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8 hours of an unemployed person in the blockchain industry: "blockchain can fulfill my ambition"

Time : 27/07/2022 Author : a2p1xs Click : + -
        In Beijing in late November, the ginkgo leaves were almost finished. The 25-year-old Xia Jianguo, like before, joined the morning peak army of Metro Line 13, which claimed that he had never sat and was not qualified to talk about life. However, this time he was not busy working, but busy looking for a class. An hour and a half later, this "subway sardine" was eating salad in pizza hut. Camouflage coat and hiking boots. Apart from metal framed glasses and meticulous oil heads, the real Xia Jianguo cannot fully establish contact with the business man who arranges cuffs on the wechat avatar. Maybe it's because he felt something. Xia Jianguo put down his fork and explained, "if the public relations photo is the same as me, I'll spend 400 yuan in vain." hehe smiled and opened, "I bought a loaf of bread when I came, but it was squeezed into a cake.
        ”。 In 2015, Xia Jianguo, a native of Shaanxi, graduated from a university in Yunnan. Like most of the post-90s generation, an ordinary college student who has just left school has neither suffered from life nor tasted the sweetness of money. He was pushed by 7.5 million graduates across the country and hurried to work. "At that time, meituan was doing well, and it was praised as a good project. It was envious, so he also did a similar project, and I went to the important people." later, Xia Jianguo felt that the rise of this job was limited. "It was always in the same area, today in Dali, tomorrow in Kunming, and all over again." after a short time, he returned to his hometown. However, reality is always different from literary works. The hometown in Chen Ming's songs is a happy hometown, but Xia Jianguo's is not.
        After returning home, Xia Jianguo worked as a criminal investigation assistant police officer. No matter how ugly the crime scene is, he must rush to protect it; I have sold real estate, second-hand houses, office buildings and luxury houses; Once served as the head of a gas station, and tried unsuccessfully to infiltrate the management of a well-known oil enterprise group. "I felt that I was on the wrong path, but I didn't know how to do it well. I insisted on going to Beijing to find an opportunity. I bumped into a company doing chain reform by mistake, and thus contacted the blockchain," Xia Jianguo said frankly. 10: 18 "I have been unemployed for nearly three months" chain reform of pizza hut happy restaurant is the channel for small and medium-sized enterprises to raise money on the blockchain. First release the white paper, and then help the financiers to put their money on the exchange. Due to lack of supervision, it is easy to get money, which leads to the outbreak of bad human nature.
        Later, many people knew that the project was fabricated by speculators and a lot of air coins were issued. The application scenarios described in the white paper also have no corresponding blockchain technology to meet the functions, and the smart contract behind the issuance of coins cannot be truly performed. The result is obvious. Most investors are full of hope to enter the market, but the blockchain has brought them a blow. The crazy speculation of ICO (initial token issuance) soon led to a regulatory storm. On September 4, 2017, seven ministries and commissions including the people's Bank of China, the central Internet Information Office, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission jointly issued the announcement on preventing the financing risks of token issuance, which not only stopped the ICO, but also closed all domestic digital asset trading platforms.
        With the promulgation of the "94 ban", the whole coin circle was hit by the reduction of dimension. It is no surprise that Xia Jianguo lost his job. "Originally, the project planned to issue coins on September 20, but after the project was completely suspended, the whole team returned to Shanghai, and I left the order.". But at that time, the market enthusiasm remained high. Soon, Xia Jianguo found a second place, a light wallet company. Previously, opening an account in the exchange seemed to open an account in a bank that was not safe enough. When users deposited their coins in the exchange, the exchange could master the user's private key, transfer the user's funds, and build a centralized fund pool. In this case, once the exchange is attacked by hackers, the users will certainly suffer heavy losses. If they are lucky, some of them will be recovered. If they are unlucky, the exchange will close down and all the assets will be lost.
        The wallet is an infrastructure with strong security. The private key is owned by the user and the verification speed is fast. However, the disadvantages of this product are also very clear, such as long cycle, strong technology, high cost and not very profitable at the initial stage. Like wechat, operators need to increase the number of users before they can make money. However, it is this unprofitable project that gives Xia Jianguo the greatest harvest: a higher title, co-founder of atoken wallet; More in-depth study, and even put their own learning notes into a book. However, VCs usually don't have much patience to wait. Xia Jianguo complained, "when I went out looking for money, some investors in the Internet industry asked me if I could summarize what blockchain is in one sentence. In fact, I would like to ask them if I could summarize what the Internet is in one sentence.
        ”Since the second half of 2018, the hot money in the blockchain industry has entered the autumn and winter season along with the global market. Xia Jianguo has also officially become an unemployed person in the blockchain industry. "From September this year to now, I have even found more than 30 companies with my resume and friends to help me recommend, but I have not found a suitable job. I have been unemployed for nearly three months.". 11: 38 "why do you write a book? It's just a simple thought of fire" in Sizhuang hotpot. I know Xia Jianguo because of an e-book & mdash& mdash; Blockchain atlas. After losing his job, Xia Jianguo organized his study notes in the light wallet company into a mind map and shared them for free.
        Although the whole book has only 61 pages, its logic is clear and its lines are smooth. It has not only been recognized by people in the industry, but also brought tangible benefits to Xia Jianguo: 3 personal interviews, 24 works newsletters and wider recognition. "Why write a book? It's just a simple desire for fire. In this age, good wine is afraid of deep alleys. I can only create some attention by writing a book, and then marry myself off while it's hot." Having said that, the blockchain industry has been popular for so long, and there are not many people who are willing to really understand the technology. In this era of making fast money, there are always a lot of people who take advantage of the heat to make money, and there are few people who strike while the iron is hot.
        It seems that everyone is busy with things at the operational level. Since they can circle money quickly, who is willing to study technology? "I'm willing to go deep into it. Blockchain and hotpot are the two major beliefs in my life," Xia Jianguo said with a smile. There are three waves in my life, so long as I grasp one of them, I will succeed. The first wave is often not caught, perhaps because it is too young; The second wave must be grasped; The third wave should not have the energy to catch it anymore. People are getting old. "Blockchain can fulfill my ambition and bring me the life I want", Xia Jianguo's eyes are stubborn through the boiling heat of butter hotpot. At this stage, the talent introduction path of traditional financial institutions has been basically finalized, and the demographic dividend of the Internet industry has gradually ebbed.
        To put it bluntly, money is not so easy to earn. In all walks of life, graduates who lack opportunities have to start from the bottom. Especially when the economic situation is bad, the master of finance who graduated in 985 can only count money at the teller post of the bank and lie down for many years. However, emerging industries can provide more opportunities for young people like Xia Jianguo. Perhaps in today's Internet companies, newcomers can't see the founder level figure even after one month's employment, but the blockchain industry has never spared honor, and the title of co-founder is not strange in direct arrangement. However, people's hearts are always not easy to be satisfied. They often want material after they have a reputation. After the material foundation is consolidated, they begin to pursue fame. Blockchain is no exception.
        When the cold winter of the industry comes, even if some people get the title of co-founder, they have no channel to realize, and soon they start to retreat. Since the second half of the year, some blockchain practitioners have left, some have wandered, and some have chosen to stick. "I know that many people around me have quit, but I will not leave. I believe that blockchain technology represents the future." as a leftover, Xia Jianguo is very firm. Even so, it is not easy for an ordinary young man to turn the tide against the wind and rise in the new industry? 13: 45costa coffee "do you have any questions to ask me?" After lunch, Xia Jianguo received an exclusive interview with blockchain atlas, but he did not show a particularly positive and happy mood.
        "I was very excited at the beginning of this kind of interview. I knew it after several times. Most of them didn't understand the blockchain at all and didn't care about this book. There were even people who came to brag and left after blowing. It's really baffling," Xia Jianguo said. "This afternoon, this company is still a bit famous. I hope to meet a reliable opportunity this time." In the blockchain we media industry, it is not so important to understand the technology. Perhaps the capital is male, to a large extent, the female's appearance is the hard currency. Open the member list of a certain we media wechat group, and the first row of the "first sister in the coin circle" is listed, and then the second, third and fourth & hellip; None of the seven lines is male.
        From the wechat avatar, the members of the group are young and all beautiful, whether they take business photos, self photos or travel photos. The circle has even held a summit with the theme of "beautiful entrepreneurs". All the participants were crowned with the halo of founders, partners, and C's various O's, and the scene was full of enthusiasm. In the blockchain "Beauty Group" cafe, Xia Jianguo, who just met the reporter, was secretly happy. This time, he met a middle-aged male reporter in his 40s. But soon, Xia Jianguo was not happy. This middle-aged male reporter, who seems to have some experience, talked about his personal experience for almost an hour, from how to rise and fall in the official position to how to be indifferent to fame and wealth, and also mentioned various kinds of racetracks for no less than 20 times.
        "Don't you have any questions to ask me?" During the whole interview, Xia Jianguo reminded the other party three times, "that's all right. Wait for the news. I'll tell you when I have a manuscript.". "Do you feel it? This is the current situation of blockchain media. I'm very grateful if you can help me write an express without money.". Whether an industry is good or not, the media can make a thermometer. Nowadays, most blockchain media are faced with huge capital pressure while watching the face of regulation. Since the beginning of the second half of the year, more than 50 blockchain we media have withdrawn, some of them have been sealed by the regulatory authorities, but most of them have taken the initiative to liquidate. In March, the quotation of blockchain we media was still 1 bitcoin, which was worth more than 100000 yuan. Half a year later, not to mention that 1 bitcoin fell to only worth more than 20000 yuan, it would be good to have a quick message.
        15: 38 Raffles center "Chuangshi capital turned me down, just a moment ago" in fact, I didn't dare to tell my parents too much about my unemployment, and they didn't agree with me to be a drifter in the north. My father sighed every day, saying that my young man was unconvinced and would not go to the good job introduced. They were all big enterprises, such as golden dragon fish and shell. "When talking about his parents, Xia Jianguo expressed his regret, "I only dare to send them some news about the interview. I feel ashamed of them.". I'm just restless. Like most traditional families, Xia Jianguo's parents first expressed their opposition to the idea of Beipiao. In their eyes, the true meaning is to start at the gas station, gradually become the director, and then go up to the group, and live a good life in a down-to-earth manner.
        "At first they asked me what the blockchain was about, but later they didn't ask," Xia Jianguo said helplessly, "I couldn't make it clear. Later, I simply said it was Internet finance.". What is Beipiao? It is a young spirit and a dream. Perhaps the parents have seen too many young people come to Beijing from nothing, with a dream of not being willing to be ordinary. Finally, they return to their hometown in debt, and use their ordinary life to repay the debts still owed in Beijing. Money debt, health debt, emotional debt, dream debt, and some debts are still in interest, which may overdraft the whole life. "Actually, I don't want to quarrel with my parents, but it's the result of one quarrel after another. Later, I gradually understood that what my parents wanted was not what I was doing.
        They were afraid that I would take the wrong path and suffer losses. "Xia Jianguo took a look at the new news. When talking about his parents, his soft heart directly solidified on his face." the company I particularly wanted to enter, Chuangshi capital, rejected me just now. " 16: 15 Dongzhimen subway station "in fact, not everyone is miserable." since November, the mining circle in the blockchain industry has been the first to be tested. The continuous decline of the currency price has caused mainstream mining machines to break through the cost price one after another. The mine was unable to make ends meet, and even a video of "weighing by catties" of mining machine sales was released. The coin ring is a little better, but it also divides people. Those who engage in trading should rely on their own abilities. It is better to look at the fundamentals and study the trading techniques. They should be long and short, and assume their own losses and profits.
        Generally speaking, those who started early achieved financial freedom with the sharp rise of the previous wave of market. It is even more powerful to engage in issuance. The whole set of actions, such as speculation in concepts, drawing big cakes, listing on the exchange, and cashing, are completed in one go, starting from the harvest of individual investors, then institutional traders, and then venture capital. When the capitalists came back, the last piece of the tarp had been torn off from the coin ring, leaving only chicken feathers on the ground. The chain loop is relatively complex. "I divide the people in the chain into four situations, but not all of them are miserable." Xia Jianguo believes that the first type in the chain is the public chain, and the technical personnel and the infrastructure at the bottom are basically in this category; The second type is the media, which provides services for the chain circle and peripheral products. Usually, they send advertisements when they give money, and the practitioners are mixed up; The third category is the traditional industry's blockchain testers, such as blockchain research institutes in universities and blockchain project teams in large enterprises. Those who can enter are basically top-notch and stable; The fourth category is relatively small, which is the special group that provides some data and technical support for the public security or government.
        Among these four types of people, the most famous one was the first type, public chain technicians. Looking back to the first quarter of this year, Chen Weixing, the founder of Kuai taxi, published a 10000 character long article in the "three o'clock sleepless" blockchain community, shaking his arms and shouting for the endorsement of the blockchain, creating a phenomenon level "three o'clock" fever. With the support of the big guys, the boat will naturally rise. The annual salary of the underlying technical personnel of the blockchain is 500000-800000 yuan, which may not necessarily attract people. Some financial investment companies and online game companies can even offer a super high chip of 2 million yuan. Although the industry has cooled down now, this group of people is the group with the least loss among all blockchain practitioners.
        They are not only carrying the dream of investors, but also upholding their faith in blockchain. The second is we media. In fact, the audience of blockchain we media is very limited. The vast majority of them, who do not contact this circle, have never heard of it. When the market was booming, large we media connected resources to do FA, and small we media sent express messages to collect advertising fees. It seems that the publisher has a certain illusion that it doesn't matter if the mainstream media can't find one advertisement. If we media in the blockchain circle find 30, they can always achieve the same effect. Therefore, in March and April of this year, thousands of blockchain we media were rapidly established. The original wechat merchants, factory sisters, and online celebrities picked up their keyboards and became co founders and editors. It was a colorful scene.
        However, due to the lack of basic knowledge, the bear market hit, and blockchain we media failed to transform, so they were the first to leave. The third group has been walking on the edge of exploration. For example, the three major domestic telecom operators, and the internal institutions of universities such as the blockchain research center of Zhejiang University. It can be said that the most senior talents and core resources are gathered here. These people do not have a high sense of existence in the blockchain industry. It seems that they have done nothing, but it is not. When the alliance chain was popular, the industry and commerce department soon launched a small business card program to link all the work units and personal information to ensure the authenticity of employees' identities and put an end to the absurd thing of BYD's "mysterious executives cheating advertisers of 1.1 billion".
        But it is such a good thing that people who know it
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