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A web30 Industry Guide: Ouyi OKx and LinkedIn launched the global blockchain talent report, Web3

Time : 09/12/2021 Author : 5mubek Click : + -
        Original title: a Web3.0 Industry Guide: Ouyi OKx and LinkedIn launched the global blockchain talent report - Web3.0 direction. On August 4, Ouyi OKx and LinkedIn launched the first global blockchain talent report - Web3.0 direction (hereinafter referred to as the report). The data sample of the report covers 180 countries. Taking 2019-june 2022 as the research cycle, it systematically combs and gives insight into the talent status and development trend of the global blockchain industry. Based on the report, this paper will conduct an in-depth analysis of the panoramic business form of the Web3 industry, and sort out and analyze the market growth trend, industry talent layout and enterprise development trend of the Web3 industry.
        Since the beginning of this year, the growth rate of the traditional investment market represented by the Internet, manufacturing and real estate has slowed down, and a large number of investment institutions have begun to turn to Web3.0, which is full of infinite possibilities. According to the incomplete statistics of Ouyi Research Institute, in the first quarter of 2022, Web3.0 startups have received more than 173 million US dollars of investment. Within this year, more than 15 venture capital institutions have launched Web3.0 special funds, with a scale of more than $4 billion. Among them, Sequoia Capital is a startup company focusing on investing in Web3.0 related projects with a scale of US $100 million, while a16z announced that it is raising US $4.5 billion to form a new fund, and said that it will use US $1 billion to seed investment in Web3.0.
        According to the rapidinnovation survey report, 94% of the executives interviewed by the Fortune 500 companies said they had blockchain project plans, and 89% of the Fortune 500 executives believed that the Web3.0 innovation in the next 10 years would determine the business activities in the next 100 years. In order to comply with the future development trend, major companies have launched corresponding recruitment plans. For example, spotify, the world's largest music subscription service provider, announced the recruitment of senior back-end engineers to explore new technologies such as Web3.0, so as to find the next growth opportunities. Youtube, the video platform, released the recruitment information of Web3.0 product management director. The job content of this post mainly includes: defining, communicating and implementing the vision of Web3.0 for youtube Strategies and road maps, and exploring cooperative relationships.
        In addition, according to finbold, Microsoft also plans to recruit a crypto business development director to promote AI and emerging technology business development teams to better establish their future Web3.0 strategy. All kinds of data show that money and people are pouring into Web3. Against this background, with the advantages of long-term layout and in-depth industry research, Ouyi OKx, with the reputation of "leader of Web3 industry", jointly launched the first global blockchain talent report - Web3.0 direction with LinkedIn. On the one hand, the report provides references for the global "Web3 people" on the portrait of industrial talents by systematically sorting out the current situation of talents; On the other hand, based on real data and cases, the development trend and suggestions of talents are given, so that talents and enterprises can find strong support when they are deeply engaged in Web3, which can add some momentum to the development of Web3.
        Although Web3 is often regarded as a new narrative, and various parties have made various definitions on it, its essence is a new generation of centralized Internet with blockchain as the underlying infrastructure. It allows everyone to master their own identity, assets and data, and can generate, save, hide and destroy personal data according to their own wishes. Without their permission, no one or organization can use their personal data. This is a very important thing in the digital age, because only those who master their identity, assets and data can be able to control their own destiny. However, since Web3 is still at an early stage of development, talents and innovation are mainly concentrated on the construction of underlying infrastructure, OKx & amp; LinkedIn focuses on collecting talent data in the global blockchain field as a reference sample. On the premise of reviewing the 10-year development of the blockchain, LinkedIn combs the current situation of Web3 talent, and makes insights and suggestions on the talent development trend, so as to let all parties see the "sample" of Web3 after it is taken into reality.
        The report gives a panoramic description of the Web3 industry from seven dimensions, including the total global talent supply and demand, regional distribution, talent growth rate, popular positions and the proportion of talent gender. The report refines the core point of view:. 1 / total amount of talents and supply and demand: compared with the previous year, the total amount of global blockchain talents increased by 76% year on year; The number of Posts released in the global blockchain field is increasing at an average rate of 25% per quarter. Generally speaking, although the number of talents is growing steadily, the year-on-year growth rate of the number of Posts released is far higher than the year-on-year growth rate of the number of talents. At present, the number of talents can not catch up with the number of posts, and the supply and demand of talents are unbalanced. 2 / geographical distribution: at present, the number of talents in the United States ranks first in the world, second in India and third in China; Among them, the United States, China and France are the top three blockchain talent demand countries in the world.
        3 / talent education: at present, the global blockchain talents have the largest bachelor's degree group, accounting for 59%, but the master's degree accounts for 40%. The overall education level is relatively high. It is worth noting that the top 10 schools in the global blockchain talent rankings are all world-famous universities. 5 / talent flow: on the whole, there is a trend of short tenure, high turnover rate, and mainly internal flow in the blockchain industry. At present, the average tenure of global blockchain talents is 1.2 years. The average tenure of the top five talent types of the blockchain is also different. Among them, the average tenure of financial talents is 1.3 years, the average tenure of R & D talents is 1.1 years, the average tenure of business development talents is 1.1 years, and the average tenure of sales talents is 1.9 years.
        In addition, the average tenure of product talents and marketing talents ranked among the top five talents in the global blockchain field is 1.1 years. Specifically, in addition to the influx of traditional financial companies such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and HSBS, and the influx of technology companies such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook, the talent flow channels are mainly intra industry flows. According to relevant data in the report, since 2021, talents have mainly cross flowed among blockchain enterprises such as coinbase, gemeni and ripple. 6 / hot jobs: this part of the data is undoubtedly the focus of web2 and Web3.
        As of June 2022, in terms of the number of Posts released, R & D talents ranked first in the global blockchain talent demand, followed by information technology talents. Product management, marketing and human resources talents followed. The number of financial talents, which has always ranked first in the number of blockchain talents, only ranks sixth in terms of recruitment demand. Blockchain talents have a high demand for technical talents and a large gap. The main reason for the large demand gap for technical talents is that the development of the blockchain industry is at an early stage, and a large number of infrastructure needs to be built. It is worth mentioning that among the technology driven Web3 enterprises mentioned in the report, as the original Web3 enterprise, Ouyi OKx, as the co author of the report, can more easily reflect the talent preference of the original Web3 enterprise. As shown in the data, production and research related posts have always been the focus of recruitment, and certain growth operation talents and functional support experts will be deployed in the case of business expansion in various regions, The popularity of relevant posts has been quite popular during the expansion period of the enterprise.
        The proportion of female employees in Ouyi's team is about 40%. In addition to the relatively fair recruitment principle of the enterprise, we can also see that the appropriate corporate culture plays an important role in recruiting employees. 7 / talent compensation: in addition to popular jobs, the talent compensation of the blockchain industry has also attracted much attention. As the global Web3 talent is not in overall supply, the salary of blockchain professionals is soaring. According to the Glassdoor report, the average basic salary of us blockchain developers is US $91715 / year. For the Chinese market, according to the 2021 Beijing human resources market salary big data report, among the 30 new professional salary rankings, the blockchain engineering and technical personnel are the highest, with the annual median salary of 487106 yuan; The talent development report of the blockchain industry released by the talent exchange center of the Ministry of industry and information technology in December 2021 also shows that the overall annual salary of the blockchain industry has increased year by year. From the perspective of salary of different posts, the salary of core R & D posts is the highest; Among them, the average annual salary level of blockchain industry talents in key cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen is significantly higher than the average annual salary level of industrial talents in the whole city.
        According to the current situation of talents, Ouyi OKx & amp; LinkedIn also focused on sorting out the talent development trend: at present, the global blockchain field mainly shows that the contradiction between the increase of talent stock and the demand for talent is increasing, and the demand for talent continues to surge; Technical talents are the focus and demand core of the industry; The educational requirements of enterprises for talents are increasing; Talent flow will still occur frequently. Around the above development trend, the report also gives four suggestions: first, enterprises should actively build a global talent pool and do a good job in talent reserve; Second, enterprises should strengthen the introduction of talents at home and abroad and do a good job in the training of core talent skills to develop talent potential; Third, enterprises should redefine and innovate the talent standards; Fourth, the organization needs to refresh the enterprise vision and values in a timely manner to stimulate the employees' sense of mission.
        On the one hand, these suggestions are based on LinkedIn's experience in global talent solutions, and on the other hand, they are derived from the valuable team building experience accumulated by Ouyi in the industry for many years. As the first batch of enterprises rooted in the encryption industry, Ouyi has survived and continued to develop in times of industry turbulence. In its review of the past development, Ouyi summarized the continuous innovation in enterprise culture; In terms of team building, the basic law of team first, integrity oriented, embracing change, self driving and overcoming difficulties is relied on to balance the relationship among the organization, people and industry; In terms of internal management mechanism, a scientific employee review system has been established to make each colleague very clear about his / her work objectives and job needs, and also to help make scientific planning in the talent recruitment market.
        In the development of crypto industry and Web3 industry, the dividend of the times certainly promotes the faster development of pioneers. However, in order to become a big enterprise in the new era, excellent organizational structure, enterprise culture, team building and internal management mechanism are indispensable for enterprises. It is all kinds of efforts that have helped Ouyi grow into a "Web3 factory" with more than 3000 talents, which is also worth learning and thinking about by later Web3 enterprises. With the development and expansion of global business, Ouyi has long announced that it will expand its recruitment by 30% by the end of the year. This is also the reason why Ouyi puts forward directional suggestions for talents who want to work in Web3 in the report based on its own experience in recruitment.
        In terms of the time and distribution of talent recruitment, the HR Director of Ouyi observed during the recruitment expansion that during the period from April to May this year, the number of global job applications received by Ouyi increased significantly, but there were not many people specializing in blockchain or Web3.0. There was still a shortage of professional development talents, especially those with good aesthetic and crypto product thinking. In addition to education, native Web3 enterprises also require enthusiasm, principles, curiosity, ideas and execution. In Ouyi's view, education and professional skills are bonus items, but they are not the most core talent standards. Only education without ability, only skills without principles, and only enthusiasm without toughness are not the talents required by the Web3 industry.
        On the contrary, only those who are truly curious and optimistic about the industry, have mindfulness and are willing to deeply understand the industry can go further. Obviously, although the global Web3 talents are in short supply, the global economic environment is cold, and all walks of life have started a wave of layoffs. The influx of talents from various sectors undoubtedly accelerates the competition among talents. In addition to academic qualifications and other hard conditions, those talents with strong self-drive and enthusiasm for Web3 seem to be favored by enterprises. Through the analysis of OKx & amp; According to the interpretation of the article "global blockchain talent report - Web3.0 direction" jointly written by LinkedIn, we can clearly see the supply and demand of talents for the development of the current Web3 industry, the analysis of core competencies required by employees, and the current status and development trend of Web3.
        As the Web3 wave carrying the Internet revolution of the new era is sweeping, for entrepreneurs and employees who are committed to entering the Web3 wave, a systematic reference guide to better understand the capabilities and talent distribution required by the industry will undoubtedly more effectively promote the Web3 industry to enter the fast lane.
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