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Blockchain can protect digital assets more comprehensively!

Time : 23/10/2021 Author : gt9vsr Click : + -
        Now many people are interested in digital currency, and many people want to invest in digital currency, but there are still many concerns. And blockchain may well solve this concern. The blockchain system is open. In addition to the encryption of the private information of the trading parties, the data of the blockchain is open to all. Anyone can query the blockchain data and develop relevant applications through the open interface. Therefore, the information of the whole system is highly transparent. The blockchain adopts consensus based specifications and Protocols (such as a set of open and transparent algorithms) to enable all nodes in the whole system to exchange data freely and safely in a trustless environment, so that trust in "people" is changed to trust in machines, and no human intervention will work.
        Once the information is verified and added to the blockchain, it will be permanently stored. Unless more than 51% of the nodes in the system can be controlled at the same time, the modification of the database on a single node is invalid. Therefore, the data stability and reliability of the blockchain are extremely high. Since the exchange between nodes follows a fixed algorithm, its data interaction does not need trust (the program rules in the blockchain will judge whether the activity is effective or not), so the counterparty does not need to let the other party generate trust through public identity, which is very helpful to the accumulation of credit.
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