxing Technology Co., Ltd. and houlang Technology (Hainan Special Economic Zone) Co., Ltd. The training also cooperated with wechat video number, Tencent conference and other live broadcast platforms to conduct synchronous live broadcast. More than 200 people watched and learned.
        Wang Qingyan, the person in charge of Hainan yifengxing Technology Co., Ltd., took the theme of "how technology commonweal helps social organizations" as the theme. First, he introduced what technology commonweal is through "99 commonweal" and "ice bucket challenge" and other cases. Then, he comprehensively analyzed the four major problems faced by public welfare organizations in terms of efficiency, data protection, personnel management and input cost, as well as the needs of fund budget and Internet communication training, Finally, through the excellent cases such as "green field public welfare" and "seaweed data network", we will explain the operation of technology public welfare in actual work and life. Mr. Han, the founder of houlang Technology (Hainan Special Economic Zone) Co., Ltd., took the theme of "new technology helps new public welfare". Mr. Han first introduced the concepts of new technologies such as "blockchain" and "sharing economy". Mr. Han explained how to use new technologies to help the development of public welfare organizations in combination with the background of Hainan free trade port construction, Finally, Mr. Han introduced the application of new technology in public welfare in detail through the cases of "HN Data Institute" and "techcrunch".
        This training is rich in content, targeted and effective, and has continuously deepened the building of the "Spotlight action" learning brand. Through the careful teaching by two teachers in the industry, it not only effectively helped the talent teams of various social organizations in Haikou to comprehensively and systematically understand the practical application of innovative science and technology in the field of public welfare, but also built a good learning and communication platform for social organizations. It also helped social organizations to break the existing pattern, broaden new ideas and achieve high-quality development in science and technology to help public welfare.
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