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Xiao Lei: EOS is a coin 30, not a blockchain 30

Time : 26/04/2022 Author : q10xdh Click : + -
        According to the understanding of preaching finance, Xiao Lei, the author of the well-known financial column, said that EOS can not be called the 3.0 version of the blockchain. There is no application that will be so small as the EOS market in the 3.0 version. At present, EOS is still at the online technical level, which is unreasonable. The deeper aspect is that the penetration of consensus is far lower than the interest stimulation, which will limit the emergence of large-scale users. Therefore, more importantly, it is a blockchain conceptual form that conforms to the logic of coin speculation. It is a very good target, not a line. According to the current situation of EOS, in terms of transaction volume, the backstage query of coin world shows that there are 2822 transactions per second on the EOS main network, setting a new record. In addition, the BIGone exchange has issued an official announcement: the BIGone exchange has opened the real voting support platform on the EOS chain at 12.00 on July 19, 2018. The EOS position users on the platform vote for the supported super nodes with zero cost and zero technical threshold according to their real wishes, All EOS voting information of users can be queried on the chain.
        BIGone said that the platform has borne all the costs needed to create an account. On the one hand, some people affirm the development of EOS technology; on the other hand, people do not like EOS. At present, the price of EOS is US $8.39, a decrease of 5.46%. Xiao Lei said that EOS, a "self-organization" based on the blockchain consensus mechanism, can not withstand scrutiny, nor can it represent progressiveness. It lacks a check and balance mechanism, and "self-organization" will eventually lead to the situation of "superior and inferior". As long as there is the word "organization", it will become a "recognition mechanism" rather than a "consensus mechanism". If "self-organization" is the trend, then this trend may create more utopias and even utopias.
        At the same time, a large number of high-level intellectuals have not recognized the monetary value of blockchain technology. In an interview with Nikkei, the former director of the Japan finance agency, Takafumi Sato, said: I personally think that the IOC is generally a scam. Blockchain technology may have a great possibility, but it is very important to use this technology to provide valuable goods or services. Xiao Lei said that the first consideration for the business model of blockchain is whether it is a technology that can meet the needs of mass consumption in the future, such as search, information transmission, watching news on the portal, social networking, e-commerce and other daily matters of modern life. If it is based on meeting such needs, blockchain technology seems not to meet the needs of the times, but instead becomes a retrogression of scientific and technological means, because blockchain will make search, information transmission, social networking The speed of e-commerce and Games becomes slower, and the cost of power, time and environment is higher.
        Evangelical finance believes that the application of blockchain is to integrate the information age in which the society is relatively chaotic at present. Privacy and fairness make people very eager at the time of the information explosion. As long as there is a government, there will be a gap. It is impossible for blockchain to break this situation. Military, basic economy and social maintenance all require government intervention. We can only look at the changes of blockchain technology in the future.
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