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Xiong'an new area uses blockchain technology to solve the problem of wage arrears of migrant workers

Time : 28/07/2021 Author : 48o6v0 Click : + -
        Xiong'an group recently issued the management measures for builders' wage security. On the basis of applying the blockchain management project funds, it set up the builders' wage security, and adopted the "double insurance" method to protect the builders' labor remuneration rights and interests, so as to eliminate the phenomenon of arrears of migrant workers' wages from the source. After the combination of the blockchain and the builder's guarantee fund mechanism, when the blockchain platform shows that the project participants do not pay the wages as agreed, the blockchain platform will automatically trigger the builder's wage guarantee fund payment mechanism one hour later. The builder's wage guarantee fund account will automatically penetrate and pay to the builder's designated wage card, so as to realize the wage payment guarantee under the "no sense" state of the builder.
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