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Heavy! Red hole data collection upgrades "hyperredox" Rudao chain and fun chain technology to create the strongest application chain in China

Time : 31/12/2021 Author : vxb4j1 Click : + -
        The "2022 trusted blockchain ecological conference and the first trust Technology Conference" sponsored by the ICT Institute and the trusted blockchain promotion program (TBI) was grandly held in Beijing. With the theme of "trust created by science and technology", this conference, focusing on key issues such as enabling the development of digital economy, promoting the circulation of data elements in the market, and building a trusted base for the value Internet, joined hands with many experts in the industry to discuss the latest development of blockchain technology, industry and ecology, and released the latest achievements. Dr. Li Wei, founder and CEO of quchain technology, was invited to attend the speech and released the white paper "alliance chain operation governance framework" and "alliance chain governance best practices" at the meeting. Zhang Beilong, founder and CEO of Hongdong technology, came to the stage to receive the letter of appointment from the unit and individual of "TBI digital collection project team co leader".
        At the same time, the "hyperredox" Rudao chain, jointly created by quchain technology and Hongdong digital collection, officially appeared at the "trusted blockchain ecological conference". At the meeting, Dr. Li Wei introduced the positioning and vision of the white paper in detail, and shared the core points of the white paper from the reference framework, key technologies and best practices of alliance chain governance. In the book "alliance chain operation governance framework", the first alliance chain operation governance framework was created, aiming to build an open alliance chain with technology as the endorsement, compliance and regulation, autonomy and sustainable development, and create a multi center and regulatory governance mechanism. On the one hand, it meets the legal and regulatory requirements for data security, manageability and controllability; on the other hand, it enables participants who want to operate blockchain nodes to participate in the operation process of the nodes through economic incentives, so as to truly realize a set of blockchain infrastructure that separates blockchain and applications, and finally achieve the multi center of the blockchain network.
        Specifically, this white paper first puts forward the difficulties and problems of alliance chain governance under the current situation from the perspective of the current situation of alliance chain governance and the practical problems encountered in the response scenario; Secondly, based on the above problems, the alliance governance framework is put forward, and the strategic system of how to define the rights, responsibilities and benefits of each party, how to evaluate the performance of each party, and how to motivate and allocate is described in detail around four levels, and the linkage relationship is outlined with examples; Finally, according to the whole governance plan, the key technologies on the implementation path are introduced, including the alliance governance framework CAF, energy consumption mechanism and evaluation mechanism. Following the path of "problem solution technology", the book gives a more detailed description of the online and offline joint governance of the overall alliance chain and provides a more practical implementation plan.
        It is understood that the traditional alliance chain is oriented to enterprises or governments, and is mainly used for finance, green energy, judicial deposit, government affairs and other businesses. Such scenarios are mostly blockchain networks built with the credit of a large institution or local government as an endorsement. The governance demand for blockchain networks is weak. With the continuous development of the digital collection industry, the traditional alliance chain governance has been difficult to meet this consumer oriented scenario. Up to now, there are few blockchain networks in the alliance chain architecture with technology credit as endorsement to support the development of digital collection business. The fundamental reason is that the industry has not yet explored a reasonable governance mechanism to support the economic benefits, business objectives and technical requirements of the alliance chain node builders.
        Hyperredox, jointly created by Qulian and Hongdong, provides some reference for consumer applications represented by the digital collection industry. The white paper expounds the treatment methods under specific circumstances and the specific parameters required during cold start from the aspects of the construction of the rights check and balance system, the blockchain income model, the income distribution system, the participant evaluation mechanism and the node management mechanism. It provides the best practices of the governance framework for the industry and can be called the "treasure house of digital collection innovation". Hyperredox, as a more compliant, open and diversified alliance chain, in a certain sense, puts forward higher requirements on Governance for the application of digital collections on the alliance chain, breaking through the traditional alliance chain technology. In addition to meeting the regulatory behavior, stability, efficiency, neutrality, supportability and impartiality in the alliance chain operation governance framework, it also needs to meet the following characteristics:.
        Openness will ensure the multi center and neutral characteristics of the blockchain network to the maximum extent, but everything should be carried out under the premise of compliance. Compliance operation can also make the blockchain network be recognized and applied to the maximum extent, and get sound development. When conducting R & D and innovation of blockchain network related businesses, we should abide by the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, and also pay attention to the introduction of new laws and regulations at all times to ensure that the business is carried out under the premise of legality and compliance. The operation of blockchain infrastructure requires relevant units / institutions to pay a certain amount of human resources and it infrastructure resources as costs. It is self-evident that the sustainability of the income distribution mechanism is important. Therefore, it is necessary to create and implement an income distribution mechanism that uses legal currency (RMB) as the sole settlement, so as to meet the basic income of infrastructure operators on the one hand and ensure a certain amount of reasonable profit income on the other.
        After the blockchain infrastructure operators can get reasonable income distribution, there will be more institutional entities wishing to become operators to obtain the income from operating the blockchain infrastructure. Therefore, a reasonable competition mechanism is required to ensure the stability and efficiency of the blockchain operation on the one hand, and build a benign competitive mechanism on the other hand to promote the long-term development of the blockchain network. The blockchain network can be endorsed by some important credit nodes, but it should not be "hijacked" by credit nodes to make it become a traditional data storage medium. At the same time, the actual trust logic of the blockchain network should not depend on a single entity, but on the consensus mechanism built on the basis of consensus algorithms and applied cryptography algorithms.
        For example, the initial operation of hyperredox follows the right check and balance system, that is, quchain technology acts as the technology provider and Hongdong technology acts as the main responsible party and operator. The relevant contribution income of consensus nodes and other problems in hyperredox's operation can be voted by the core administrator at any time. The process will be fully recorded on the blockchain to achieve complete fairness, openness and transparency. It is reported that Rudao chain builds endorsements based on the international leading blockchain underlying technology of quchain technology. At present, it has completed the filing of the network information office, and the node recruitment work is progressing in succession. With the launch of the "hyperredox" node recruitment plan, Hongdong technology will cooperate with relevant institutions and media to hold the "ecological Partner Conference" one after another, aiming to expand the diversity of blockchain application scenarios.
        At present, application development mainly focuses on digital collections, social network incentives, blockchain games, anti-counterfeiting certificates, public welfare, AR and artificial intelligence, augmented reality and other fields. The release of the white paper "alliance chain operation governance framework" has added "wings of take-off" to it. It plays a role in clearing the fog and seeing the bright moon for both practitioners and users, and provides a basic guarantee for further extensive digital economic cooperation. The narrative curtain of "hyperredox" is slowly pulling up. It is a long way to go. It is expected that institutions and individuals with common dreams will join the ecological operation of "hyperredox" to create a sustainable and effective economic incentive mechanism, so as to promote the construction of an independent, controllable, public oriented, open and compliant blockchain infrastructure!.
        On July 14, 2022, the 2022 trusted blockchain ecological conference and the first trust technology conference were hosted by the China Academy of information and communications and the trusted blockchain promotion program (TBI). At present, the situation at home and abroad is changing, and economic internal circulation has become an important strategic choice to deal with the current international and domestic situation. The call to circulate within the economy. On July 28, 2022, HuiFu Tianxia huiyouxing will hold a special closed door meeting for the MCN industry in Changsha, Hunan. At that time, the major MCN institutions in Hunan will gather together. With the advent of midsummer, Zhejiang is about to enter the main flood season. In the face of typhoon, flood and other disaster risks, the work of flood and typhoon prevention should not be ignored.
        With the number of Zhejiang Province. Recently, Jitu express announced that it won the 5A level logistics enterprise medal and certificate issued by China Federation of logistics and procurement, becoming the latest batch of 5A level logistics enterprises. In recent years, domestic coffee brands have risen one after another, and domestic coffee is developing toward the online trend. According to the statistics of magic mirror market intelligence data, Q2 of 2022. The Buddha worship in Putuo Mountain has always been very effective, so I have always wanted to visit with my friends. This summer, I took advantage of the rare time off to have a. Since 2020, COVID-19 has swept the world, and people's study, work and life have undergone earth shaking changes.
        There is a particularly interesting joke: I. On July 14, Toutiao, a public welfare project under Tiktok group, announced that as of July 2022, it had helped more than 19000 separated families to reunite, with the most. Industry news the fourth 712 technology brand intelligent manufacturing festival and the digital transformation and upgrading forum of the beauty industry have come to a successful conclusion! Under this opportunity, healthy China 2030.
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