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Is NFT technology joining the music copyright industry hype or win-win

Time : 23/04/2022 Author : 9l4szb Click : + -
        With the rise of the concept of meta universe, in recent years, all walks of life have created new ways of playing about the meta universe. In yesterday's article, Xiaoyi talked about the combination of metauniverse and game. Today we will talk about the game and its brothers & mdash& mdash; What kind of spark can be created between music and NFT?. Speaking of music, it will be more popular than games. But it is precisely because of this popularity. In the use of music copyright, sometimes it is difficult to manage. First of all, the lyrics and composition of a song are often not completed by one person. Most of the time, the whole team is responsible for the perfect presentation of a song, and the record company often communicates with the nominally responsible person.
        However, with the continuous improvement of the laws on copyright and the continuous participation of copyright dealers and intermediaries of copyright management organizations, the confirmation of rights is more complicated and the approval time is longer. Secondly, with the development of the Internet, there are more than ten music websites in China, not to mention the Internet. This makes the use of music copyright difficult to monitor. After all, each website has different authorization methods, and it is also very difficult to regulate. Therefore, it is difficult for creators to protect their rights and interests. As we all know, blockchain has several characteristics, such as decentralization, distribution and encryption. The "consensus mechanism" of the blockchain maintains the operation of these three characteristics to maintain the daily operation of the whole blockchain.
        Therefore, the most likely value that the blockchain will bring to the music industry is transparent and efficient information processing. Therefore, the music application scenario of the blockchain is first of all copyright management. The uniqueness of the blockchain system provides an "ID card" for every article using blockchain technology, so that the use of music copyright can be monitored more efficiently. Moreover, based on the openness and transparency of blockchain technology, with the help of "smart contracts", payment and collection can be completed quickly, and the collection time is no longer as long as in the past. This also facilitates the trading of music copyright. Therefore, for our music lovers, the appearance of music NFT has greatly inspired many people to create music, and the music style has gradually diversified.
        In the new era, make music more powerful!!! Return to Sohu to see more.
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