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Can blockchain stocks and bitcoin rise sharply yesterday?

Time : 25/09/2021 Author : ljknx1 Click : + -
        This is actually distributed accounting. For example, in our family, mom used to keep accounts, but if dad thinks this is unfair and thinks that one person's accounting is easy to be watery, how can it be more fair? Well, now we keep accounts, my parents keep accounts, and I keep accounts. If three people keep accounts together, we can't make a fake. ① Security: the blockchain itself is not controlled by anyone, and the data is completely copied on multiple computers. If one of the data processing centers has a problem, the whole data chain will not be affected;. Thanks to the support of the Chinese central government for blockchain technology, the US stock Xunlei soared 107% overnight, and bitcoin also broke the $10000 mark.
        As we said earlier, the blockchain companies that the US stock market can pay attention to include visa, Citigroup and Facebook, because Facebook has previously issued the digital currency Libra. The last recommendation is Alibaba, which also rose 3% last night. The lowest price this year is 178, and the highest is 200 dollars. In addition, China's "double ten" is also good. The government has always encouraged and supported blockchain technology and applications. However, those who use blockchain to issue virtual currency, speculate on air currency, and engage in capital trading under the banner of blockchain are resolutely cracked down and prohibited. There are also blockchain stocks in Australia. For example, ASX itself has gradually used this technology for innovation.
        Last night, the NASDAQ of the United States set a record high. Buffett's investment performance in recent years is not particularly good. Many people question his investment ability. This year, Buffett's investment return has lost the U.S. market. What inspiration should we have?. NASDAQ broke 8000 points. In the past few months, the financial, industrial and information technology sectors have talked about the economic recession the most frequently. In contrast, consumer oriented industries, such as health care, consumer goods and energy, hardly mention the term "recession". Buffett once bet that 98% of the fund management companies could not beat the market, and he also lost.
        This year, Buffett's return on investment is 9.6% lower than the market average. From December 31, 2008 to September 30, 2019, the total return of Berkshire Hathaway stock was 248.4%, while the total return of the S & P 500 index was 263.5% in the same period. Let's take a look at our own super. Australia's average return is 13.1. What about your super? Have you achieved a return of 13%? Gomarkets supports super account opening, direct purchase of index, asx200, NASDAQ, safe haven gold, and free matching.
        Buffett himself has repeatedly mentioned in his shareholder's letter that investors should buy and hold low-cost index funds for a long time. This can be used as an investment reference for "lazy people". Bitcoin (btcusd): the price of bitcoin continues to rise to the 10000 point integer level after a short-term favorable period. At present, it falls back to the position of the support belt 9350. The lower band support is $7300. If you enter this range, you can try to buy up. The stop loss is $5000. Gold (xauusd): after breaking the blue resistance level above, gold may continue to step back on the blue resistance and become the support line, which is the first entry point for buying at present.
        The upper resistance level is US $1510. The future trend of gold is still unclear, and it is not recommended to conduct large-scale unilateral trading.
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