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severe winter! No pay for three months, blockchain media was shocked to find wages in arrears and layoffs

Time : 28/03/2022 Author : j9pbo8 Click : + -
        The blockchain media tide that once accompanied the blockchain heat wave is rapidly receding. As the industry cools down and returns to rationality, as an important part of the blockchain industry, most blockchain media are also being squeezed out of the foam. If the layoff is a strategic contraction, then the salary arrears are sufficient to explain the survival pressure faced by blockchain media. And this cruel scene is really happening. What one coin has learned is that since August this year, this blockchain media named XX finance has stopped paying employees' wages. So far, it has been in arrears for more than three months. It is reported that the media was founded in mid-2017.
        From this point of time, in the blockchain media field, it can be said that he has relatively deep experience and has a certain popularity in the industry. "At that time, on the one hand, I wanted to enter the blockchain field and learn more knowledge. On the other hand, the convenience was also aimed at the company's influence in the industry." Another colleague of Ah Mei said. Ah Mei said: "when we started to stop paying salaries, we thought it was only temporary, and we were willing to tide over the difficulties with the company. The company's leaders said that the financing had been negotiated and the money would be given to everyone as soon as they got it. But several months have passed, and no progress has been made, which has affected the lives of many colleagues. Moreover, every time they say & lsquo; it will be ready soon & rsquo; and every time they say & lsquo; it will be paid next week & rsquo;.
        ”。 According to her, she has communicated with the company's leaders countless times and asked about the progress almost every week. Unfortunately, the reply is the same every time, that is, "wait". After repeated weeks of pulling, the company's leaders have not replied. This caused the company to panic. Several insiders confirmed to coin Jun that the company had nearly 30 employees earlier, and the remaining employees have left the company to single digits. "Several of the remaining are relatives of the boss. The company's business has basically stagnated, and only one editor is updating the website and newsletter.". From the internal chat records obtained by coin Jun, one employee said: "I hope there is a better way to deal with it, rather than just avoiding and shirking.
        ”。 The relevant person in charge of the company responded that the company has been trying to find a way. From August to now, all the cash available has been used to subsidize the company, and it is also constantly seeking financing. According to the chat records, the above person in charge also said: "it's not easy to understand everyone's problems. I'm not only taking financing here, but also taking business. Now I'm talking about a service order of more than 200000 yuan in Shanghai. Although there are industrial problems now, I've walked around and found that there are many things I can do more than just media business.". However, there is no doubt that blockchain media has ushered in a cold winter with the downturn of the entire industry. As a response, contraction and layoffs have become a common choice.
        According to his disclosure, there were 70 or 80 people in a well-known blockchain media in Beijing during its heyday, but now it has been reduced to more than 40 people. The other family had more than 40 people before, and now there are more than 20 people left. The overall layoff rate is about 30% - 50%. "Now the media are not good. In the past, it was the project party who came to the door. Now they come out every day to do business, and there is no business. The market is really moving by leaps and bounds." The business director of a blockchain media in Beijing said to coin Jun. "If you come earlier, it will be more lively. At that time, there were many blockchain conferences in Beijing, and there were more than one small meeting. There were also many offline exchanges among practitioners. However, the current situation is that everyone's enthusiasm for gathering is not high, and it is too bear.
        ”According to a blockchain media source in Beijing. At the same time, he also revealed that "there are media friends in Shanghai, who have raised millions of money. About 10 people are now unable to survive, and life is hard.". "Ouch! We are now in a state of panic. One product manager has left the company, and another rating manager has left. The company is now laying off staff, reducing expenses and preparing for the winter." An employee of a rating agency in Shenzhen sighed on wechat: "to be honest, it is still unknown whether we can survive.". The above portraits constitute a true portrayal of the current blockchain media. But just a few months ago, it was still a prosperous scene.
        Once upon a time, with the popularity of the blockchain, hundreds of media flocked to the site, and a thousand sails competed. Before last year, there were few media in the whole blockchain industry. As a scarce resource, a few early blockchain media enjoyed the dividends of the blockchain industry. During the Spring Festival, "3 o'clock sleepless blockchain group" has become a phenomenon level hot topic. The enthusiasm of participants was high, and those who did not enter the board were afraid of making mistakes, which gave birth to a large number of blockchain media. Industry insiders estimate that there are hundreds of media related to coins and blockchain, large and small. The competition has not even begun, and it is becoming bloody. What coin Jun learned is that, in addition to a small number of new media still joining, most of the existing blockchain media, like the whole industry, are undergoing the hot test of the bear market.
        The difference is that the head media and some media holding investment do not have any pressure for survival, but only shrink strategically. However, some medium and downstream media have already faced the pressure of survival, and the final result is that they have to close down. "The reason lies in the overall environment. The economy was in recession, and Ali still laid off employees!" Said the founder of a blockchain media in Beijing. In his view, "the blockchain media is a mixture of good and bad, and the competition is fierce. In addition, the policy is tightened, the blockchain industry is cold, and there is no source of income. The company still has to operate, eat, and lay off is normal.". Although there are various signs showing the rapid contraction of blockchain media, there are still many vertical media in the blockchain field in the industry based on the huge base formed earlier.
        Generally speaking, it can be divided into three categories. One is to have other businesses transformed into the blockchain. This type of media has certain resources and strength, relying on traditional businesses. At present, there is no pressure for survival, and it is in the money burning stage. "Although we have obtained a round of financing, in the current market situation, the income is still very small, and it is not a way to go on like this. We are trying to find a way for the next round of financing, but it is difficult." The founder of a blockchain media in Beijing said. Another part is "one person finance", which is widely ridiculed in the industry. This kind of we media is flexible. From the founder to the staff, one person depends on sending fast messages for a living, and basically has no continuous original ability.
        "To some extent, although the name of these media is & lsquo; XX Finance & Economics & rsquo;, some of them are basically not media. At most, they are a public relations company or an event organizer." An insider said. Coin Jun learned that with the cold and desolation of the bear market, in addition to layoffs of different degrees, the domestic blockchain policy is unclear, and many media have shifted their strategic layout overseas. "At present, we mainly distribute overseas, focusing on the European and American markets. Recently, we have been holding meetings in New York, the United States, and we have done fairly well. To be honest, it is not easy to do it at home. The policy is unclear, and many capital institutions have hardly invested in domestic projects. Overseas, the policy is relatively clear and loose, and the project parties are also active.
        ”A person in charge of a blockchain media in Beijing said. Another founder of Beijing blockchain media revealed that at present, many domestic blockchain media regard the hosting of meetings as one of the main sources of income. After a meeting, they can receive roadshow fees from some project parties. In addition to the costs, there are also profits. "Basically half the profit". In addition, coin Jun noticed that traditional financial media, including daily economic news, China Securities News and Securities Daily, have normalized their coverage of the blockchain field; Traditional media such as finance and economics, interface and associated press of Finance and economics have also focused on blockchain. "Media norms will be an important part of the industry norms. The entry of these traditional media into the blockchain industry is the beginning of real norms.
        Only professional media can promote the whole industry. " A senior media source said.
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