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CCTV report: the 270 billion yuan universe virtual human is here!

Time : 03/08/2022 Author : c5hdxi Click : + -
        When it comes to virtual people, what kind of images will come to mind? Since the beginning of this year, both the new year's Eve party and the frequent appearance of "virtual people" on various Internet platforms have constantly refreshed the audience's cognition. Besides performing arts, virtual people are also playing more and more social roles. Today, they have evolved from a simple "paper man" to a more sophisticated and intelligent virtual image. Since the beginning of this year, both the new year's Eve party and the frequent appearance of "virtual people" on various Internet platforms have constantly refreshed the audience's cognition. Besides performing arts, virtual people are also playing more and more social roles.
        This newly debuted Korean singer, Kim Lai Er, is a virtual human singer recently launched by LG Electronics of South Korea. Kim Lai Er, who is very talented in music, will soon release her own album. Riding the east wind of the meta universe, the virtual digital human industry, which is not a new thing, has been active again recently. Not long ago, at the New Year Concert of Jiangsu Satellite TV, the late famous singer "Teresa Teng" and singer Zhou Shen sang on the same stage. It is understood that Teresa Teng's virtual image integrates the world's leading face capture, motion capture and top special effects technology. From the image to the sound, it was vividly displayed. Nowadays, more and more virtual images are coming into the public's view.
        On the eve of the Winter Olympics, the first AI sign language anchor of CCTV officially appeared to provide professional event interpretation for the hearing impaired. Sensitive capital and Internet enterprises have already made a layout on the virtual human race track, and major brands have also launched their own virtual idol spokespersons. According to incomplete statistics, there were 20 "digital people" financing events in 2021, with an amount of more than 2 billion yuan. It is estimated that by 2030, the overall market scale of virtual human in China will reach 270 billion yuan. One billion people in the world will enter the meta universe. The constantly improving AI appearance can help users to customize the image of the virtual world in the meta universe, and continue to innovate in the fields of 3D rendering and digital human modeling.
        More accurate data and higher resolution provide users with almost real simulation of terrain, lighting, water, forest and atmosphere. However, the immersive modeling of the meta universe is not only rendered by the details and techniques of special effects. It also needs to use other senses other than vision and technological innovation to enable users to achieve psychological immersion and emotional participation in the virtual environment., Integrate the virtual world and the real world, build a high-precision three-dimensional map of the whole world, and realize accurate positioning in the map to realize the superposition of virtual information; L4:。 Support. The artificial intelligence engine can analyze 2D user images or 3D scans to obtain highly realistic digital human images of simulated reproduction users, and realize communication among digital people through voice technology, so as to create an immersive experience for users.
        The cloud based integrated intelligent network is the infrastructure at the bottom of the meta universe, providing large-scale access with high speed, low delay, high computing power and high AI, and providing real-time and smooth immersive experience for the users of the meta universe. Cloud computing and edge computing provide metacosmic users with more powerful, lighter and lower cost terminal devices, such as AR / VR / MR glasses with high definition and high frame. It is the biggest bottleneck that restricts the current immersive feeling of the meta universe. The interaction technology is divided into vr virtual reality technology, AR virtual reality technology, Mr mixed reality technology, holographic image technology, brain computer interaction technology, and sensing technology (body feeling, environment, etc.). Metauniverse is the whole Internet on the new generation AR and VR glasses, AR and VR are the next generation mobile computing platforms, and metauniverse is the presentation of the Internet on this new platform.
        If it does not satisfy one of the five main senses: hearing, it is impossible to create a "real environment". Therefore, in order to achieve a more realistic effect, the key to "reality" is to restore the auditory effect of the human ear to the human ear and shape a 360 degree spatial audio experience. There are countless sounds in the real world that we may not notice, and these sounds that we usually cannot notice will subtly affect people's experience in the virtual environment. This immersion comes directly from the auditory environment of the real world: we are always surrounded by sound, whether we listen consciously or not. This ubiquitous sound can provide important location and spatial clues, and the perception of sound can provide you with our location information in some cases.
        In the world architecture of the meta universe, sound can be presented through spatial sound effects to restore the real sound effects. The voice is integrated into the story, and the virtual space is expanded from the plane sense to the three-dimensional sense. 3D spatial audio creates a broader cognitive field than the visual effects alone, enabling users to fully immerse themselves in the space of sound effects. For example, when you are in a thunderstorm, the traditional game sound effect allows you to only feel the thunder around you. Nowadays, PCs and mobile phones are very common. People feel the vibration effect or the buzzing sound when the mobile phone is silent in the game. However, these tactile vibrations are too simple for the metauniverse.
        It cannot reproduce the rich feeling of real world objects and interact with them. Has gradually come out. The skin sensation Laboratory of the Department of mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of technology has conducted various psychophysical studies to determine how users perceive these different forms of stimulation. The experiment is a 2019 study that proposes a., I.e. soft and flexible artificial skin made of silica gel and electrodes. Provide accurate information through self-monitoring and finally feed back to the user's body. We can feel different textures and shapes as in the real world. But interestingly, we didn't actually find anything. Based on the blockchain technology, it will effectively create a decentralized clearing and settlement platform and value transfer mechanism of the meta universe, ensure the ownership and circulation of value, and realize the stability, efficiency, transparency and certainty of the operation of the meta universe economic system.
        The coordinated development of video game technology and interactive technology is the two prerequisites for realizing the explosive growth of users in the meta universe. The former solves the problem of extremely rich content, while the latter solves the problem of immersion., The purpose is to generate the world through voice, improve the chat mode between people and voice assistants, and realize the translation between languages. He outlined the key steps to create a metauniverse. Zuckerberg is convinced that metauniverse will become the successor of mobile Internet. Metauniverse is a futuristic concept, that is, users can work, socialize and play in a virtual environment. Zuckerberg said that the company is studying a new type of generative artificial intelligence model, with which people will be able to describe a world and generate all aspects of it.
        In a pre recorded demo video, Zuckerberg showed an AI concept called builderbot. He appeared on an island as a three-dimensional avatar without legs, issued voice commands to create a beach, and then added clouds, trees, and even a picnic mat. Zuckerberg said: "as we further advance this technology, you can create all kinds of worlds with your own voice, so as to explore and share experiences with others.". He said that the company is committed to artificial intelligence research to enable people to have more natural conversations with voice assistants, which is a step towards the goal of people communicating with artificial intelligence in the metauniverse.
        , to carry out some standardized and repetitive work. Their excellent business ability also makes many people worry about whether virtual people will occupy more labor market and compete for rice bowls with human beings?. This woman's name is Cui Xiaopan. She won the best newcomer award of Vanke Group in 2021 for her work performance that is hard for ordinary people to reach. However, until recently, Yu Liang, chairman of the board of directors of Vanke Group, announced it in the circle of friends, the employees of Vanke did not know that their colleague Cui Xiaopan was actually a digital employee. Shenyang, a professor at the school of journalism of Tsinghua University, believes that with the improvement of production efficiency, some repetitive work can be completely done by virtual people.
        However, to completely replace human, virtual human depends on the further progress of artificial intelligence technology. Therefore, it is impossible to achieve it in the short term. At least, I estimate it will take decades. In November 2021, at the Shanghai International Import Expo, the virtual person Shen Xiaoya appeared on the stage. Her main work is TV news interview and large-scale event hosting. On December 20, 2021, Xiaobing company jointly launched the first batch of virtual hosts. From hosting to writing, and then to broadcasting, there is no need for manual participation in the whole process. Although virtual human is capable, its research and development investment is also huge. The investment of a 3D virtual idol can reach hundreds of thousands to millions of yuan.
        If the virtual singer wants to launch a single, the cost from the arrangement to the image design is more likely to be as high as 2 million yuan, and does not include the communication costs., It has become the fuse for the development of the meta universe industry. Recently, Microsoft invested about US $70 billion to buy Activision Blizzard, adding a great momentum to metauniverse. Meta is actively recruiting talents in this field, including those from apple and Microsoft. Most of the 100 people who left Microsoft's hololens augmented reality headset team last year have been recruited by meta. Coincidentally, Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard not only hopes to stand on the podium of global video games, but also hopes to attract suitable talents and platforms to take the lead in the development related to metauniverse.
        The recruitment priorities of the major factions are different and can not be separated from these categories. The high degree of overlap also means that the battle for talent in the meta universe will become increasingly fierce in the future. Although the research and development is difficult and the investment is huge, with the explosion of the concept of meta universe, virtual people are being given more hope. With the support of scientific and technological means, their high IQ makes the social operation more efficient; Their tirelessness maximizes the interests of the enterprise; Their personality and personality bring different emotional sustenance and spiritual companionship to human beings. Song Jiaji, assistant director of Guosheng Securities Research Institute and President of blockchain Research Institute, said that at present, it seems that the era of virtual digital people has been slowly opened, and virtual people will also become a ticket and a racetrack in the meta universe.
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