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Blockchain, data analysis,Utonmos: analysis of the core value of Digital Collections

Time : 17/01/2022 Author : z21sda Click : + -
        Since the second half of 2021, digital collection platforms have blossomed everywhere, dazzling people. So what are the characteristics of this new product with such high heat? What's the use? Today, let's have a brief understanding. (1) Uniqueness: each digital collection has a unique identifier on a specific chain, which can represent a digital or a certain asset object in the real world. (3) Non tampering: Based on the non tampering characteristics of the blockchain, the content, ownership information, historical transaction records and other information of the digital collection are stored and recorded in the tamper resistant chain data structure. (5) Scarcity: in the Internet age, the threshold of information replication is low, and the value is hard to be recognized.
        The blockchain digital collection is unique, with clear ownership, and can be permanently preserved. It is scarce, so that the digital collection based on the blockchain has stronger premium ability. (1) Copyright registration cost: traditional copyright registration costs thousands of yuan, with long manual process and high time cost. Blockchain technology marks the owner and uniqueness of works. Based on the non tamperability of information on the blockchain, it can realize the confirmation of online works' ownership and reduce the cost of works' confirmation. (2) Traceability cost of ownership: the ownership of traditional digital works is not publicly available, and the traceability cost is high. The information on the blockchain is non tamperable, open, transparent and traceable, making the ownership information of the collection easier to query and more reliable.
        (3) Infringement cost: traditional digital works have no unique mark and are easy to be copied indefinitely, with low infringement cost. Blockchain digital collections mark the uniqueness of digital works, which limits its replicability at the code level. (4) Guarantee of creators' Income: once the original works of traditional digital works are sold, it is difficult to trace the commercial income generated in the future to the authors for profit sharing, and it is difficult to guarantee the rights and interests of the authors. Blockchain digital collections can record the future flow of works through the technology of blockchain and smart contract. While the creators retain the copyright, they can also get a share from the resale of works. The utonmos platform is committed to building a new digital world and creating a new social metauniverse through digital collections. This platform has been very popular recently. The government has also launched a series of digital collections of different topics, with a wide variety. According to official reports, the utonmos platform has opened up all links from art creation to casting and distribution, and provided a complete digital collection management and service system.
        Finally, at present, various digital collection platforms are emerging in endlessly. The hotter the market, the higher the vigilance is required. At least, there must be a risk control awareness. Especially before the implementation of supervision, investors must be cautious.
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