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How to improve the quality and development of rural homestays

Time : 17/01/2022 Author : gcnjbq Click : + -
        A few days ago, the Ministry of culture and tourism and other 10 departments jointly issued the guiding opinions on promoting the high-quality development of rural homestays, which defined the overall objective of the high-quality development of rural homestays and proposed the key tasks and guarantee measures for the next stage. China's rural homestay has experienced a development process from scratch and from small to large. Now it has become an important business form of rural tourism, an important driving force to drive rural economic growth and an important hand to help comprehensively promote rural revitalization. "Faced with the dual challenges of consumption upgrading and the impact of the epidemic, many rural homestays are currently facing the test of practical problems such as lack of characteristic management and lack of multi-channel income growth." Wu Ruoshan, a special researcher of the tourism research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that the opinions focused on the idea of solving problems and improving quality, targeted measures, and provided good guidance for promoting the high-quality development of rural homestays. It will provide full policy dividends for the further development of rural homestays, and inject development vitality into rural homestays and tourism.
        During the summer vacation this year, the peak of bookings for rural homestays arrived as scheduled. According to Hu Yang, vice president of Tujia B & B, the supply and demand of rural B & B on Tujia platform have been booming recently. The bookings in July increased by 95% month on month compared with June, and more than 30% compared with the same period in 2019; The number of rural homestays supplied exceeded 400000, more than twice that of 2019. In recent years, rural homestays have been continuously welcomed by the market. Li Jennie, vice president of Ctrip group, said that the number of rural bed and Breakfast bookings on the Ctrip platform in 2021 will more than double that of 2020. Especially, the number of bed and Breakfast bookings around the city and weekends are extremely hot. The emergence and popularity of rural homestays have multiple factors.
        Long Wenjun, director of the social and Cultural Research Office of the rural economic research center of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, summarized it as "citizens have needs and farmers have wishes". On the one hand, with the steady growth of China's economy and the improvement of the income level of residents, people's leisure style has been constantly changing. More and more urban residents choose to travel and live in the countryside, experience the slow-paced life and enjoy the pleasant scenery of the countryside; On the other hand, the development of rural homestays can drive farmers' income from multiple channels, so farmers' enthusiasm is high. At the same time, under the background of the country's Rural Revitalization Strategy, many market subjects think that the development of rural homestays has broad prospects, and have laid out the market.
        Previously, Ctrip group announced that by the end of 2025, it would build 10 benchmark rural holiday farms. In September last year, flying pig travel announced its strategic investment in piggy homestay. The two sides will reach deep strategic cooperation, which includes enriching the supply of rural homestay products, especially rural homestay products with personalized experience. The development of rural homestays cannot be separated from the support of policies. In recent years, policies and industrial standards such as the opinions on serving the "six stabilities" and "six guarantees" and further doing a good job in the reform of "decentralization, management and service", the basic requirements and evaluation of tourist homestays, the notice of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas on the promotion of leisure agriculture and rural tourism, and the action plan for promoting the development and upgrading of rural tourism (2018 & mdash; 2020) have been issued in succession. In order to encourage the development of rural tourism, It has played an important guiding role in promoting the standardization and standardization of rural homestays.
        For this reason, the introduction of the "opinions" has been highly concerned by the industry and placed high hopes on it. Rural homestays not only meet the consumption needs of urban residents, but also promote the revitalization of rural areas from the aspects of industry, culture, ecology, talents and organization. However, the development of rural homestays in recent years has also exposed some problems. Deng Ning, vice president of the school of tourism science of Beijing Second Institute of foreign languages, believes that at present, the supply and demand of rural homestays are flourishing, but there is still a large gap between the medium and high-quality rural homestays and the market demand. At present, the market is still dominated by low-end rural homestays. "The development of rural homestays faces such problems as lagging standard construction, obvious difficulty in forming characteristic brands due to homogeneity, lack of professional management and operation personnel, insufficient coverage and efficiency of industry supervision.
        To solve these problems and promote the high-quality development of rural homestays, it is urgent to make efforts in both hardware and software. Deng Ning said that the hardware is mainly reflected in the further improvement of the infrastructure of rural homestays, such as paying more attention to the accessibility of rural homestays and the overall improvement of the surrounding environment; Promote the optimization of rural homestay infrastructure with the construction of tourism service reception standards; Build a scene project that reflects the nature of leisure and vacation; Strengthen the informatization and digital construction of rural homestays. "In the construction of rural homestays, special attention should be paid to the protection of the original ecological beauty of the countryside." Zhang Zhining, deputy director of the strategic research center of Ctrip Research Institute, said that the original ecology, environmental protection and low-carbon and effective integration into the local landscape should become the hardware standard of rural homestay construction.
        In this regard, the opinions put forward such key tasks as "improving planning and layout, optimizing resource development", "guiding and standardizing development, and strengthening brand guidance", and defined the specific direction of the next rural homestay construction and management. Tingsong academy, located in Yixian County, Hebei Province, is one of the first class a homestays in China. In 2015, Mei Jing returned to her hometown to establish the Tingsong Academy. In addition to the homestay section, the academy also has the functions of traditional Chinese aesthetic education class and Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance to spread the local characteristic culture. In her opinion, the high-quality development of rural homestays does not mean the simple pursuit of luxury style. "High quality should be reflected in the sincerity of service. At the same time, rural homestays should strive to reflect the local unique cultural environment.
        ”Mei Jing said. The opinions made it clear that it is necessary to respect the historical and cultural features, make rational use of natural environment, cultural landscape, historical culture, cultural relics and buildings and other resources to highlight the characteristics of rural homestays, integrate agricultural culture, traditional crafts, folk customs and customs into the construction of rural homestay products, pay attention to cultural interaction with surrounding communities, and encourage rural homestays to participate in public cultural services. Hu Yang believes that empowering with characteristic culture is the key to improve the soft power of rural homestays and break the homogeneous competition. "Rural homestays should have stories and emotions. They should be adapted to local conditions, times and people. They should excavate the local natural ecological culture, human history and culture, and preserve the local architecture, catering, folk customs and other characteristics.
        ”Hu Yang said. Not long ago, the Ministry of human resources and Social Security announced 18 new occupations to the society, including "homestay housekeeper". "With the gradual growth of rural homestays, the professional quality of homestay operators is increasingly required, which includes the improvement of service level and service standard, as well as the improvement of business management, cultural and tourism knowledge storage and other capabilities." Zhang Zhining said. In addition to meeting the needs of consumers for rural tourism, rural homestays have also driven the flow of capital, logistics, information, people and talents to the countryside, changing the phenomenon of backward rural industries, young people outflow and vacant houses. The opinions made it clear that on the premise of respecting the wishes of farmers and complying with the planning, rural collective economic organizations are encouraged to develop rural homestays in the whole village by means of registering companies, establishing cooperatives, and villagers' equity participation.
        Long Wenjun believes that rural homestays drive farmers' income mainly in three aspects: first, the property income of farmers' idle farmhouses. Farmers can operate rural homestays by themselves, can operate as shares, or can operate in partnership. In any case, this part of the fixed income of farmers must be guaranteed; Second, the wage income of farmers participating in the management and service of rural homestays; Third, as the rural homestays bring tourists, the handicrafts and local specialties produced by farmers become the companion gifts of tourists, which brings about an increase in the operating income of farmers. The development of rural homestays urgently needs relevant professionals. At present, a considerable part of the practitioners of rural homestays are local farmers. Although they are simple and enthusiastic, most of them do not have relevant professional quality, which will directly affect their service level and thus affect the operation of homestays.
        Relevant experts said that the training of rural homestay talents should be strengthened as soon as possible, so as to help the development of rural homestays with higher quality and better drive the income of farmers. A few days ago, the Ministry of culture and tourism and other 10 departments jointly issued the guiding opinions on promoting the high-quality development of rural homestays, which defined the overall objective of the high-quality development of rural homestays and proposed the key tasks and guarantee measures for the next stage.
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