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Blockchain planning dry goods: a list of professional analysis of BSC and NFT trading markets by toto planning director

Time : 12/06/2022 Author : wnukpv Click : + -
        This article comes from the professional analysis of Luo Mingke, planning director of toto blockchain advertising planning company. We welcome your comments and opinions, and work together to improve the knowledge level and professionalism of the blockchain planning industry!. Since the explosion of NFT market last year, new projects have emerged in an endless stream. Due to Ethereum's high handling fees and slow block confirmation speed, some NFT projects (especially those with high requirements for TPS and handling fees) choose other layer1 public chains. They sacrifice a certain degree of decentralization to achieve extremely low handling fees and faster transfer speed. Among them, BSC has become the largest beneficiary, and has become the chain that most chain tourism projects choose to deploy.
        With its low gas fee and throughput five times higher than that of Ethereum (BSC processes about 100 transactions per second), BSC is constantly working on the chain. Currently, 477 game projects have been deployed on BSC. In addition, there are many factors that promote the development of BSC upstream tourism, including the official encouragement of users to participate in excellent projects by rewarding unique NFT and bonus methods. As follows:& bull; In June 2021, the most valuable builder program "mvbii" was launched, and the selected projects can obtain $10000 seed fund& bull; On December 6, BSC cooperated with animocabrands to launch a $200 million chain game investment plan to accelerate and incubate the development of early cryptogame startups.
        According to the data of footprint analytics, users began to pour into BSC in July 2021, and the influx continued until September 2021. However, the total number of users dropped sharply to 180000 after reaching 480000 on December 7. As a result, December 7 became a watershed for the growth and decline of the total number of users of BSC. The main reason was that the most popular chain game cryptogames of BSC at that time plummeted and collapsed;. It can be found from the data that the number of users and transaction volume of BSC upstream projects have greatly decreased, less than 1 / 10 of the peak value, when the market gradually enters the bear market from the bull market. The reasons will be explained later;.
        Mobox launched bnbchain in the first ten days of April 2021, and has always been among the top 10 in BSC. This game is mainly based on the mode of playtoearn + mobile mining. It is built on the defi ecosystem, combines NFT with the game, and provides users with the best revenue strategy by using such infrastructure as liquidity pool, farming income, NFT and gamefi. A. Tradeaction is a free trading simulator with small games. Users can get rewards through Mbox tokens. B. Tokenmaster is a casual turn based PVP game. At the end of each season, users on the leaderboard can receive Mbox tokens.
        C. Blockbrawler is an RPG game focusing on combat strategy. Players can obtain talent points, equipment and skill gems through various challenges, and form strong fighting strategies in the process of the game to defeat various bosses. In addition to games, mobox provides users with decentralized and centralized wallets, account systems, achievement systems and chat systems. In order to participate in this project, you can use moboxao's native governance token Mbox to purchase additional roles, lottery opportunities and rewards. Users can also pledge or purchase in various liquidity pools on the platform.
        Like most chain games, mobox inevitably enters the spiral decline after experiencing the high apy spiral rise stage in the early stage. The price of its platform token Mbox dropped 94% from the high point, and the number of active users was also 90% less than the peak value;. Mobox's positioning is to become a leading game distribution platform in the blockchain industry, with reference to steam / epicgames in the traditional game industry. Mobox's game free trial play, introduction of chat and achievement system and construction of player community are very similar to steam's operation mode. It is the current chain game platform that is moving in the right direction. However, the core problem is that the current chain game production level is still at the level of web games more than 10 years ago. There is no game experience, and users are playing with the concept of earn.
        No matter how the economic model is designed, in the absence of continuous external feedback into the system, the economic system will collapse sooner or later when the majority of players aim to earn profits. The difference is only the length of the project life cycle. Nftrade is an NFT platform that can conduct cross chain transactions. It is the aggregator of all NFT markets and hosts the complete NFT life cycle, allowing anyone to seamlessly create, buy, sell, exchange, plant and utilize NFTs in different blockchains. With nftrade, anyone can access their entire NFT, thus releasing the total value of the NFT market.
        On March 16, 2022, bnbchain Fund announced a strategic acquisition of nftrade's utility and governance token $nftd to support its continuous growth in the BNB chain ecosystem. The biggest highlight of nftrade project is that it can realize the cross chain transaction of NFT. The cross chain enables the liquidity of NFT to be enhanced, and the independent NFT platforms between public chains can realize asset interoperability. But at the same time, nftrade has obvious disadvantages: insufficient liquidity. Most popular NFT projects will be traded in the largest NFT market in the issuance chain because their liquidity is far better than other exchanges.
        At present, there is no obvious demand for NFT cross chain transaction. Although it is a good direction in the future, it is too early for the current market. The pancakeswapnft trading market was launched on September 30, 2021. The main feature is NFT with financial color rather than pure creative collection. Most of the transaction volume in pancakeswap comes from the pancakesquare project. By creating a favorite NFT character (PFP) with rabbit as the theme, players are attracted to participate in the collection activities. Each rabbit can be exchanged for a certain amount of cake, which is the original token of the project.
        Like other tradable assets, collectors speculate on the value of these NFTs based on the price fluctuations of cake. However, its price has dropped more than 90% from the high point, and the current trading volume is also very low, less than 1 / 30 of the high point. Airnfts is an NFT market based on the bitcoin smart chain BSC, which allows users to create, buy and sell NFTs, and buy and sell them faster and cheaper at a transaction cost of less than US $1. At the same time, each NFT sale can earn BNB and AIRT. The biggest feature of airnfts is the nftlaunchpad function. Nftlaunchpad can be used to raise funds for projects through NFT, and users can also choose their favorite works to hold in the early morning at a lower price.
        Users who purchase NFT on the platform will get NFT at the end of the process and will transfer it to their account. However, at present, airnfts is in the early stage of development, and it is relatively small. There are not many projects and participants on the line. In addition to selling at a fixed price, NFT sellers can also use the auction function. Tofu uses a self created auction method: the latter bidder will pay 5% of the fee to the former bidder. This advantage is to encourage users to participate in the bidding. Even if the bidder fails to win the bid, he can get 5% of the fee. It is a very easy-to-use sales method. The seller can use the NFT packaged within 50 to sell together, saving a lot of time and cost. In addition, it is also suitable for event sales.
        At the beginning of its launch, tofu benefited from the rapid development of gamefi. It once occupied the first place in bscnft trading volume and the first place in user volume. In December of 21, the trading volume reached US $40 million, and the monthly live users were 5W +; However, as the popularity of gamefi fades, its trading volume and number of users continue to decline. At present, the average daily trading volume is only about 3W $. Due to the advantages of BSC's low gas fee and fast trading, a large number of new playtoearn games were launched in the past bull market. BSC is also known as the "game chain". However, when we analyze the data, not all the items are so good.
        Basically, all BSC game projects fail to retain users. Although there are a lot of subsidies and incentives, it is obvious that BSC must focus on attracting high-quality projects on its chain and have its own "boring apes", not just many projects. At present, gamefi is in its infancy, and the game quality is at the level of web games more than 10 years ago. Even if the mode of in-game centralized operation + decentralized wallet is adopted, the game content is still very young, and there is no experience compared with web2 games. At present, the playto earn mode pursues earn far more than play. However, in web2 games, players often recharge in order to pursue the game experience, which brings external feedback to the game economic system.
        In order to attract users to participate in earn, projects often introduce a mechanism similar to Ponzi's, so as to obtain a large amount of funds and flows in the early stage, and then inevitably die. The price and trading volume of NFT will also experience a roller coaster like market. If gamefi wants to attract a large number of external users in the future, it must do the following: 1. Strong economic model design, based on long-term considerations in the future 2. High quality game content, rich playability, and improved gamer experience 3. Perfect community. For the NFT trading platform, due to the limitations of technology and development time, it is unlikely that there will be continuous external feedback into the system to enable the game to run for a long time. Therefore, at this stage, we can consider designing multiple projects with low interdependence (similar to stepn's Multi Chain), rather than multiple games coexisting in a platform economy (mobox).
        The survival of the platform is ensured by continuously launching new projects and retaining users. If metauniverse games have the strength to compete with web2 games after several years of development, one thing we should consider is: which chain these games will be deployed. At present, BSC is sacrificing the degree of decentralization to improve the experience, so that the chain can run first. If with the development of blockchain technology, a chain has a better solution for the Impossible Triangle (decentralization, security and scalability), then there is no doubt that the market will make a corresponding choice: migration. As an NFT trading platform, it is necessary to be prepared to support multi chain at the beginning of design.
        Popular science: toto blockchain advertising planning company: a brand studio focusing on blockchain project copy planning, graphic design, business model innovation and network marketing promotion! Return to Sohu to see more.
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