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Virtual currency adds leeks to the game. My world is not happy this time.

Time : 29/09/2021 Author : 50rikj Click : + -
        Not long ago, many companies and teams made the idea of "minecraft" and used the game's world files, skin packages, etc. to NFT. A few days ago, mojangstudios issued an official announcement to announce that minecraft client and server applications are prohibited from integrating blockchain technology, and game content including world, skin, character items or other mods are not allowed to be used to create any related NFT. SRC = according to the official announcement, the minecraft team believes that today's NFT project is to create digital ownership and will artificially create scarcity and exclusivity, which is completely opposite to the values contained by minecraft itself.
        On the other hand, nowadays, NFT projects encourage huge profits, and the participants have a mentality of investment or speculation. This will divert the attention of players from the game, which is contrary to the long-term happy play of minecraft players. Another point is that many of the current NFT teams and companies are grass-roots teams. They often make money and run away or have no money. In the end, every ordinary player will suffer the most. At the beginning of this year, a team called blockverse released a message on the Internet. It is said that it is necessary to build an MC NFT server, where players can play and make money by mining.
        SRC = of course, there is no such thing as pure whoring in the world. You have to buy their NFT (priced at $120) products as tickets before entering this server. Many players who have been fooled feel that they have something to do, and they have used the speed of the double 11 rush to buy one ticket out of 10000. However, just as these players were complacent and ready to start mining in the server, they found that the server was not open at all. They turned to contact the blockverse team and found that they had disappeared. SRC = later, the deceived players joined forces to find blockverse team members all over the world. It was not easy to contact one of them, but they began to play rogue. They kept saying that it was not that they could not open the server, but that there was a problem with the server.
        Give them a refund and they say they deserve the $1.2 million. This matter has been delayed to the present, and there is no later text. The cheated players can only recognize the loss. This time, after mojangstudios announced that blockchain was prohibited in my world, the NFT team could not sit still. One of them, nftworlds, was originally planning to do a lot of special work in my world, but the ban was directly broken down, giving play to the traditional art of a wave of NFT small workshops. SRC = I couldn't stand it, so I chased the fans all the way on twitter, saying by name that the mojangstudios team was disappointing, saying that the ban was rubbish, and saying that NFT was white lotus did not hurt any players of my world.
        So they are ready to make a big game, saying that they will abandon "my world" and join several independent production teams to make a brand-new game to replace "my world". SRC = however, if I say that NFT exists every day, my world is unique. If I can really make a game that can replace my world, I don't need to focus on the three melons and two jujubes of NFT, do I?. Moreover, my world does not permanently seal NFT. They mentioned in the announcement that they will continue to pay attention to the development of blockchain technology. So one day in the future, it is possible that my world will use NFT, but that will not be today.
        In the second half of last year, steam and epic, the two major game platforms, made opposite announcements against NFT. Steam banned all NFT related games and software due to the immature development of NFT. The epic side is more interesting. Originally, Tim & middot, CEO of epic; Tim Sweeney also said that the NFT field is full of scams at present, but when steam explicitly prohibited NFT, Tim immediately changed his words and said that as long as NFT games abide by the law, disclosure terms and appropriate age classification, they would not refuse to come. As expected, the enemy of the enemy is a friend.
        SRC = for example, Ubisoft has been interested in NFT for a long time, and also added NFT in its own game "ghost action & middot; breakpoint", which was scolded by the players. However, Ubisoft also insisted that it was still undaunted and determined to find a new way. More radical, such as ghosttown games, the developer of breakup kitchen, directly announced that it would never add NFT content to the game. SRC = for example, Team17, the game developer of "hundred fighters", once entered the NFT industry and launched the NFT based on the worms video game series. As a result, it was sprayed with blood by the players in the game community, and was forced to cancel the plan one day later.
        SRC = what is even more outrageous is that gscgameworld, the developer of sneaker 2, voluntarily announced the cancellation of the NFT plan one hour after it was released. In Xiaofa's opinion, technology is not good or evil, but there is still a difference between useful and useless. The current NFT technology can not make the game better, but it will bring many risks. Why bother eating hot tofu and scalding your mouth?. In the first half of the year, although the car market was still deeply affected by the epidemic and the chip crisis, the recovery of China's car market was also visible under the effective domestic response; Therefore, today we will take stock of the heavy new cars that were launched in the first half of this year.
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