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My world prohibits the use of NFT or blockchain technology in games

Time : 28/06/2021 Author : yjorgu Click : + -
        Recently, the sandbox game minecraft has updated its user guide. In order to ensure that minecraft players have a safe and inclusive experience, it announced that minecraft client and server applications are prohibited from integrating blockchain technology, nor can they be used to create NFT related to any game content, including world, skin, character items or other mods. The reasons announced on minecraft's official website are as follows: 1. All NFT projects are artificially exclusive, which does not conform to minecraft's inclusive values; 2. Too much speculation, affecting the game experience; 3. There are too many unreliable project parties, and there are often rugpull.
        Recently, some companies have launched NFT related to minecraft world files and skin packages, which indicates that NFT and blockchain technology can be used with my world, including creating NFT, earning NFT or obtaining minecraft NFT rewards through activities outside the game. However, minecraft said that every kind of scarce and exclusive digital ownership created by using NFT and other blockchain technologies is inconsistent with minecraft's values of creative inclusion and common play. Minecraft also believes that the implementation of some third-party NFTs completely depends on the blockchain technology, which may lead to rugpull scams.
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