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Alipay love donation platform fully introduces blockchain technology to create transparent public welfare

Time : 19/07/2022 Author : d95zx3 Click : + -
        Explorers of traditional public welfare organizations are actively engaged in a new experiment to change the public welfare ecology. At present, the Alipay love donation platform under ant financial has fully introduced the blockchain technology and is open to public welfare institutions. After review, the contracting institutions can self publish public welfare projects based on the blockchain. One foundation and the Red Cross Foundation of China (hereinafter referred to as "the red foundation") took the lead in submitting applications. The first blockchain public welfare project of the red foundation, "breaking up with the barriers", has been successfully launched and realized real-time account publicity. A large number of public welfare organizations are on their way. Blockchain is a hot word of mobile Internet. In short, it is a "digital account book that cannot be tampered with".
        The use of blockchain in the public welfare field not only serves the imagination of life through technology, but also has the characteristics of openness and transparency. In July this year, when ant financial and the China Social Assistance Foundation tested the public welfare of the blockchain on a small scale, some people commented that this technology would help solve the pain point of public welfare financial transparency. The online fund-raising platform relies on convenience and flow to make public welfare rapidly popular. When citizens' awareness of donation and funds are no longer a problem, how to ensure "making the best use of everything" becomes the focus. Everyone wants to know when the money in their hands is donated to whom. On the traditional online fund-raising platform, it is difficult to track the flow of charity funds after entering the foundation account, while the public welfare projects supported by blockchain technology solve the problem of "the last kilometer" of charity funds publicity.
        The ocean paradise project to be launched by one foundation will provide behavioral training opportunities for autistic children from poor families. Shen Min, Deputy Secretary General of one foundation, told the reporter that in the blockchain public welfare project, the whole process from donation to entry into the beneficiary's account must be completed in the background of Alipay and will be truthfully recorded and disclosed by the blockchain, including management fees. "The concept of one foundation serving the public and accepting public accountability coincides with the development concept of blockchain technology, and is also conducive to the implementation of the requirements of the charity law for information openness and transparency.". On the project page of "breaking up with the handicapped", users can click "love transfer record" to view the flow of charity funds.
        It records that "the project was launched on December 11, 2016" and is currently "in the process of raising funds". In the "donation record", the time and amount of donations made by all donors after privacy treatment are clear at a glance. According to the reporter, after the fund-raising, the time of allocation and the time when each beneficiary receives the money will also be announced one by one. Hu Ling, director of the China Red foundation crowdfunding project center, told the reporter that the red foundation has always been in the top of the China Foundation transparency index (the transparency ranking of foundations jointly formulated by the Foundation Center Network and Tsinghua University) and has been widely recognized in the industry. However, it is difficult for every donor to feel these. "All of us choose to publish blockchain public welfare projects in the hope that, by virtue of the trend and dividends of the technological revolution, more people will have an intuitive experience of our project implementation process and win more understanding and trust.
        ”。 According to the reporter's understanding, the blockchain technology used for the Alipay love donation platform is independently designed and developed by ant financial. It has absorbed the technical accumulation of ant financial and Alibaba Group in the fields of payment, e-commerce and cloud computing in the past 10 years. It has high performance and low cost, and has reached financial level stability. "Ant's blockchain technology is constantly improving and upgrading, and it has the ability to deploy on the cloud." Zhao zunkui, senior architect of ant financial, told reporters, "ant is building an open & lsquo; trust chain & rsquo;. As a cloud service with trust as the core, it can provide trusted database, trusted capital transaction, trusted asset transaction, trusted link service, and also provide trusted public welfare services.
        "People in the industry believe that this represents that ant financial's blockchain will gradually expand the accounting nodes for partners. What does it mean? In addition to donations, more non-traditional public welfare projects with diverse forms, many participants and complex processes will be expected to solve the problems of operation, finance and information disclosure through blockchain Technology. Zhao zunkui gave an example to the reporter, such as e-commerce platforms and logistics companies in international rescue projects, and public welfare insurance Claim settlement institutions in insurance projects, even national audit institutions, can synchronize "account books" to the cloud. The "account book" information will take effect after being jointly confirmed by all participants. "If anyone wants to tamper with it secretly, sorry, it will be invalid by default.
        ”。 It is reported that the Alipay love donation platform has the ability to accept all public welfare organizations with public fundraising qualifications to self publish blockchain projects, but public welfare organizations can still choose to "use or not" this technology. "We hope to become the driving force for the transparency of China's public welfare, rather than pulling out the seedlings. The love donation platform on Alipay has been operating for many years. We see that the executive and financial capabilities of public welfare organizations are constantly improving. Perhaps one day, this selection key can be cancelled." Liu Qin, social responsibility director of ant financial, said. Hu Ling told the reporter that the blockchain technology provides a solution for the transparent operation of public welfare, but the fund allocation is not the end of a project. The tracking and feedback of the situation of the beneficiary after receiving help is not only an explanation to the donor, but also a way to continuously pay attention to the development of social problems.
        This process requires the participation of more social forces. "The direction of & lsquo; Internet + public welfare & rsquo; is to provide warm assistance, and there is a lot of room for imagination. The combination of Internet technology and volunteer service is the longer-term expectation of the red foundation.".
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