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Security problems and prevention in Web3

Time : 03/12/2021 Author : 5afvzi Click : + -
        However, the blockchain is also a network built by code, and it is inevitable that some vulnerabilities will not appear, which makes its security not so absolute. The web2 network we use now also has many security vulnerabilities, but in fact, most people will not be attacked by hackers when using the Internet. This is because in many cases, attackers spend a lot of energy to attack users, but the "benefits" they get are very small. From this perspective, we should probably thank web2 for not stimulating the value potential of data. In Web3, digital content is transformed into digital assets, from which attackers can obtain a large amount of money.
        From many reports of blockchain security incidents, we can find that the loss of the attacked blockchain is often millions or tens of millions of dollars, and even hundreds of millions of security incidents often occur. In the face of this huge benefit, it is worthwhile for hackers to spend a lot of energy to find and break the loopholes in the blockchain. A major feature of Web3 is to let users take charge of their own data and accounts. This also creates some new problems, that is, we need to learn how to manage our own encrypted wallet, private key and other contents. Although web2 has been criticized by many people for making data and privacy uncontrolled by relying on the centralized management of a certain enterprise or institution, it is undeniable that some trusted enterprises and authoritative institutions have high security protection capabilities.
        For example, in the banking system, it is very rare for a user's account to be breached by hackers resulting in capital loss. In Web3, users are responsible for the security of their accounts, while many people lack security awareness, which makes a large number of air drop fraud, phishing and other behaviors also exist in Web3. Many users and institutions lack effective education and cognition when entering Web3, which makes the technology and security protection adopted in the process of building Web3 greatly different. This difference causes many Web3 projects to be very safe in the eyes of users or project parties, but it is likely to be like an unlocked door in the eyes of attackers.
        In addition, with the expansion of the blockchain ecosystem, many attackers destroy the ecosystem of the blockchain through some latent malicious nodes. Therefore, protecting and managing the nodes in the blockchain in a scalable manner has also become a major challenge for the project party. Some of the technologies used in the blockchain system are very complex. Developers must be able to understand it clearly. This is also a very noticeable challenge for developers. At the same time, blockchain also requires developers to ensure the correctness of their application design. If these two challenges cannot be successfully met, it will be easy for hackers who know more about it to find vulnerabilities. Attackers can view the system and program source code at any time.
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