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Wangchain Technology participated in the formulation of the evaluation method of blockchain supply chain financial system

Time : 23/01/2022 Author : kebtrg Click : + -
        In order to promote the development of the blockchain industry and build a trusted blockchain ecosystem, on July 14, 2022, under the guidance of the China Institute of information and communications (hereinafter referred to as the "China Institute of information and communications") and the China Communications Standardization Association, the trusted blockchain promotion plan, the big data technology standard Promotion Committee of the China Communications Standardization Association The 2022 trusted blockchain ecological conference and the first trust Technology Conference co organized by the trusted blockchain Standard Promotion Committee of China Communications Standardization Association were held in Beijing. With the theme of "trust created by science and technology", this conference, focusing on key issues such as enabling the development of digital economy, promoting the circulation of data elements in the market, and building a trusted base of value Internet, joined hands with many industry, University and research experts to discuss the latest progress of blockchain technology, industry and ecology, and released the latest achievements.
        At the meeting, Pang Weiwei, senior business director of the Institute of cloud computing and big data of the Chinese Academy of communications and communications, introduced the trusted blockchain Standard System 2.0. Cheng Yang, Liu Tingting and Zhang Lifeng, blockchain engineers of the Institute of cloud computing and big data of the Chinese Academy of communications and communications, Yang Chunli, senior engineer of the postal industry security center of the State Post Office, and Wang Shaogang, senior manager of the financial technology of ICBC, respectively introduced the requirements for the classification of blockchain platform capabilities Research results of blockchain standards such as technical requirements and evaluation methods for inter chain interoperability, evaluation methods for blockchain supply chain financial system, application guide for postal blockchain technology, and financial industry blockchain application specification and financial charity.
        Zhang Lifeng, a blockchain engineer of the Institute of cloud computing and big data of the Chinese Academy of information and communications, gave a detailed introduction to the evaluation method of blockchain supply chain financial system, including the important role of supply chain finance in the supply side reform and the development of individual industries, as well as many problems in the current supply chain finance field, and the prominent role of blockchain technology in breaking the supply chain finance, opening up the upstream and downstream, and assisting enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency. With regard to the formulation of the evaluation method of blockchain supply chain financial system, Mr. Zhang Lifeng proposed in his speech that only by constructing "standardized application of standards and applying feedback standards" can we promote the virtuous circle of supply chain finance application in the industry and industrial development.
        At the conference, Mr. Zhang also proposed the evaluation method of the blockchain supply chain financial system. Aiming at the existing blockchain framework and combining the analysis of the supply chain financial industry, he abstracted out the general evaluation indicators, aiming at standardizing the industry development and protecting the regular blockchain manufacturers. As a participating unit of the evaluation method of blockchain supply chain financial system, wangchain technology team actively participated in the revision of relevant standards of the trusted blockchain & mdash; evaluation method of blockchain supply chain financial system. On March 16, 2022, the blockchain supply chain financial system evaluation expert group held its first online meeting, mainly discussing whether the business model (key process) is reasonable; The meeting also determined the division and arrangement of writing tasks. On March 23, the first joint draft discussion meeting was also successfully held. At the meeting, experts discussed whether the universality of evaluation methods and the writing of test steps were reasonable, comprehensive and understandable, and which evaluation methods must be tested and which are optional.
        On March 24, the evaluation method of blockchain supply chain financial system was officially finalized. From the perspective of the technology provider, the wangchain technology team has put forward important opinions and suggestions on the system business model, key processes, evaluation methods and evaluation indicators. The evaluation method of financial system of blockchain supply chain provides the application principles, relevant roles, application models, key processes and evaluation methods of financial services of blockchain supply chain. Specifically, it includes the basic functions of the blockchain, account information query, customer access management, electronic contract management, electronic document management, relationship between contracts and documents, digital voucher management, credit management, risk assessment, monitoring statistics, regulatory audit, data security and other modules.
        This evaluation method standard document is mainly applicable to the group standard of the trusted blockchain promotion plan. It not only provides reference for the groups, organizations and interested parties that plan to use the blockchain supply chain financial services, but also provides reference and technical guidance for the third-party testers to evaluate the blockchain based supply chain financial system, and also provides relevant basis for the acceptance of the blockchain based supply chain financial system. Blockchain is an important part of the new generation of information technology. It is the general trend to trust consensus to create value, promote the deep integration of blockchain and manufacturing industry, and promote the digital transformation of industry. With the development of the supply chain finance industry, the scenario demonstration application continues to deepen, The release of "trusted blockchain & mdash; evaluation method of blockchain supply chain financial system" provides a standard for measuring the financial service capability of the supply chain and the underlying blockchain technology capability, and also provides a direction for enterprises to assess whether the supply chain financial platform has a complete capability system.
        As a member of the blockchain industry, wangchain technology will continue to adhere to the concept of blockchain innovators, actively participate in the research and development of relevant rules and standards in the industry, and contribute to the high-quality development of the blockchain industry.
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