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? [animation] Application Projects - Golem blockchain 100 q? Episode 82

Time : 22/01/2022 Author : siqrpw Click : + -
        Golem is a typical representative of application blockchain projects. It is a computing resource trading platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. How can it reduce the cost of computing power? See blockchain 100 Q episode 82 ~. Golem is the first computing resource trading platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. Through the blockchain, Golem can link global computing resources, thus realizing global sharing of computing power. The application owner and the individual user (the "requester" of computing power) can rent computing power (the "supplier" of computing power) from other users point-to-point. Golem token is called GNT for short. When using computing resources, it needs to pay GNT remuneration to computing providers and software developers.
        The total number of gnts is 1 billion, 82% of which are sold and circulated outside, and 18% of which remain in the hands of the Golem team. Huobi group created the industry's first small animation series to explain the blockchain, blockchain 100 questions, which was jointly produced by Sina Technology. Transform the abstract blockchain concept into 100 sets of easy to understand 1-minute animation, and learn one knowledge point in each set ~ "blockchain 100 questions" invites you to become a blockchain master!.
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