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Application of blockchain technology to create primary and secondary markets of cultural digital assets

Time : 04/09/2021 Author : u5hk2x Click : + -
        In September 2018, the Ministry of information technology and industrial development of the national information center and the Shenzhen Cultural Exchange jointly set up the "cultural and art copyright blockchain application base", and the National Engineering Laboratory of big data system and the Shenzhen Cultural Exchange jointly set up the "big data National Engineering Laboratory Shenzhen cultural exchange blockchain Application Center". By providing application scenarios and anchor assets and physical objects of cultural and art copyright, we will accelerate the research, development, application and promotion of blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, and create a smart contract and rights confirmation and circulation trading platform including cultural and art copyright traceability. The pre-sale subscription of the primary market, the transaction flow of the secondary market, and the delivery and exchange in the application scenario of the tertiary market (DAPP) have opened up a new multi-level investment, financing and consumption mode for investors.
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