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Comprehensive sorting: where are the "chains" of 20 blockchain concept stocks

Time : 16/07/2022 Author : io8n1k Click : + -
        Some companies have funded the establishment of blockchain investment funds; Some companies try to introduce blockchain technology; Some companies do not even have any blockchain business, just announce on the official website that they want to enter the blockchain industry, or join a blockchain industry organization & hellip& hellip;。 Under the hype, we need to guard against risks. In the face of the rapid rise of blockchain concept stocks, many listed companies have issued announcements to clarify the relationship between the company's business and blockchain: gaoweida claims that there is no business income related to blockchain; Fengfeng Group said it had no control relationship with Fengfeng Xinying; Sifang Jingchuang said that blockchain cooperation projects made little contribution to performance & hellip& hellip;。
        How many blockchain components are there in blockchain concept stocks? The following is a summary of the business related to the official announcements of 20 so-called blockchain concept stocks to help readers judge their quality. The main selling points of this blockchain concept leader are blockchain investment funds and the application of blockchain technology in supply chain finance. The main business of the company is supply chain management business, commercial factoring business and auto parts production and sales business. At the beginning of 2017, the company announced that it planned to establish a blockchain investment fund in the form of limited partnership with Yunnan International Trust Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang zheyin Hongwan Asset Management Co., Ltd. According to the announcement on November 9, 2017, the project subsidiary of the investment fund, Horgos easy to see blockchain commercial factoring Co., Ltd., began to operate.
        On the other hand, Yijian Tianshu technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yijian Co., Ltd., is mainly engaged in integrating the latest technologies such as Internet of things, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies with the business scenarios of the supply chain, and settling down in the fields of supply chain management, intelligent warehousing and supply chain finance. The company disclosed in its report for the first half of 2017 that it had successfully completed the development of "easy to see block" System 1.0 and realized commercial use in the pharmaceutical and bulk commodity fields. In the first half of 2017, the total amount of funds invested through the "easy to see block" system was 81.97 million yuan. As of the end of July 2017, the accumulated funds invested exceeded 100 million yuan. The "easy to see block platform" built using blockchain technology is used to truly depict the trading background of both parties and provide financial institutions with pre loan pre-trial and post loan management support functions.
        The supplier initiates financing demand on the platform, the financial institution responds, the core enterprise confirms the rights, the easy to see block provides platform services, and the financial institution provides financing services for the supplier. The "easy to see block platform" built using blockchain technology is used to truly depict the status of the spot, and enhance goods and control by using Internet of things technology. Core enterprises initiate financing demands on the platform, financial institutions respond, and supply chain companies confirm that easy to see block provides platform services, and financial institutions provide financing services for core enterprises. The company mainly engages in software development (40.28% of the main business), system integration (40.5% of the main business), and professional technical services (19.02% of the main business).
        According to the announcement on January 11, the company has actively explored the blockchain technology in the past two years, and has made corresponding R & D investment and technology reserves. In 2017, the domestic letter of credit business system based on blockchain technology has been successfully launched in a commercial bank. Up to now, the amount of blockchain related contracts and orders signed by the company is about 4 million yuan, accounting for a small proportion of the company's operating income. The company said that the blockchain business is in the incubation and exploration period, and its future development is also uncertain. Recently, the company's stock has increased greatly. Please prevent the concept speculation and pay attention to the investment risk. The company combines the blockchain technology with the original technology to provide copyright owners with professional copyright services such as copyright management, license storage, monitoring and rights protection.
        Relevant copyright service products have been launched, such as the "copyright home" platform. In July 2017, the company became a member of the Linux foundation and hyperledger super ledger. In August 2017, the company launched the copyright blockchain alliance with well-known domestic enterprises. With the advanced blockchain technology and the successful application of blockchain technology in the copyright industry, the company recently became the director unit of China blockchain technology and Industry Development Forum. An enterprise that provides professional IT service outsourcing for banks in Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao. The business scope covers customized software development (including IT consulting), application maintenance and system integration.
        In March 2017, it announced the establishment of Sifang Jingchuang blockchain innovation center in cooperation with IBM; Use IBM cloud computing and design thinking to verify and test the development concept. Both parties will form a blockchain expert team to assist customers in solution development. Sifang Jingchuang believes that through cooperation with IBM, it will be able to quickly master key blockchain technologies and play a role in cross-border and cross-border innovative financial technology applications. According to the company's announcement on December 8, 2017, the first project "CCBA blockchain for bancassurance project" that was converted into practical application was successfully implemented in China Construction Bank (Asia) Co., Ltd. (CCB Asia).
        The project is the application of blockchain technology in bancassurance business. The successful implementation of the project can realize real-time sharing of insurance policy data and optimize bancassurance business. Recently, Sifang Jingchuang announced that although the first cooperation project was successfully developed and implemented, the income was more than 270000 Hong Kong dollars, which made a very small contribution to the company's performance. It will take some time for the cooperation between the two sides to be transformed into large industrial income, and there is still uncertainty about the impact on the company's performance in the future. A senior software supplier serving the financial informatization of the power industry, providing enterprise management software and services with finance as the core for 90% of domestic power enterprises. According to the announcement, Yuanguang software is comprehensively laying out the blockchain industry.
        At the capital level, the company cooperated with tus holdings to establish the "tus high beam blockchain industry fund", with a fund scale of 200 million yuan;. In terms of application, the company's blockchain team has continuously received blockchain scientific research projects proposed by many customers, strengthened the research on application scenarios of blockchain technology, and currently carried out practical research and development in application scenarios such as trusted electronic licenses, electricity bill settlement, and internal connected transaction books;. At the cooperation level, the company has successively initiated and joined the "Zhongguancun blockchain industry alliance", "China blockchain technology innovation and application alliance", "Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao blockchain forum" and other alliance organizations, actively participated in the domestic blockchain related industry cooperation negotiations, and established contacts with Tsinghua energy Internet Research Institute, energy blockchain laboratory, Wanxiang blockchain laboratory, etc.
        Feitian integrity is a high-tech enterprise focusing on identity authentication and information security product development, production, sales and service. Its main products include U shield and digital token. It is considered as a blockchain concept stock due to the launch of digital currency hardware wallet in the zone. However, it is worth noting that in a Clarification Announcement in June 2016, the company stated that the product currently developed is a virtual currency hardware wallet product, which is only a secure storage device for blockchain virtual currency and belongs to a terminal auxiliary product in the blockchain industry chain. At present, it is still in the research and development stage, and the future market has great uncertainty and the market share is unpredictable. Please pay attention to the risks.
        On January 11, it was announced that up to now, the company's business income in 2017 did not include the business income directly generated by the research and development achievements of blockchain technology. Please pay attention to the investment risk and invest prudently. At the same time, the company said that blockchain technology is an important technical direction in the global financial technology field in the future. Since 2016, gaoweida has been actively paying attention to the frontier exploration, R & D and application of blockchain technology, committed to applying blockchain technology to the existing financial technology field, and specially organized R & D forces to conduct corresponding research and accumulated corresponding talent reserves and technology reserves. The company is a leading IT integrated service provider in the field of domestic government and bank users.
        The main business is application software development, technical services and related computer information system integration services. In the semi annual report of 2017, the company stated that it would continue to adhere to the development strategy based on the overall solution of intelligent banking and the comprehensive service of the third-party Internet banking platform. Based on the needs of Internet transformation and asset securitization of small and medium-sized banks, it would further promote financial technology innovation businesses such as Internet banking, asset securitization, financial asset trading, asset management, credit investigation, big data, cloud services and blockchain. Previously, there was a media report that "Blizzard BFC bokuyun is the world's first blockchain basic service platform of BCN (blockchain consensus network). It was launched by Beijing Blizzard new film technology Co., Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Blizzard Group Co., Ltd.
        ”。 In response to the above related reports, Fengfeng Group announced on January 11 that there is no control relationship between the company and Fengfeng Xinying, and Fengfeng Xinying is not a subsidiary within the scope of the company's consolidated financial statements. According to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM Listing Rules, Fengfeng Xinying is an affiliated legal person of the company. On January 8, u9 released a public message through its own, saying that u9 "announced the layout of blockchain game business in a high profile"; However, this trend did not appear in the announcement of its listed company. It mainly provides IT solutions and services for commercial banks, including software solutions, it infrastructure construction and it operation and maintenance services.
        On January 11, the company said that it was still in the early technology reserve stage in the blockchain technology field, and the related projects were also small-scale pilot projects. There was no clear application prospect, and it would not have a substantial impact on the company's business in the short term. It is suggested that investors view the application prospect of blockchain technology rationally. The company believes that blockchain technology has not yet found a breakthrough large-scale application scenario. Its linkage advantages are mainly engaged in mobile information services, third-party payment services, big data services, operator billing and settlement services and cross-border e-commerce services. The 2017 semi annual report disclosed that the linkage advantage company combined cross-border payment and factoring business, developed a blockchain based order management system, and provided order verification and traceability services among the merchant system, cross-border payment system and factoring system; At the same time, the linkage advantage closely cooperated with the ICT Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology. As an initial member of the trusted blockchain working group of the data center alliance, he participated in the standard formulation and evaluation of the trusted blockchain certification.
        Linkage advantage indicates that the company has deep research on Ethereum and super ledger. At present, many blockchain project products are being implemented. The company took advantage of the blockchain based information verification cooperation platform to participate in the Shanghai blockchain hack song competition. The blockchain based financial transaction information deposit platform has reached cooperation with Bank of Xiamen and has been developed. The next linkage advantage is to consider applying blockchain to supply chain and supply chain finance. In November 2016, the company and Dongwu online (Suzhou) Financial Technology Service Co., Ltd. jointly funded the establishment of linkstone (Suzhou) Information Technology Co., Ltd., with a capital contribution of 21 million yuan, accounting for 70% of the shares.
        The business carried out by chainstone includes the research and development of basic technologies and platforms related to blockchain; The design and implementation of a complete set of solutions for blockchain applications in various fields, as well as the operation and external services of the blockchain transaction business platform. In the future, linkstone plans to focus on private / customized application scenarios facing the financial industry, supplemented by social scenarios and pan customer groups. In 2016, it was disclosed that it participated in the pre-A round of financing of the fun chain. Jointly with xinyada System Engineering Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Junbao Communication Technology Co., Ltd. to increase the capital of Hangzhou Qulian Technology Co., Ltd. Among them, the company increased its capital by 5 million yuan.
        After the completion of the capital increase, the shareholding ratio of in quchain technology was 10%. At the end of 2017, some media reported that Qulian had completed another two rounds of follow-up financing. Quchain technology was founded in July 2016, with the research and development of blockchain underlying technology as the direction, and the core personnel of the blockchain Laboratory of Zhejiang University as the co-founder. The core technology of Qulian technology is the independently controllable domestic alliance chain cloud platform, which serves many fields such as finance, e-commerce, international shipping, copyright protection, real estate transactions, health care and so on. Currency processing equipment and system solution provider. The business includes bank automatic teller machine (ATM), remote smart Bank (VTM), sorting machine, intelligent transportation automatic fare collection system (AFC), etc.
        The company has established fintech Research Institute, which has made breakthroughs in artificial intelligence frontier technologies such as intelligent video analysis, intelligent speech recognition, blockchain and human-computer interaction. In February 2017, the controlling shareholder signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Bingjian technology to promote the energy blockchain business. Cooperate to set up a blockchain laboratory. Both parties jointly invest resources to set up an energy blockchain laboratory, of which Aikang industry is mainly responsible for the basic operating costs, and Bingjian technology is responsible for investing its relevant existing technologies and organizing a technical team. All intellectual property rights generated by the blockchain laboratory are owned by the joint venture or jointly owned by both parties. Aikang industry (and its controlling affiliates) can use all mature technologies generated by the blockchain Laboratory for free.
        Recently, Aikang technology announced again that its wholly-owned subsidiary Jiangsu Aikang Energy Research Institute Co., Ltd. has established a branch in Shanghai. The branch has recently completed the industrial and commercial registration procedures and obtained the business license issued by Shanghai Minhang District market supervision and Administration Bureau. At the same time, the company also stressed that the above matters are still in the R & D stage, and there is still uncertainty in the specific technology application and landing. Please pay attention to the investment risks. The company mentioned in the announcement that it has a certain reserve in blockchain technology research, and has made a layout in information security, big data trading and other aspects. Since 2016, the company has successively invested in peernove, a silicon valley blockchain company in the United States, and established a Chinese joint venture with it to acquire blockchain technology.
        Through the joint venture with Heilongjiang Beidahuang Agriculture Co., Ltd. to set up a blockchain agricultural company, the agricultural product sales and supply chain finance scenarios were cut in. The blockchain agricultural company "Shanhao flavor" (holding 80%) cooperated with Beidahuang: so far, Shanliang flavor has preliminarily completed the blockchain agricultural product quality certification and the development of version 1.0 of the new production platform ("Shanliang steward"), the research and development of the first generation of blockchain certified packaged rice products, and the construction of online sales channels. It is working hard to develop a new retail model of agricultural products. The first batch of blockchain certified rice products has been put on the market. Jinqiu Technology (holding 33%): in 2017, Jinqiu technology cooperated with UnionPay to provide a blockchain credit information technology platform for Xiamen financial office by using blockchain technology. The Haixing chain independently developed by Jinqiu won the special fund of Shanghai municipal government.
        In terms of international cooperation, Jinqiu technology and novatti, the first payment enterprise in Australia, signed a memorandum of understanding on the cooperation between China and Australia in the field of blockchain and payment. The "starfish chain" independently developed by Jinqiu technology also has a high reputation in the world: Jinqiu technology team has been invited to attend the first fintech summit intersekt in Australia, to attend the world bank SME forum in Berlin, to attend the global hyperledger member conference in Singapore, and to share the application cases of blockchain in the financial field as special guests. Smart chain (joint venture with peer nova, a blockchain company in Silicon Valley of the United States, holding 90% of the company's shares): become the governing unit of the trusted blockchain Industry Association, and cooperate with IBM hyperledger to release the enterprise level blockchain joint solution
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