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Metauniverse is a new generation of information technology applications whose prospects are determined by users (Part 3)

Time : 24/10/2021 Author : td6es5 Click : + -
        Today, we will mainly introduce the six supporting technologies of the meta universe. Metauniverse is the product of the application of the new generation of information technology, especially games, virtual reality (VR) and other existing application scenarios and products. In other words, the development of the meta universe is based on the research and development of a new generation of information technology. It not only refers to the broadband Internet and high-speed communication network in the traditional sense, but also includes the comprehensive intelligent network technology including spatial positioning algorithm, virtual scene fitting, real-time network transmission, GPU server, edge computing, distributed computing, etc. At this time, the network is no longer just an information transmission platform, but a comprehensive capability platform. The integrated intelligent network is the infrastructure at the bottom of the meta universe, providing large-scale access with high speed, low delay, high computing power and high AI, and providing real-time and smooth immersive experience for users of the meta universe.
        Cloud computing and edge computing provide metacosmic users with more powerful, lighter and lower cost terminal devices, such as high-definition high frame rate AR, VR, Mr glasses, etc. It includes computer vision, intelligent speech semantics and machine learning, and the related targets include iFLYTEK and Shangtang technology. In recent years, with the increase of computing power and the landing of vertical applications, the market scale has increased rapidly. Electronic game technology includes not only 3D modeling and real-time rendering related to game engine, but also 3D engine and simulation technology related to digital twin. The former is the key technology to develop the virtual world and liberate the productive forces; Only by lowering the threshold of PS to the level that ordinary people can do, and lowering the level of complex 3D characters, things and even games to the level that ordinary people can do, can we realize the great prosperity of the economy of the creators of the meta universe.
        The latter is a key tool for the virtualization and digitization of the physical world. It is also necessary to reduce the threshold to the level that ordinary people can operate, so as to greatly accelerate the process of digitization of the real world. It is divided into output technology and input technology. The output technologies include head mounted display, tactile sensation, pain sensation, smell, direct nerve information transmission and other technologies for converting electrical signals to human senses; Input technology such as micro camera, position sensor, force sensor, speed sensor, etc. Composite interaction technology also includes various brain computer interfaces, which is also the development direction of interaction technology. In 2021, the sales volume of the latest VR products of oculus, a virtual reality wearable equipment manufacturer, continued to exceed expectations, stimulating the market's imagination of virtual reality.
        Through smart contracts, decentralized clearing and settlement platforms and value transfer mechanisms, the ownership and circulation of value are guaranteed, and the stable, efficient, transparent and deterministic operation of the economic system is realized. The Internet of things technology not only undertakes the front-end collection and processing functions of the digital physical world, but also undertakes the function of infiltrating and even managing the physical world in the virtual world where the virtual world coexists with the virtual reality of the meta universe. The perception layer is the foundation of the development and application of the Internet of things. Including various sensors and other data acquisition devices, and the sensor network before data access to the gateway. The transmission layer is based on the existing mobile communication network and the Internet. The perceptual data management and processing technology is the core technology to realize the data centric Internet of things.
        The application layer provides rich specific services for users by using the analyzed and processed perceptual data. The application layer is the purpose of the development of the Internet of things. Software development and intelligent control technology will provide users with rich and colorful Internet of things applications. One is to expand reality technology, including VR and ar. Augmented reality technology can provide immersive experience and solve problems that cannot be solved by mobile phones. Second, digital twins can mirror the real world into the virtual world. This means that in the metauniverse, people can see many virtual avatars of themselves. The third is the blockchain to build an economic system. With the further development of the meta universe and the enhancement of the simulation of the whole real society, people can not only spend money but also make money in the meta universe, thus forming economic behavior.
        As a comprehensive integrated application of multiple digital technologies, the meta universe scene needs two technological breakthroughs from concept to implementation: one is the breakthrough of single technologies such as XR, digital twin, blockchain and artificial intelligence to realize the basic functions of stereo vision, deep immersion and virtual separation; Second, the comprehensive application of multiple digital technologies has made breakthroughs. Through the superposition, compatibility and interactive integration of multiple technologies, it has formed a technical force to promote the stable and orderly development of the meta universe.
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