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The concept of blockchain was proposed by () in 2008. Digital currency and blockchain,Who proposed the concept of blockchain

Time : 29/06/2022 Author : 6niu0z Click : + -
        The new book "blockchain revolution" just released was edited by me. I agree that blockchain is the only keyword. Looking back on the three industrial revolutions in the history of human civilization, whether it is the starting time or the kindling of the revolution, they are all the products recognized by later generations because no one can truly predict the future. However, more and more intelligent people have the ability to perceive the future, not to mention that the birth of blockchain does not begin today. It has been 12 years since Nakamoto first proposed the concept of blockchain in 2008. If it goes back to 1991, Stuart Haber and W Scott stornetta first proposed the encryption protection chain product for blocks. Then the singularity of 30 years has come.
        There is a view that blockchain is only a technological innovation in the field of electronic computers in the third scientific and technological revolution, rather than a "revolutionary" masterpiece. As an individual, I prefer the view of Mr. Zhu Jiaming, an economist and a blockchain supporter. He believes that the first word economic explosion since the 1960s and the second digital economic explosion triggered by the birth of bitcoin in 2008 have produced and are causing a new explosion. And mankind is at the junction of the two big explosions. The development of blockchain in China is not a smooth road. Like the development of all new technologies and concepts in China, it often needs to experience a Nirvana from life to death. Only those who can finally be reborn can be considered as winners.
        On October 24, 2019, China's top leadership conducted the 18th collective study on the current situation and trend of the development of blockchain technology, emphasizing that blockchain is an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technology and accelerating the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. The people's Bank of China has been studying legal digital currency since 2014. In April 2020, the central bank announced that the pilot projects will be carried out in Shenzhen, Suzhou, xiong'an new area and Chengdu. The person in charge of the digital currency Research Institute of the central bank said that unlike bitcoin and other digital currencies, the digital currency launched by the Central Bank of China is an electronic version of RMB, that is, the digital currency of the central bank is legally compensated. In June 2019, the official website of global digital cryptocurrency Libra under Facebook, the largest social giant in the United States, was officially launched; Libra stable currency white paper was released.
        Also in April 2020, Facebook announced to update the white paper. The most important change is to provide Libra digital currency anchored to a single legal currency. The digital currency launched by the people's Bank of China and the upcoming Libra digital currency launched by Facebook undoubtedly have the characteristics of full or partial centralization. There are voices of support and opposition. In my opinion, they are important forces in the application and development of blockchain technology in any case. The road of blockchain revolution will not follow the rules but be turbulent and colorful. The book "blockchain revolution" not only introduces the concept of blockchain and the development process and policy changes in the world, including China, with more detailed information, but also selects practical application cases in several fields to illustrate the feasibility and operation guidance of blockchain application in various industries, including overseas application scenarios, which are very rare.
        In 2013, when the world's first bitcoin ATM was settled in the small wavescoffee cafe on Howe street in downtown Vancouver, I was one of its first customers. I spent a cup of coffee with the bitcoin I just bought from the ATM. The cash value of that cup of black coffee, which was more than $2, rose to more than $200 at the peak, a 100 fold increase. I lock my bitcoin in my digital wallet for a long time and never buy or sell it just to witness the ups and downs of the blockchain and its future trajectory. I call it the work of blockchain believers. In the new year of 2018, when I returned to Vancouver from a 100 day study tour in Silicon Valley to hold the New Year speech of "let silicon valley tell the future" in the global lecture hall, I told more than 1000 listeners that blockchain, together with artificial intelligence and Internet of things, would become the hottest industry in the future.
        Then I promoted the establishment of the Canada / United States / China blockchain niche alliance. I hope that blockchain entrepreneurs and investors in Canada, the United States and China can join forces to connect resources and help each other. In the industrial age, the relationship between products and users is single. Without interaction, users are simple consumers. In the Internet age, the relationship between products and users has become interactive, and users participate in product design. In the blockchain era, products have become online C with communities; The carrier of community formation is a token. When a specific user is replaced by a community, the product will naturally be labeled as a community. In August 2019, as the founder of the niche behavioral research fund, we released a niche token (nichetoken).
        The white paper says that "starting from Professor Zhang Jiawei's preaching and case practice achievements in the past five years since 2014, the community aims to pursue the minority community spirit of" gratitude and dedication "to win the recognition of others by helping others create value. Because of the recognition of others, we will give back to the minority community and serve more people. Build a global non-profit distributed autonomous community with blockchain as the technical framework. ". I firmly believe that blockchain is a revolution and artificial intelligence and Internet of things will become the underlying logic and social form of the future world. It is in this sense that the blockchain revolution will be the largest and most far-reaching new scientific and technological revolution in human history. The realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will surely take place in the new era of the blockchain revolution.
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