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Seventh: how to judge the value of blockchain? Can bitcoin be bought?

Time : 01/07/2022 Author : brjs7k Click : + -
        What are the characteristics of a new thing, a new idea, in its early days? If we want to judge it, we must first understand it. If we can not fully recognize it, we can always recognize its most basic characteristics. Let's say three points. The first point is that in the initial stage of new things, the infrastructure that guarantees the rapid development of new things is not perfect, and almost all of them are the same. The train has been built. Is the railway complete? Internet of things can be realized in many fields, but can it be done without 5g technology? Neither can I. Let's tell a story about social sciences. For example, the reform movement of 1898 was not perfect politically and economically in the early stage. Kang Youwei and Liang Qichao started to move forward. This is a very objective and realistic problem.
        The second point is that there is a problem in the group psychology. The Frenchman wrote the mob, and people follow in a swarm. The group problem is particularly prominent and obvious. In a sense, a thing or a thing has to go through a very important mental process, and sometimes people blindly think that it can be realized without going through it. The third point is human nature. Some individuals feel that they can understand this matter, so they should do what they want. Sometimes, the problems of individual people will lead to negative things in the whole thing. For example, instead of using blockchain technology, they only verbally publicize blockchain technology to raise illegal funds.
        Then, with the three basic characteristics, how should we judge? How on earth did it fire? There are also two dimensions to be discussed here, one is the dimension of real goods and the other is the dimension of futures. I have a cup in stock. How much is it worth? Ten or five, fixed. But if Alibaba and Tencent make a cup, we can look ahead. How much is it worth in the future? This is futures. If you don't understand, for example, there are many people typing and writing books at a very fast speed, but there is no manuscript. If there is a manuscript, you can think about it. How much is the two drafts of Mr. Lu Xun worth now? Right, this is the difference between the cash and futures in the mode of thinking.
        What is the essence of futures? That is, word of mouth, brand, influence, faith, fan benefits, consensus, and so on. Because he is rich, because he is valuable, he is worth it. If you think he is worthless, he is worthless. The current project of blockchain is basically futures. What we see is rising. Is there a head? We can't see it. However, how much impact does it have on the whole social life? I don't know. It hasn't made a very close link with reality, or it hasn't developed to that close stage. Therefore, when we make such a value judgment, we should have both dimensions. At the same time, these two dimensions should be divided in proportion according to our own cognition. We should not do one thing irrationally or treat some things too cautiously.
        First, there is a thing in the world. Everyone is making money and it is always rising. You can imagine that a pie always falls on yourself. Is it good to ask people around you?. Second, if there is a special opportunity to make money in society, why does it happen to me instead of others? Why is it me instead of others? Right, many things can't be asked why. Many things are not lucky, so we should first ask why. Third, to make an inappropriate analogy, for example, alas, Buffett is just like this. Our investment yield is higher than Buffett's, but when the stock market falls?.
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