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The transport blockchain white paper (2020) prepared by Huawei was officially released

Time : 20/02/2022 Author : f71xsn Click : + -
        Recently, the transport blockchain white paper (2020) (hereinafter referred to as the blockchain transport white paper) was released for the first time at the "transport blockchain technology and Application Forum" of the world Transport Conference in Chengdu,. As one of the first units to initiate the initiative and one of the preparation units, Huawei has deeply participated in the preparation of the blockchain traffic white paper, proposed the concept of building a unified standard, and led the formulation of the blockchain traffic white paper architecture. Transportation is a "five in one" industry of people flow, goods flow, capital flow, information flow and business flow. The deep integration of blockchain technology and transportation industry has a good role in promoting data sharing, cost reduction and efficiency increase, supervision and construction of credit system. It has broad application prospects in many fields such as transportation infrastructure, freight logistics, passenger transport and industry management services.
        Transportation infrastructure: in the whole life cycle operation management of infrastructure projects, it can solve the data security and trust problems in raw material production, on-site construction and other aspects, and realize the traceability of project quality. In the field of freight logistics: record the detailed information of the whole process of different links, optimize the logistics management process, trace the root cause of problems, and timely recall and responsibility definition. In the field of passenger transport: in the service information system, intelligent traffic diversion and capacity dispatching can be realized through the uplink of traffic travel data, so as to improve the intelligence of urban traffic management. Industry management service field: break the information island through the blockchain network, optimize the government process, cooperate with departments, improve the industry management efficiency, and realize digital office.
        On the day of the forum, Zhang Ziyi, chief architect of Huawei cloud blockchain, delivered a speech at the forum. He said that the architecture design of the transport blockchain includes four layers: the resource layer of the blockchain, the core layer of the blockchain, the basic service layer of the transport blockchain and the industrial application ecological layer. The service layer can realize a unified management platform for the transportation industry by formulating a unified standard management interface, including unified safety, unified operation, unified resources, unified cross chain and unified supervision. The resource layer of the blockchain: it includes the transportation application infrastructure and information infrastructure required by the transportation blockchain field, and provides a solid foundation for building the upper layer blockchain, service platform and applications.
        Blockchain kernel layer: ensure transmission and access security by using cryptography, and provide services for upper blockchain applications through basic components and extension components in the multi agency distributed network environment to ensure the consistency and security of data on the chain. Basic service layer of transportation blockchain: blockchain + cloud computing provides convenient and high-performance blockchain system and infrastructure services for blockchain development. It is easy for developers to quickly build and maintain blockchain applications; Downward support for unified resource management, identity authentication, operation supervision and ecological collaboration for different basic blockchain platforms. Huawei cloud blockchain will continue to invest in technical research in the transportation industry, and strive to build a collaborative innovation, mutually beneficial and win-win transportation industry chain ecology.
        At present, Huawei cloud blockchain services have been put into practice in digital government, medical health, supply chain finance, intelligent logistics and other industries, and constantly explore realizable scenarios in more fields. Blockchain + government affairs: the blockchain data trusted sharing solution supports efficient data sharing between government departments, realizes digital office, and improves business efficiency by 30%. Blockchain + tax: through the tax and banking alliance chain scheme created by Huawei cloud blockchain, data exchange is realized efficiently. The integration time is reduced from 2-3 weeks to 1-3 hours, and the business closed-loop is reduced from 2-3 days to 1 hour. Blockchain + medical claims: Based on the trusted multi-party secure computing and trusted data flow of Huawei cloud blockchain, it can protect the security of multi-party medical data throughout the whole process, reduce repeated medical treatment, save 50% of the cost and time of patients on average, accelerate medical treatment and reimbursement, and improve operation efficiency by half.
        Blockchain + Logistics: supply chain logistics includes production, transportation, sales and other links. Through the integration of Huawei's internal logistics system with the blockchain, the whole process data statistics and analysis are realized, and the tracing efficiency of logistics abnormal process positioning is increased by 60% +.
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