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MSM creates a global intellectual sports platform based on blockchain Technology

Time : 30/04/2022 Author : ul9sa7 Click : + -
        Mindsportsmaster (MSM) was officially launched in June 2018. MSM intelligent sports master platform is an open platform based on blockchain technology. It aims to establish a global oriented, decentralized and integrated ecosystem of development, release and promotion for the intelligent sports industry. With the increasing development of the Internet and the gradual maturity of the blockchain technology, it is of milestone significance to promote the development and dissemination of the global intellectual sports industry, and this industry is bound to enter a new realm. It is reported that the number of global intellectual sports enthusiasts has exceeded 2 billion, and the total market economy has exceeded 500 billion US dollars.
        The scale of online chess and card enthusiasts alone exceeded 1.2 billion and showed a continuous growth. In 2017, the sales of Chinese chess and card games market grew rapidly, with revenue exceeding 14.51 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 107.4% compared with 2016, and a stable high compared with the growth of other mobile game categories. There are several obvious characteristics of intellectual sports games; 1. Game users have high education and high income; 2. High user stickiness and high retention rate; 3. The game is interactive and social; 4. The user payment rate is better than the average level of mobile games, close to 4.5%, while the paid users of chess and card games with local characteristics even exceed 59.6%.
        In the era of traffic, these characteristics provide better user support and data support for game operators. MSM platform adopts distributed consensus algorithm to realize safe and fair game rules according to the characteristics of intelligent competitive games. In a decentralized way, users are allowed to conduct fair and fair intellectual competition with users on the other side of the earth on any node in the world anonymously, so as to build a harmonious and autonomous blockchain game ecology and create a deeply customized blockchain technology platform suitable for any intelligent sports game. The MSM platform aims to provide an extensible and flexible blockchain that supports fast and secure transaction, access and contract execution of digital assets through a layered consensus mechanism.
        A composite blockchain based on a main chain and having at least one sub chain, also known as a winding chain. The main chain adopts POW mode to use the same consensus mechanism and security mechanism as BTC and eth. The sub chain uses dpos to obtain higher TPS to support a large number of intelligent sports projects. At the same time, the sub chain supports multiple light clients to participate in the random data operation of smart contracts by providing data at the same time, so as to achieve sufficient fairness and randomness. The MSM platform breaks the barriers between intelligent sports games and adopts a decentralized operation mode to provide an open and shared data platform for intelligent sports game developers. Break the monopoly of oligopoly game companies on distribution channels, publicity channels, player users and data resources.
        It is hoped that the game products can share the channel resources such as player users, data, distribution and publicity, and achieve a win-win situation of game ecological balance. In addition, developers provide game products on the platform and will reap rewards during the game process of players and users;. The MSM platform's concentrated advantages are manifested in the adoption of a brand-new smart contract method and the storage of operation process data on the blockchain. Once the player's operation is proved to be effective, it will be synchronized to each node of the network, so that the entire game process and game results will be permanently recorded on the platform chain. Let players truly realize the preservation of virtual assets, rather than based on a certain game platform. While the player user receives rewards during the game process, it also provides corresponding rewards for the game publisher and MSM node.
        MSM node is a key role in the whole system, completing and recording transactions, running game contracts, and verifying the results of the game. In order to promote the value of MSM network, MSM node owners can obtain rewards in three ways, namely, block rewards, transaction fees, and game commissions. As the "fuel" consumption of smart contract operation of the platform system, MSM coin plays a dual role, providing major liquidity for various digital asset transactions, and more importantly, providing a payment mechanism for transaction costs and game commissions. Different businesses have independent sub chains and are driven by unified MSM coins to stimulate the demand for MSM coins and ensure the liquidity of MSM coins.
        The circulation of money and the operation of game contracts also inject more "fuel costs" into MSM nodes. Compared with game products, the more MSM nodes, the faster the execution speed of the game contract, the better the user experience, and the more players it attracts; The more players, the more revenue the game will bring, and at the same time, it will bring higher revenue to MSM nodes, and encourage more nodes to join. Therefore, the more open the MSM platform, the richer the game resources, the more players, and the more balanced the ecology will be. In the future, MSM platform will be deeply rooted in the field of intellectual sports, provide deep and focused intellectual sports blockchain technology, create a harmonious and autonomous blockchain game ecosystem, and create a fully open platform without development, operation or even server. It is the best choice for intellectual sports game projects and players.
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