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Group leader - blockchain community will become the mainstream production organization

Time : 22/11/2021 Author : 7qsp2j Click : + -
        We have many questions about trust in real life. Zhang San and Li Si invest in a fresh supermarket together. Zhang San is responsible for purchasing and Li Si is responsible for sales. Zhang San trusts Li Si very much and never asks questions about sales. In this way, at the end of the year, Li Si said to Zhang San: we didn't make any money this year, but we lost 20000 yuan!. We have many questions about trust in real life. Zhang San and Li Si invest in a fresh supermarket together. Zhang San is responsible for purchasing and Li Si is responsible for sales. Zhang San trusts Li Si very much and never asks questions about sales. In this way, at the end of the year, Li Si said to Zhang San: we didn't make any money this year, but we lost 20000 yuan! Should Zhang San believe what Li Si said? Do you choose to continue to cooperate with him? At this point, we need to confirm whether Li Si is cheating. We need to check all the daily bills of purchase and sales, the daily purchase and sales ratio, and the fixed expenses.
        In the above example, how can people solve it in the way of blockchain technology? The core features of blockchain: distributed decentralized storage, highly transparent information and non tamperable. Zhang San and Li Si can record all the daily purchase and sales data on the blockchain through a specific way. Zhang San and Li Si can get this account book for reconciliation anytime and anywhere. Can this trust problem be perfectly solved? Therefore, the distributed decentralized storage of the blockchain and the non tamperable accounting method can rewrite the trust relationship between people. As long as we apply this skill of the blockchain to all aspects of life, the trust cost between people will be very low, or even trust free, and the cooperation efficiency between people will be greatly improved.
        What is a production organization? The organization of the production process mainly refers to the connection and coordination of the various stages and processes in the production process in terms of time and space. To put it simply, multiple people are organized to carry out production activities, which is called production organization. At present, the most successful and mainstream production organization in the world is the company. Many of us have the dream of building a successful company and yearn to be the boss of the company. But have you ever understood what you need to do to start a business and become a boss? You need to register a company, recruit employees, produce products, do marketing, attendance, assessment and a series of work. We need to abide by the company law, labor law and other laws, pay wages to employees, buy social security, and ensure various rights and interests of employees.
        After completing the above tasks (described simply), a production organization for profit-making purposes & mdash& mdash; [company] came into being in this way (if you are interested, you can watch the documentary describing the development history of the company's production organization: the power of the company, iqiyi can watch it for free). What is a new type of production organization? Let's take a look at a case: didi taxi. More than 15 million didi drivers carry out business nationwide. Are they employees of didi company? The answer is no! They are just a software rule employed by Didi. As a matter of fact, the drivers have earned income through labor, the users have reached their destination, Didi company has reaped the share, and the entire organization has completed a production service process.
        If we compare didi company with the traditional taxi companies, their drivers are almost all didi drivers through online contracts, and have never been to didi company; More than 15 million drivers across the country can be organized through an online software, which is completely impossible for a taxi company in a traditional company. Therefore, with the progress of science and technology, the form of production organization has begun to change. We may not be employed by the company boss in the future. We may be employed by a platform, a software rule, and a smart contract! This new production organization mode has made didi company. According to the Wall Street Journal, Didi Chuxing plans to IPO this year at the earliest, seeking a valuation of at least $70-80 billion (about 440-504 billion yuan).
        Didi was founded in June 2012! (if you are interested, you can also study the takeout riders of meituan crowdsourcing and Hummingbird crowdsourcing.). Didi has only spent six years to develop into an enterprise valued at nearly 500 billion yuan. The reason is that it has begun to organize people to carry out production activities in a brand-new way, thus reshaping an industry! However, Didi only uses a new production organization mode, but it has not completely separated itself from the organizational form of the traditional company: didi company is still a centralized rule maker, the interest game between didi company and drivers still exists, and didi platform is a strong controller. Many rules may give priority to their own interests, so many drivers complain that didi company draws too high a profit, This may greatly affect the trust relationship between the driver and didi platform! The group of drivers strive to earn high profits for didi company, but their rights and interests cannot be well guaranteed.
        Because in this production organization relationship, Didi company may continuously exploit the interests of drivers through its monopoly position. Of course, we can see that didi has provided more flexible employment opportunities for 15 million drivers. These drivers are not limited by time, space and distance, and are relatively free to provide taxi services for the society. This new type of production organization was slowly born, such as didi and meituan crowdsourcing. These communities carry out production activities through new organizational methods; However, the founder of this organization did not formulate an open, fair, just and transparent system to manage, but a centralized thinking to manage this new production organization.
        Drivers and riders, the core components of these organizations, did not get the maximum benefits. The traditional company's equity distribution method is determined at the beginning, and is divided by the way of capital contribution. Didi is a centralized company. It just organizes people to carry out production activities in a new way! Didi company will not distribute most of the benefits to the vast majority of the people in the organization, which is also a problem encountered by the company in the later stage of the development of this production organization & mdash& mdash; The distribution of interests cannot be balanced, and the distribution of rights is too centralized. The blockchain community production organization breaks the completely reasonable equity setting of traditional companies and adopts a decentralized approach for equity distribution: digital currency (token) of equity type is issued within the community, and members of the organization can obtain corresponding equity (token) rewards by completing specified tasks. Whoever makes great contributions to the community organization will get more digital currency (token) and more profits (dividends, etc.), The interests of the whole community organization are distributed to all members of the organization in this way, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of the producers and maximize the efficiency and vitality of the production of the community organization!.
        This new benefit distribution mechanism has brought brand-new changes to the production organization. It reduces the cost of establishing the production organization and the operation and management cost of the entire organization, and makes the benefit distribution mechanism more fair, just, open and transparent. We only need to use blockchain community tools to quickly organize a group of professional people to carry out valuable production activities and develop this new community production organization. Today's post-90s and post-00s young people pursue a more free career and look forward to not going to work in the company, hoping to participate in production activities more freely. The blockchain community makes this dream no longer distant. The blockchain community conforms to the needs of the times and will eventually become the mainstream production organization form in the future.
        The establishment of traditional company organization is based on the provisions of the company law: the company's founder applies to the company registration authority according to the legal procedures, which is reviewed and recorded by the company registration authority for public reference. The company establishment registration system is established to consolidate the company's reputation and ensure the safety of social transactions. In China, a company shall apply to the administrative authorities for Industry and commerce at all levels for establishment registration and shall comply with the relevant provisions of the regulations on the administration of company registration. 1. The conditions for the establishment of a limited liability company include: ① the shareholders meet the quorum; ② The shareholders' capital contribution reaches the minimum legal capital; ③ The shareholders jointly formulate the articles of Association; ④ Having a company name and establishing an organization meeting the requirements of a limited liability company; The organizational structure of a limited liability company usually includes the power organ of the company - the shareholders' meeting; The law enforcement authority of the company is the board of directors (or executive director) and the manager; The supervisory authority of the company is the board of supervisors (or supervisors); ⑤ I have a company domicile.
        2. Procedures for the establishment of a limited liability company, (1) formulating the articles of association. (2) Fulfill the obligation of capital contribution. Talent recruitment of traditional companies: through online recruitment, recruitment in the talent market, interview and admission, and sign labor contracts. Only a few talents can be recruited in a month. Finally, training is required before production activities can be carried out!. Recruitment method of blockchain community: recruit a group of talents with professional skills through Internet channels such as friends circle, QQ group and wechat group to jointly carry out production activities in the community. The maximum number of users entering through the Internet every day can reach more than 10000. The advantages of the blockchain community are highlighted! Blockchain community talent recruitment is not limited by time.
        Limited by space and distance, professionals from all over the world can be recruited to form a huge pool of labor resources. Production: their working hours and locations will not be restricted, and they can provide services to others at any time!. In traditional companies, it is necessary to formulate many relevant rules and regulations to manage employees, formulate production plans every month, conduct attendance check on employees every day, and conduct assessment every month. I believe that many people working in the company need to accept the management of the company's rules and regulations, and at the same time, they need to conduct training and learning from time to time. Blockchain community, everything is a smart contract! By formulating community rules and setting community tasks, the group owners let all producers do things according to the established rules. The income distribution can also be fully automated without too much human intervention.
        You can refer to the dynamic reward mechanism, complaint feedback, punishment and other mechanisms of didi taxi. Traditional companies have few financing channels, such as bank loans and IPO Financing, but these require strict conditions and are not easy to operate. Not every company and organization can get bank loans, and the number of enterprises that can be listed is less than 10000. The blockchain community can quickly realize the financing purpose through the issuance and transaction of digital currency. All the flow and operation data of the blockchain community should be open, transparent and verifiable. The producers can obtain token rewards by completing the specified tasks, and obtain dividends, voting and other rights by holding community digital currency (equity).
        The community value can be judged according to the business volume, flow and operation data of the community organization. Everyone can decide whether to invest in this community through the analysis of these data.
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