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Xiong'an plays a good policy "combination fist" to eliminate worries, relieve difficulties and promote development

Time : 21/07/2022 Author : 9tdefs Click : + -
        "I used to be a self-employed man, but later I quit because of business difficulties. It's not easy to find a suitable job because I'm too old." Wang Zhiqiang, from Xiaoying village, Zhaili Township, Anxin County, xiong'an New District, is 42 years old this year. He once became an "unemployed person", scratching his head every day to find employment. "The newly opened odd job post station in the county says that it can help the elderly and difficult people find jobs. Why don't you go and have a look?" After listening to the suggestions of the villagers, Wang Zhiqiang went to the odd job post station in Anxin county with a "try" attitude. Soon, he found a job in the resettlement housing project in Rongxi District of xiong'an new area. The salary was paid monthly. He felt that "everything was OK". With his steadiness and ability, Wang Zhiqiang has now become the head of a labor team on the construction site.
        The "odd job post station" is an organization in xiong'an new area to explore and promote the construction of the odd job market and strengthen the guarantee of stable employment, and support counties to provide free public welfare services including recruitment and waiting for work, information promotion, skill training, policy consultation, etc. for local casual workers and employees. Among them, the odd job post station in Anxin county has provided jobs for more than 2000 people in the past four months. In addition, in order to cope with the impact of COVID-19 and other factors on economic and social development, xiong'an new area has successively introduced assistance policies since this year to help the masses solve their problems, relieve the market entities from dangers and difficulties, continue to ensure and improve people's livelihood and enhance development vitality. "The successful application for the rent subsidy of 36000 yuan really eased a lot of pressure.
        ”He Jianwei, general manager of Hebei xiong'an Xionghao Travel Agency Co., Ltd., was relieved when he learned the application results. "This year, the company was greatly affected by the epidemic and its business volume was significantly reduced. Now, with the support of the government, the epidemic prevention and control situation has improved. I am confident that I can tide over the difficulties.". The "rent subsidy" mentioned by he Jianwei is a relief policy for enterprises in the "several measures for coping with the epidemic and supporting the relief and development of the service industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"). According to the measures, for small and micro enterprises registered in xiong'an new area and seriously affected by the epidemic, such as tourism, culture, sports, transportation and express logistics, if they rent non-state-owned assets for business use, they will pay 1 yuan / square meter & middot; A single enterprise will be given a maximum of 6 months and a maximum of 100000 yuan.
        According to a staff member of the industrial group of the reform and Development Bureau of xiong'an new area, since the start of the application for rent subsidy, more than 200 enterprises have submitted materials, and 85 enterprises have finally passed the examination. The total amount of subsidy is 4.58 million yuan, which will be issued in the form of digital RMB. "This is to make use of the characteristics of digital RMB, so that the government can track the use of funds throughout the process, so that enterprises can make special funds and targeted payments, and avoid misappropriation and misuse of funds." The staff member said. In order to effectively reduce the burden of enterprises, help stabilize the economy, stabilize employment and ensure the people's livelihood, xiong'an new area has formulated a series of policies and relevant implementation rules this year, including several measures on supporting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, several measures on responding to the epidemic and supporting the relief and development of the service industry, and several measures on promoting the high-quality development of "specialized and special" enterprises and core industries of the digital economy, Small, medium and micro enterprises such as Hebei xiong'an Xionghao Travel Agency Co., Ltd. can continue to apply for water, electricity, gas, taxes and other subsidies.
        With so many preferential policies for enterprises, will it be particularly time-consuming and laborious to declare one by one? Will the process be cumbersome? Will the approval be slow? The answer given by xiong'an new area is: absolutely not. Relying on the newly developed industrial Internet platform of xiong'an New Area (hereinafter referred to as the "industrial Internet platform"), xiong'an new area has realized the online acceptance of all award and subsidy policies and the approval of the whole process without meeting. "It can be said that it saves time and worry." Zhao Shuqiang, the person in charge of Jingdong Rubber Co., Ltd., previously submitted the application for recognition by the enterprise technology center of xiong'an New Area in 2022 through the industrial Internet platform. "The whole process is all online operation, eliminating the trouble of & lsquo; running errands & rsquo;. In case of problems, you can also consult online at any time, with high efficiency.
        ”。 "The industrial Internet platform is an industrial level new infrastructure jointly developed by xiong'an blockchain laboratory and Agricultural Bank of China. It configures the enterprise assistance policies issued at the national, provincial and new district levels, and lists the application object, acceptance time, approval process, consultation telephone, relevant documents and other contents of each policy item by item. It can provide one-stop comprehensive services for enterprises." Wang Yali of the industrial Internet platform working group said that after enterprises fill in the relevant information, the data account can automatically retain the relevant data. When enterprises apply for other bonus policies, they do not need to fill in the information repeatedly. However, the enterprise data is encrypted through the blockchain technology to ensure security.
        In addition to policy subsidies, xiong'an new area has also increased the financial and financial assistance for enterprises in the service industry, traditional industries and scientific and technological innovation. The business management department of xiong'an new area of the people's Bank of China (hereinafter referred to as "the xiong'an business management department of the people's Bank of China") has timely increased the supply of re loans, and guided financial institutions such as commercial banks to increase the low-cost loan support for private, small and micro enterprises and agriculture related enterprises. Zhang Jinliang, head of Xiongxian Xinshengda plastic packaging Co., Ltd., successfully applied for the "traditional industry transformation and upgrading loan" launched by Agricultural Bank of China xiong'an branch in the first half of the year. "This loan does not require mortgage or guarantee, and the interest rate is low. I borrowed a total of 3 million yuan. After two or three days, I succeeded in lending, and solved the company's business difficulties in a timely manner. It was really a timely help.
        ”Zhang Jinliang said happily: "now is the peak supply season. The company has a large order volume and full development momentum.". In June this year, the xiong'an business management department of the people's Bank of China and the reform and Development Bureau of xiong'an new area created the first exclusive monetary policy tool to support credit products in xiong'an New Area & mdash& mdash; "Xiong'an relief and inclusive loan" focuses on supporting private enterprises, small and micro enterprises, agricultural enterprises (including farmers) and individual industrial and commercial households. "Xiong'an relief and inclusive loan" is a low-cost financial support provided by the xiong'an business management department of the people's Bank of China to financial institutions through the central bank's refinancing. The reform and Development Bureau of xiong'an new area gives priority to providing discount interest support to eligible loan enterprises in accordance with the relevant requirements of the Management Committee.
        According to the introduction, the interest rate of the loan is not more than 5.5%, and the single amount is not more than 10 million yuan. The loan enterprises that meet the relevant policies and regulations can enjoy preferential financial discount support, and the actual interest payment cost can be as low as about 1.8%, which can effectively reduce the financing cost of enterprises and enhance the endogenous power of enterprise development. The relevant responsible person of the reform and Development Bureau of xiong'an New District said that next, the new district will firmly implement a package of policies and measures of the state and Hebei Province, implement more effective measures to help enterprises in distress, implement more practical assistance actions to warm the people's hearts and benefit the people's livelihood, carefully and energetically solve the people's urgent problems and anxieties, Make up for the losses caused by the epidemic, so that the people's sense of gain, happiness and security will be stronger, more secure and more sustainable.
        ”Return to Sohu to see more.
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